Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"Let There Be Peace On Earth"

Hi folks,

I am listening to the above song right now.  It's also my prayer for not only our country, but for everyone place in our world.  Somehow I doubt that we'll ever have "peace on earth", but I can still pray for it. 

Peace starts in our own homes, neighborhoods, cities, towns, states, etc.  It has to start somewhere.  Even if only a few of us prayed for peace it would benefit us all.  Today was the day that many high school kids walked out of their classes to protest guns in our countries. 

I've often wandered where we go from where we are now.  Perhaps peace lies within the next generation of children.  We can at least hope and more importantly pray that it does. 

My belief is that peace starts within each of us.  If a person is filled with anger, hatred, violence and many more defeating feelings, then that person needs to find love and peace within themselves first.  I think that many of the younger people of today, believe that they have a sense of entitlement.  They don't!  No one does.  When we  become adults, we have to make our way in life, just like everyone else does.  No one owes you anything.  You earn their respect through kindness, hard work and love.

The song, Here I am, Lord, is now playing and I think it's a good place for us to start.  If you've never heard this song, you can listen to it on You Tube.  Many centuries ago, Jesus tried to help the people and they turned against Him.  They crucified Him and hung Him on a cross to die.  We need to turn to the Lord and ask Him, "Here I am, Lord, what can I do to make our world a better place to live, to raise our children?"

It is my hope and prayer that our children will bring much needed changes in our cities, towns, states and everywhere.  I doubt that I'll see it in my lifetime, but I pray that it will happen within my children's and grandchildren's life time.  How about you?  Don't you pray for this change also?

Now my favorite old hymn is playing.  It's Amazing Grace.  Grace surely saved me and many more folks like me.  "I once was lost but now am found, was blind, but now I see..."  I'd like this song to be song at my funeral, as I leave this world for a much better place.  "Through any dangers, toils, and snares, I have already come.... the Lord has promised good to me, His word my hopes secure.  He will my fortune be as long as life endures...  and mortal life shall cease, I shall possess a life of joy and peace."    "There's no less ways to sing God's praise, then when we first begun."

I pray The Divine Mercy Chaplet every day around three o'clock.  It brings such peace and calm to me.  As I pray, I envision what Jesus went through during His crucifixion and death upon the cross.  My heart also goes out to His Mother, Mary, as she clung to the foot of the cross, as her only Son suffered and died. 

I can't even begin to imagine the pain she experienced that day and for many days to come.  I pray that no one in my family dies before me.  I pray the Chaplet for protection, good health and love for my daughters, their spouses and my grandsons every day.  As well as my husbands family and both of our extended families, and our friends, neighborhoods and all those who are ill throughout the world.  

If you want to learn how to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and gather information about St. Faustina, you can go to their web page.  Just do a search on either of the above.  If you want peace and contentment in your life, praying the Chaplet every day, sincerely helps.

I hope you all are safe and healthy.  May God bless and keep each of you and your families.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What are you feeling during this Lenten Season?

Hi everyone,

Lent is a very important time of the year to me.  It's a time for all of us to stop and see what kind of a person we have become.  I guess you could say it's a time to refresh your soul with God.  Of course we should be doing that daily, but many of us don't.

As for me, every morning before I have my breakfast, I read the day's reading from the Divine Mercy Daily Minutes with Jesus.  But on Ash Wednesday, I also started reading the daily excerpt from Footsteps to Mercy, which end on Easter Sunday.  Both these readings don't take much time, but the inspiration they bring to me, is phenomenal.  They only take about four to five minutes to read both of them, but they truly make me think about my life and my need for Divine Mercy every day that I live on this earth. 

They are both published by The Marian Press, in Stockbridge, Mass.  That's the home of Divine Mercy and I am so looking forward to Divine Mercy Sunday, which falls on the Sunday following Easter, every year.  We get it on channel EWTN, here in South Eastern Pennsylvania.  If you want to see something, that I promise you, will move you so very much, tune in to it around noon time on that day.  Let your problems go and just see the love and faith from the hundreds of folks that gather there on that day, just to give thanks to God and to receive Jesus' Divine Mercy.  You don't have to be a Catholic to receive this Mercy from Jesus.  It's for everyone who opens their hearts to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and invites Them into their lives.  It has become the cornerstone of my life. 

Don't get me wrong, the devil still tries to work his way into my days, but I quickly say a prayer, asking God to send the devil back to hell, where he belongs.  It's amazing how quickly my prayer is answered!  Yours can be also. 

