Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Who do you turn to for help?

Hi folks,

I hope your week is going well, but if it isn't, today is Hump Day, so we're now on the down side of this week.  So cheer up!  Tomorrow will be a better day!

I'd like to tell you all about something that has helped me to change my life, for the better!  It's been about seven years since I first heard about St. Faustina and Divine Mercy.  She was from a poor family and her name was, Maria Faustina Kowalski.  From a very young age, she wanted to become a nun.  She kept going to the Convent asking if she could join, but they kept turning her away, because she was just a young child.  Finally, when she was some older, they accepted her into the convent, so she could study to become a nun. 

After studying and officially becoming a nun, Jesus appeared to her instructing her to write down everything that He says to her.  So she did.  This was in the early nineteen thirties.  She took paper and every time Jesus appeared before her, she wrote down what He said.  He wanted her to help Him to save souls from perishing in hell. 

She became very ill and even though she suffered greatly, Jesus kept appearing to her and instructing her to write down everything He said.  Unfortunately, she died in her early thirties from her illness.  Her writings were saved and published in a book called, The Diary of St. Faustina."

Here's an excerpt from it:  "I desire that you know more profoundly, the love that burns in my heart for souls, You will understand this when you meditate upon my passion.  Call upon my mercy on behalf of sinners; I desire their salvation." 

He later instructed her to have a painting down just as He was appearing to her at that time.  He also told her that across the bottom should be written:  Jesus, have mercy on us.  She did just as Jesus instructed her to do.  This image is called the, "Divine Mercy Image." 

Jesus instructed Maria Faustina to let everyone know about The Divine Mercy Chaplet."  It carries so many blessings, especially if said, or sung, during the three o'clock hour, which was the approximate time when Jesus died on the cross on Calvary.  He grants so many blessings and so much mercy to all those who say the chaplet daily. 

I say the Chaplet just about every day.  If it's not always convenient at three o'clock, I say it as close to that time as I am able.  I'm sure that starting from the time Jesus was turned over to the people, was scourged at the pillar, the walk and many falls trying to carry His cross to Calvary and then until His death, took much longer than one hour. 

What I will tell you, is that since I found out about St. Faustina and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, my spiritual life and the way I look at things, has changed drastically.  I have put everything into God's hands, including my illness. 

I am so thankful that God chose to give me life over eleven and one half years ago, instead of taking me home to be with Him.  I know He has a plan for me and I try to do whatever He'd like me to do.  Creating something for someone else, be it adults or children, makes me feel very close to Jesus.  I know that He is always with me and I am so thankful for that.  Without Him, I am nothing!

This is a photo of the Divine Mercy Image.  I'm sorry it's not a very good photo, but you can get the idea from it.   The red represents the blood, and the blue represents the water, which poured out of the heart of Jesus while hanging on the cross.  He did this to give us eternal life.

Have a good evening and be safe.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Hi folks,
How's your week going for you?  I hope your answer is "okay" but if it isn't, just remember that you are now on the down slide of this week.  At least that's something to cheer you up!

What do you think about all the destruction that's happening lately throughout the world?  I'm speaking about the weather and the wild fires that are going on in California.  It seems to me that every year the weather becomes more savage.  So many have lost their lives because of it and so very many have lost everything that they own, including their homes. 

I truly believe that God is telling us that we, and I mean everyone, has to change the way we act and how we look at things.  I believe that the first thing we need to do is to put God first in our lives once again. 

I was struck at how everyone came together to help the folks in Texas after that first destructive  hurricane hammered them, destroying so much and killing so many people.  No one truly cared is you were white or black, what religion you practiced, what nationality you were, whether you were straight or gay, or whether you had money or were poor.  We all just worked together.  Those who could go to Texas, went and helped.  The rest of us donated money to help in any way we could. 

That help has continued throughout the continued storms causing destruction in other places.  And after that deranged man in Los Vegas, killed and wounded so many innocent people, so many of those present, who weren't hurt, stopped running and tried to help those who were hit by the gun fire. 

It has been proven, time and time again, that there are so very many good, kind, loving and caring folks here, in the United States.  Why can't it always be like that?  Can you just imagine how different this country would be, and every country throughout the world, if we practiced love and acceptance, instead of hate and judgement all the time.  Wouldn't that be wonderful? 

I know that no matter what country you may live in, these same things are happening there also.  Please pray for everyone, throughout the world, for peace and love to take over this world.

I hope the rest of your week goes well.  Be safe and may God bless each of you.

We all need God's Divine Mercy, always.

Monday, October 2, 2017

I'm excited!

Hi everyone,

My newest manuscript is now finished at the printers and will be delivered tomorrow.  I can't wait.  I always get excited to see one of my new novels in an actual book.  It's called,  Life, Love and Lies, and it's the story of a young woman who has to make choices, which could land her in big trouble in future years.  She decides to do what is best for herself and an infant. 

I will be selling the actual book and I will also be putting it on for electronic reading.  I'll let you all know when it is available on Amazon.

This novel is for adult reading and not for children.  If you're interested in purchasing an actual copy of the book, let me know and I'll give you the details.

