Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve, Everyone, Or Is It!

Hi everyone,

Today is January 31, 2012 and this year is about to become history!  Was is a good year for you?  Do you hate to see it come to an end?  Or, was it a bad year, and you can't wait to see it end?  Perhaps it held some good and some bad, which is, I believe, what it probably was for most of us.  It's hard for me to believe that anyone could go through three hundred and sixty five days and not have some good and fulfilling events in their lives, right along with a few undesirable ones.

As for me, I still woke up this morning with my heart still ticking away.  So, I'd have to say it's been a blessed year for me.  Sure, there were incidents during this year that upset me in one way or another, but I refuse to dwell on them.  For every unpleasant event I've had this year, there have been a dozen good things.  I choose to be optimistic! 

As far as 2013 starting, I'm looking ahead and I hope you are, also.  What's done is done, never to be made different; what's been said, has been said, never to be taken back; what injury that's been done, can't be undone.  It's all in the past now! 

That certainly, doesn't mean we can't try to make things right for those we've harmed, whether it's physically, emotionally or spiritually.  Life does go on for most of us.  It's only those who choose to wallow in grief, shame or self pity, who can't move forward.  If that's you, stop it!  Take a deep breathe and tell yourself that you can and will change your life.  But, first, stop and ask God's help.  He will always be there to help you along the way.

I am looking forward to 2013 leaping into my life.  I have some plans made for myself.  First of all, I need to get back to writing my sequel novel to "Sassy" With A Capital "S".  I feel like it's been forever since I've worked on it.  I sat down yesterday to do some re-reading of it.  I know I'll get back in the groove soon. 

On the eleventh of January, I will be heading to York Catholic High School, where I was invited as a local author, to speak to some of the English classes about writing.  I'm excited about that adventure and also a bit nervous.  It's been a very, very long time since I had to do any public speaking.  But, I am not worried.  I truly believe the saying, "If God brings you to it; He will bring you through it."

Up until the holidays approached, I'd been a daily follower and writer on a few writer's web sites:, and  I am very anxious to once again, become active on these sites.  I truly miss not having the time to get back to my writing.

Then, of course, there's my art work.  It's been way too long since I've done anything with that.  Well, I suppose that's not completely true, as I've designed both the front and back covers to both my novels.  ("Sassy" With A Capital "S" and my new one, "Crafty-Cruise" With A Capital "C") 

It's really funny how after my life style changed, back in 2006, I thought my life would just drag by and be so boring.  Yes, I do lead a very sedentary life, but it certainly flies by and it definitely is not boring!

 I have to say, "I love my life, just the way it is!  I've learned to embrace my Chronic Congestive Heart Failure and live each day to it's fullest, or at least the best way I am able.  I refuse to permit myself to feel depressed or ask, why me?  I've learned to ask, why not me?  I'm not any more special than anyone else.  We are all God's children, created equally."

So, in closing, I hope you will spend some time in the next few days, figuring out what you have to do to bring joy, hope, love and happiness into your life.  No one person, no amount of money, not any physical items can make you happy.  Happiness comes from inside you, not from exterior people or things.  So, basically I'm saying, it's up to you.  Are you going to pick up the ball and carry it to all the bases, or are you just going to let it lay there?  It's your call! 

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Had A Lightbulb Moment!

Hi all,

Well, now that Christmas is behind us for another 363 days, we can all look forward to ending the year 2012 with joy and ringing in the new year, 2013, with happiness and anticipation.  We often find ourselves happy that one year is ending and a new one is starting; but in truth, we never know what each new year will bring our way, do we?  I think we should count our blessings for each year, each month, each day and each hour we have been given here on this earth. 

In the past few months, there have been so many murders, both accidental and on purpose, that it's left me asking, "What has this world come to?  Why are so many innocent children killed without reason?  Why do so many people think that the only way to solve disputes is to take out a gun and shoot the other person.  Why do people turn to violence so quickly?  What is happening in this country today?"

I'm sure you all have had some of these same exact thoughts recently.  I find myself praying to God for His mercy so that this world we live in, will become a more loving and peaceful place in which to live and raise our families.  I often wander why the world has changed so much.