Since I accepted Divine Mercy into my life every day, and since I started living every day with gratitude and acceptance, my life has changed.  I live every day now with faith, contentment, and thanksgiving for everything within my life, including my illness.  (If you've been reading my blog regularly, you already know that my illness changed my entire life.) 

I hope your week is going well for you.  Mine is going just fine.  I'm still creating my children's, hand made blankets with dressed, teddy bears in the center of each one.  My husband just delivered about forty of them to two different places this week and will deliver another 16 or so to another local place.  All I want is for these blankets to give a young child less fear and a little buddy to hold onto when they're frightened.  Making these blankets is my way of giving back to God for His many blessings all during my life. 

Take care of yourselves and be safe.  Pray always!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Happy Weekend!

Good evening to you all,

I will be the first to admit that I love electronics, but only when they work the way they are supposed to work!  I am too old to be learning about all the problems that arise with electronics.  I had to have my tech guy come out to fix my laptop today.  Turns out there wasn't really anything wrong with the laptop, it was the connection to the modem.  I am thankful that this kind gentleman comes to the house to help us with our electronics.  I don't even care about having to pay the bill.  I trust him!

How about you?  Do you get frustrated with your electronics?  Or perhaps you know who to fix them yourself.  I think I'm just too old to put up with the frustration.  Of course, I will admit that I have no patience anymore.  Well, I guess if I am being truthful, I never had a lot of patience! 

What are you all up to this weekend?  As for me, I'm not really up to anything more than I do during the week.  Of course, I hope the weekend will be without the frustration due to my electronics.  It's been so windy here all day, and it's to continue that way through tomorrow morning.  We really didn't get much rain, but we surely did get the high winds.  I know some areas were without electric this morning.  Thank goodness that we didn't loose ours.  I hope all is well where you are.

Well, whatever you have planned for the weekend, I hope you have some fun and stay safe.  Just enjoy your family because we never know when someone may be taken from us!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Good morning to you!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to write a short blog to remind everyone, that all the novels and short stories which are listed here on my blog site, are for sale for electronic reading at Amazon. 

I also want to let you know that you don't have to outright purchase them, you can join KDP's lending program, which means you don't have to purchase them.  Check it out by going to and putting my full name in the search section.  All of my novels and short stories will come up so you can check them out.  You also can read a small section of them for free to see if you want to read the novel. 

Or check out the Kindle Direct Publishing and join their lending program.  It's like going to the library and checking out novels to enjoy, but not purchasing them.  It's free, so check it out.

Just thought you may want to know.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Thursday!

Good morning to all,

I'm still reeling from last Wednesday's school shooting in Florida.  I was watching Dr Phil yesterday, and his show hosted the couple who gave the shooter a home after both of his adopted parents passed away.  I was surprised to hear that they never had any idea that he would do something like this.  In fact, they both said that he followed house rules and was polite to them and their son.  Dr. Phil also interviewed another young man who attended that same school, who said that when they were leaving the school, with their arms up in the air, that the shooter joined him and another boy.  They were so shocked to find out later, that he was the one they were all running from.

I have been thinking back to the time of my youth, which was many years ago, but I don't ever remember all these things happening.  Dr. Phil said that just this year, we have had 17 school shootings, which comes out to about one every three days.  That to me is horrific!

I can't help wandering if some of these situations developed because of the over-usage of the electronic era.  I realize that electronics has definitely brought us into a different time, but is it a better time?  In many ways, I think not!  Yes, we had some instances when I was in school, but nothing as bad or as violent as we have today.  Even when my children were still in school, things of this magnum weren't occurring.  So, I ask, why is this getting so out of hand? 

I agree that the age to purchase a weapon should be at least 21 years old.  But, why would anyone, other than a soldier, need an automatic weapon?  Certainly no child ever needs one and no parent should make one available to them, as well.  All guns should be kept in a locked gun case and no child under the age of 21, should have access to them, ever. 

This is just my opinion, mainly because this last shooting took the lives of fourteen, innocent  children, and three innocent adults.  Isn't that reason enough?  I don't know what I can do, individually, except to pray for these families and ask God to bring love and peace to our world, which I do on a daily basis.  Please pray for these seventeen families, so that they will find a way to live with the loose of a child, parent, son, brother or uncle. 