Have a great week and may God stay with each of you.  Please pray for all those who lost their lives or were injured in Los Vegas today.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Hello Monday, and almost, Goodbye Monday!

Hi everyone,

It's ;Monday and now it's almost over, already.  Time goes so quickly for me.  I am trying to get my new novel published and, as usual, I am having trouble.  What else is new?  I was speaking to the customer service person, and I told her that writing the manuscript is no problem.  It's the changing the text and covers into the proper format that is extremely hard for me.  

I may know how to operate a computer, but I'm not computer geek.  Maybe I should have waited until tomorrow morning to even try to submit it, instead of doing it this afternoon, when I was already tired.  I didn't sleep very well last night.  I told the lady that it may be a day or two until I figure out how to change it to the correct format.  Why do things have to be so complicated? 

Our vacation was wonderful, although I did very little during the time we were away.  I did finish about 12 or 14 stuffed animals, so I guess I did accomplish something good.  I now have twenty five finished.  I just hope the children who are in the hospital, will enjoy them.  Here's some photos of some of the recent ones.

I hope the kids enjoy cuddling with one of them.  What do you think?

Well, I'm tired tonight, so I am going to make this short.  Be safe always and may God bless you and your families.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Happy Sunday!

Hi everyone,

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it!'  I was going to tell everyone to have a good day, but then the Lord put the above phrase in my head, so I had to start with it.

I just finished going to Mass and I feel God's blessings all around me.  I can honestly say that I would be nothing without God in my life, every single day!  I hope you feel that way, also, because if you don't, you will never have any true love, peace or contentment in your life.

I don't now what you will be doing today, but whatever it is, I hope you started it off with God.  Have some fun today, perhaps with family members and/or friends.   But whatever you choose to do, remember to give thanks to God for the opportunity to be alive on this day.

What have you all been up to lately?  I've been busy continuing to hand make stuffed animals for children who are in the hospital.  I thought they may be a good pre-Christmas gift to these kids some time around the middle of December.  What do you think?

I hope the little kids enjoy them as much as I do making them.  Have a great Sunday and don't for get to spend some time today with God!  Be safe always.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hello Tuesday!

Hi everyone,

I hope all of you took a few minutes yesterday to remember 9/11.  It was a horrific  day for the United States, sixteen years ago. 

Even though it was 16 years ago, I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard about what had happened in New York City.  I was at my part time job, which was handling the finances for a small book binding company.  When I went upstairs to the factory, one of the co-owners of the business, had her radio on and we heard the news broadcast about the plane hitting one of the twin tower in New York City. 

Soon after that, I left for the day and went home.  The afternoon and evening was spent in front of the television  I felt so much sadness and fear.  What was happening?  Why is there so much hatred in our world?  Will it ever stop? 

Then I started thinking about the families of all those folks who were innocently killed.  First of all, those who boarded that airplane, did so expecting to reach their destinations, safely.  Also, the employees of the airlines were just doing their job.  The families of everyone on that plane, had no idea that they'd never see or speak with their loved ones ever again.   

The same holds true for those who were on the job, at the pentagon, when it was struck by a plane.  They simply went to work that morning, as usual.  Their families kissed them goodbye, expecting to see them that evening.

I commend the passengers on the other plane.  They knew they were going to die and they decided to take matters into their own hands, by fighting back against their attackers.  Yes, they died, but they saved lives by causing that plane to crash where it couldn't kill anyone else.

Of course, there has been so many other attacks against the US since then, as well as in other countries.  When will it end?  And what about all the innocent folks who have been killed by the extreme weather, which the world has been experiencing! 

Many times I have sat and wondered about why this is all occurring.  I truly believe that God is trying to send us a message.  Not just here in the United States, but throughout the world.  We need to hear God's message and change our actions toward others. 

I hope you all have a safe and good day, today!  Please take a few minutes to stop and give praise and honor to God for all He's blessed you with today and every day.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Do you want Jesus' Divine Mercy in your life?

Hi everyone,
In case you've never heard about Saint Faustina, I'd share with you that when she was very young, back in the twenties, she always knew she wanted to be a Nun when she was older.  She actually tried to get into the convent, and more than once, before she was old enough for them to accept her.

After she finally was old enough, she joined the convent and became a Nun.  She died in 1938 from a disease, which was incurable.  But, in a short period of time, as a Nun, she was blessed to have Jesus appear before her, asking her to write down everything He said to her.  She did and she eventually had a diary, filled with all the many things Jesus told her.

There is a book called, "Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus", which contains daily excerpts from that diary.  I read each day's reading after I get up every morning.  Here was today's entry:

September 6:  And I will tell you one more thing....take these graces not only for yourself, but also for others; that is, encourage the souls with whom you come in contact to trust in my infinite mercy.  Oh, how I love those souls who have complete confidence in Me.  I will do everything for them!

The prayer response is:  Yes, Lord, I take Your graces, not only for myself, but for souls I meet, that they may trust in You even more.  May they grow to have complete confidence in You!  Amen.

You too can read these daily entries by going to:

I hope you have a wonderful evening and that each of you are safe and content.  If you're not content with your life, then you definitely need to read about Jesus' Divine Mercy!