Well, on Christmas Eve, as I lay in bed thinking about the evening spent with my husband and my family, my thoughts turned to the violence that exists today.  I was thinking back to the birth of Jesus and how hard it must have been for God to allow His only loving Son to die, so that we could be set free from original sin.  He watched Jesus grow up into adulthood and then watched Him die on a cross.  How hard that must have been for God. 

As I was thinking about the Crucifixion and death of Jesus, I was reminded of the many men and women who called out, "Crucify Him" over and over again.   And what about the men who followed along Jesus' walk, beating and whipping Him all the way.  Then they nailed, actually hammered nails through His hands and feet, to attach Him to the cross, so they could stand the cross up straight, so that everyone could watch Jesus die on that same cross. 

This all made me realize just how much violence, prejudices and hate existed, even way back in the day of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  It was a thought I hadn't ever had before then.  Yes, I knew Jesus was crucified and died on a Cross, but I suppose I never thought about it as being so much like things are today.  They may not have used guns to kill Jesus, but all the beatings, name calling and bullying killed Him just the same. 

So, my prayer for 2013 is that everyone of us begs God's blessings on this world we live in.  We may eventually, after death, live in a very peace loving place with God, but until then, we still need to live here in this world.  Whatever happened to giving another person the benefit of the doubt, by showing kindness and forgiveness whenever possible.  If some one's hurt you, please try to make a conscious effort to forgive them.  Forgiving them isn't for the other person, it's for you.  Your peace of mind, knowing that you are a loving and forgiving person is so important for each of us.  I do know, first hand, how very much it hurts when someone you consider a friend or family member hurts you, but I promise you that forgiving them for yourself, will give you a better, more peaceful place to live.  If you don't believe me, just try it.  What do you have to loose?  Don't you want to live each day of your life feeling at peace and good inside!

I am looking forward to the start of 2013.  Realizing that back in 2006, I almost died, left me realizing how very important living is to me.  As we ring in each new year, I have to give thanks to God that I'm still alive to see a new January 1.  This year will be no different.  I have some new adventures coming my way in the new year.  How about you?  What are you looking forward to in the coming year?  Whatever it is, I hope it brings you peace and much happiness.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Peace On Earth, Good Will To Us All!

Merry Christmas all,

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I hope you all are enjoying this Christmas Day, 2012.  We celebrated with my three daughters and their families last evening, with a large sit down supper, some Christmas story readings and then our gift exchange.  It was a very enjoyable evening, as always, but a very tiring one for me.  Two of my Grandsons couldn't make it.  We missed them very much.

Today it was just my husband and myself.  I cooked a turkey with filling for an early afternoon meal.  It was quite yummy.  We are both tired today, and feel like we could take a snooze. 

I hope this Christmas has brought all of you joy, peace and happiness.  I hope you were able to spend some time with your immediate families.  Family is very important to all of us!  While sitting around the dinner table last evening, my daughters and I were reminiscing about all the traditions my Mother and Father started many years ago.  Those traditions are still very important to all of us. 

One such tradition is making stuffed dates for Christmas Eve, which I now make every year.  For those of you who don't know what they are, you take pitted dates and stuff them with peanut butter and then roll them in granulated sugar.  Another tradition from my Mother is to make a fruit jello mold to go with the meal.  I, also, prepared one of those for my family. 

I love the Christmas season and so do my girls.  They've passed that love onto their children.  That love of Christmas was passed on to my by my Mother.  My parents have both been gone for quite awhile.  My Mother passed away in 1996 and my Father died in 1999, but some days it seems like just yesterday.  I miss them so much. 

So, as this Christmas day slowly comes to an end, I have to say that this year was just as wonderful and fulfilling as every year has been.  My first thought, upon awaking this morning, was to say, "Happy Birthday, Jesus."  For without Him, we'd have nothing to celebrate at Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm Ready For His Birth!

Hi all,

Four more days until we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  I will be celebrating Christmas Eve with my family and I'm excited about being with them.  Traditions are very important to me.  So, being with my husband and family to celebrate Jesus' birth and Christmas, is traditional for me.

