"Train-Trekking" With a Capital "T"

"Train-Trekking" With a Capital "T"

This is the third in a series of fiction novels I written.  It's the story of eight women, who have been very close friends for many years now.  Every year, they and their husbands, take a trip on a adventure planned by Sadie and her husband, Gabe.  This year's venue will be a trip across the United States by train, and it will last 25 days. 

Along the way, the group becomes fast friends with a gentleman and his two sisters, who dabble in paranormal activity.  Of course, the ladies plunge right in, wanting to experience as much paranormal phenomenon as possible.  Their husbands, at first, are very apprehensive.  They have to see things with their own eyes to believe them, especially ghosts and spirits. 

Well, that's exactly what happens to all sixteen of them.  But, they also find themselves in the middle of a paranormal mystery.  One which they work very hard to solve. 

The book is filled with fun, adventure, great music happenings, new paranormal findings and camaraderie for the group of friends.  I hope you'll purchase a copy and enjoy the trek. 

It will soon be available at Amazon for electronic purchases.  I'll be sure to let you know when it is!

This book is now available for reading on any electronic device.  Just go to www.amazon.com and put my name in the search area and click.  All of my books will come up and you can choose the one you want.  Happy reading!
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