We all need to get down on our knees and ask God to surround us with His love and protection, for not only us, but for our families, as well.  May God keep you safe from harm and protect all those you love from danger.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What are you doing for this Lenten Season?

Hi folks,

Yes, today is Valentine's Day, but more importantly, it's Ash Wednesday, the first day of this Lenten Season.  My husband did surprise me with flowers this afternoon and we both had a Valentine's cards for one another, but what's more important to me is that it's Ash Wednesday.

I am walking the "Footsteps to Mercy" which started today, and ends on Divine Mercy Sunday, which is always the Sunday following Easter.  Each and every day, we either walk  with Christ, or we walk without Him.  As for me, I desire to walk with Him every day.  Some days it's harder, but we must persist in keeping on the path with Christ.

Here is the reading for today, Ash Wednesday:  "We can sometimes loose our sense of urgency to repent and turn once again to the Lord.  "Even now, says the Lord, return to me with you whole heart..."Blow the trumpet in Zion.  Proclaim a fast."

"Ask the Holy Spirit to breathe His spirit into your hearts this Lent;  ask for the gift of the fear of the Lord, that you not become tepid."  May Saint Faustina intercede for you. so that you might turn to the Lord, this Lenten Season, with your whole heart."

If you've never watched the Mass, which is broadcast from Stockbridge, MA, which takes place on Divine Mercy Sunday, the Sunday following Easter, you should tune in to EWTN Television Network around noon time that day.  The celebration is held outside at the outdoor pavilion, no matter what the weather. 

The first year my husband (who isn't Catholic), and I watched it, we were both so moved.  It was quite cold out that day and everyone was already gathered there at noontime.  The service didn't even start until 1:00 PM. and didn't end until about 2:50.  Each year as we watched this broadcast, the weather seemed to get worse,  one year it rained and the following year it snowed.  But, the pilgrims, as they refer to them, still came, bringing children and babies with them.  It truly amazed both of us.  We watch it every year and it always moves us both  If you want any more information you can go to:

Please pray for all the families whose children were shot and either killed or wounded this afternoon in Florida, while attending high school.  The suspect was 18 years old and a former student at this school.  I sincerely can't even imagine what would make someone do something like this?   What is this world coming to?  We all need to pray for peace in our world.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How's the weather where you live?

Good evening everyone,

Well, how is the weather where you live?  It's very cold here, and we're expecting snow overnight and into tomorrow.  But, it's to change to rain before it leaves our area.  Hopefully, after it rains, the roads won't be too bad once again.  I'm just glad that I don't have to go out tomorrow.

Today my husband took me to my doctor's checkup.  The nurse took me quickly, but she was new and it took so long for her to get through my history.  Then I waited longer than usual for my doctor to come in to see me.  Of course, since it was just a routine checkup, it didn't take too long for her to check my blood work report and ask me some questions.  I was glad when I could be home once again.  I hated to ask my husband to drive me there, but he said he didn't mind.   Now next week, I have an appointment with the arrhythmia clinic so they can check my device to make sure that everything is okay.  That doesn't usually take too long because they are generally on time for their appointments.

How's your new year going thus far?  Mine's pretty much like last years, which is okay by me.  I've been thinking a lot lately about soon starting another novel, but I don't know what I'd like it to be about yet.  I'll have to spend some more time thinking about a good story line.  I was thinking along the lines of some good friends visiting some towns where paranormal activity has been recorded.  I've always been interested in these sightings, but I'm not sure how much I really believe in them. 
I'll keep thinking about it and then decide which route I'd like to take.  I will have to do a lot of research before I even begin the novel though. 

I am still working on my blankets with  an animal embroidered onto the center.   Almost everything is done by hand, so it takes me some time to finish one.  I will soon have all my hand created cards down for the year, except for my Christmas cards. 

I love creating, but I am restricted because of my health, in choosing certain things to do.  Mostly I need to create something that I can do while I'm on the sofa with my feet up.  That's why I do a lot of embroidery work.  How about you?  Are you working on anything that's hand made?

If any of you have a chronic illness, I do hope and pray that you don't let yourself fall into a deep depression.  As long as you are still alive, God has a plan for you.  It's up to you to figure out just what that plan is.  Talk with God and ask Him to somehow let you know what you can do to give back for all the many blessings that He has given to you.  If you are sincere, He will somehow let you know what He'd like you to do.  Keep an open mind and heart.  God does answer our prayers!

I hope the remainder of your week goes well.  May God bless each of you and keep you safe.