My Mother and Father started this tradition many, many years ago.  They've been gone for quite a few years now, but I know they are still with me in spirit.  Sometimes it seems like they're still here, helping me to go through life.  My parents taught me about the importance of traditions. 

As long as I can remember, we've always spent Christmas Eve at my Parents home.  My siblings and their families were there, also.  That changed after my Mom passed away in 1996.  My siblings started their own traditions for Christmas Eve and my husband and I started having my children and their families to our home to celebrate Jesus' birth and Christmas Eve. 

In the past year or so, one or more of my Grandsons have had to work on Christmas Eve.  That was very hard for me, but I do understand that when you have to work, there isn't any choice.  I'm sure it was very hard on him and his Parents, also.  Two of them may not be here with us this year.  That bums me out, but I understand work is work and sometimes there are other people to consider in making choices. 

One of my Grandsons has to make a choice to either go to his girlfriends on Christmas Eve or to come to our home.  He's having a hard time deciding what to do.  He wants to come because it's traditional and he loves tradition.  Whatever he decides, I'm okay with his decision.  We'll all miss him, as well as my Grandson who has to work.  But, I'm sure it will bother them more than us. 

I was so moved with joy to hear that traditions are important to my Grandsons.  You know, when dealing with young adults today, one just never knows how they feel about the traditional occasions that have been passed down from one generation to another.  I do so love my six boys, and I'm so very proud of all of them.  I hope they all know that!  I try to tell them, but I'm never really sure if they're listening to me or not, but I hope so.

I have some commitments for shortly after the first of the year.  So, I've been slowly getting my notes together so I know what I'm talking about.  I was asked to speak to some classes at York Catholic High School, as an author and writer.  This is something new for me.  I'd have to say I'm a bit nervous, to say the least. 

I'm sure some of the students will pay attention to me, while the others do what teens do best.  You know, they'll just tune me out.  If I reach one student I will be happy! 

Well, that's all for today.  Talk with you soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Soon It's Time To Get Back on Track!

Hi all,

I love the Christmas Season and everything it stands for, but I know it will soon be time for me to get back to my scheduled writing agenda.  It's been so long since I've worked on my new novel, that I'm afraid I will forget what I've written.  I guess I'll have to reread some of it before I start writing again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hurrying the Christmas holidays away.  I'm just thinking forward to the new year.  On Friday, January 11, I will be speaking to the morning classes at York Catholic High School, here in York.  I have been invited by the Librarian to come and speak to the students about  writing in general, and about the books I've published. 

Yesterday ,I started making an outline of what I'd like to speak about to them.  In many ways I wished I had pursued an education in writing when I graduated from high school.  Which, by the way, was from York Catholic High School, many years ago.  Long before any of the students I will be speaking with were ever born. 

I've gotten some information together to share with them.  Such as, several copies of articles I've written on Cardiovascular Disease.  One article is geared only to women.  It is the number one cause of death in women in the United States.  I am, also, taking along a few copies of my children's hard bound novel.  I thought, perhaps, I'd hand out a free copy to a few students who have younger siblings who may enjoy it. 

I must admit, I'm a wee bit nervous about speaking in public.  I've never been very good at that sort of thing.  I want to express how important it is to do whatever you love.  Whether it's something you do to earn your keep or if it's just something you do in your free time.

I love doing creative things, anything and everything.  I made another 'hanky-panky quilt' as a door prize at our cookie exchange.  I haven't done anything like that for a few years now.  I think I miss doing needle work.  Maybe after the first of the year, I will start some type of quilt.  I've never tried making my own squares, so perhaps I'll give that a try.  Actually, a friend of mine, just put that idea into my head today.  One never knows, does one?

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I'm sure they will all be having some great after Christmas sales!  Check them out and see!

Well, are you all ready for Christmas and all the celebrating?  I'm ready except for the last minute preparations.  Don't forget to take a few minutes during these last few days for yourself.  We all need to relax and take a few deep breathes so we can continue on our journey.

Monday, December 17, 2012

One Week Left!

Hi all,

We have one week left until Christmas Eve.  I'm excited about celebrating the birthday of Jesus.  I'm also excited about spending Christmas Eve with my family.  I know that the true meaning of Christmas has to do with Jesus' birth, not Santa Claus.  But, in some ways, I think Santa Claus is like Jesus in some ways. 

I love the Christmas Season so very much.  It is my favorite time of the year!  It leaves me feeling filled with love and generosity to others.  Don't misunderstand me, it's not about buying because I have to, because I don't.  None of us do!  It's about giving because I love the people I give to.  I wish I could give them more than I already do.  Of course, these people I'm referring to, are my daughters,  their husbands or partner, my Grandsons and my wonderful husband.  They are all so very important to me.

But, as much as I love each and every one of them, I love God more.  I am nothing without Him in my life, of this, I am positive!  He is with me every second of every day, of every month, of every year.  He always has been and I know He always will be with me. 

Christmas is the perfect time to show your family just how much your love and need them.  Give to them as much as you can afford, monetarily and give them the spiritual help they need. 

So, when you have your get-to-gether over the holidays, take a few minutes to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Remind everyone there, that Jesus is the reason for the season.  Then you can do your celebrating feeling good about Christmas, Santa Claus, gift giving and the marvelous food. 

I've heard some people say that they feel guilty talking about Christmas, Santa, gifts or happy things, what with the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut.  I don't think we should feel any guilt about our happiness because God wouldn't want that for us.  He wants us to celebrate His birthday with joy and comfort for His coming.  We, obviously, can pray for all the victims families both in Connecticut and where we each live.  Remember, the victims are now with God forever in a violent free place.  I don't know about each of you, but I hope, some day, to be their, also! 

So, in conclusion, I encourage each of you to keep those suffering in your prayers and to put joy and happiness back into your heart so you will be able to, once again, look forward to Jesus' birth. 

I hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!

Hi all,

Well, I'm sure the tragedy that occurred a few days ago in Connecticut is still on every one's mind.  It was, definitely, a senseless action, one which caused so much pain and suffering to so many people.  But, I hope and pray that you are not blaming God for this slaughter.  He did NOT make it happen. 

If we go back to Adam and Eve, we will see, once again, that they choose to have independence from God.  He did not want that for these human beings He created.  He wanted us to live in bliss, with no pain and suffering, no want for anything.  Just peace and love.  WE, human beings, choose to have our independence.  So, now we see what we choose and we don't like it. 

I hope you all will pray for all the families involved in this tragedy, but I also hope you will continue to plan for the arrival of the birth of God's only Son, Jesus Christ.  He alone is our Savior.  He alone can protect us and stay with us all the days of our lives.  Let us not forget that God permitted His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified and die on the cross.  He did this for us! 

Please keep praying for those that died in Connecticut, and for their families, but please continue to look forward to the celebration, once again, of the birth of Jesus this Christmas day. 

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God was with each and every person that was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School a few days ago.  He was there, and He carried them home to be with Him forever in peace and love. 

May God bless us all today and every day of our lives! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Do You Count Your Blessings?

Hi all,

My mind today is on this tragedy that occurred in Connecticut at an elementary school.  As far as they now know, eighteen elementary children and eight adults were shot and killed by an assailant early this morning. 

The news media hasn't released, as of yet, why this twenty year old man went into this school with a gun and started killing children and adults.  As far as I can see, there IS NOT any good reason for such a vicious act. 

Once again, I need to ask myself, "What is happening in this world today?"  Why do people think it is okay to take out their frustration and anger by picking up a gun or knife and killing someone!  It certainly is not okay, not under any circumstance or for any reason what so ever. 

Please take a few minutes, where ever you are in the world, and say a brief prayer for the survivors of this terrible shooting and for their families.  Please ask God to stay close to them and help them through this horrific time. 

Make sure you hug each member of your family and tell them how much you love them.  Remember, tomorrow they could be gone!  Sometimes there is no tomorrow!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How are your nerves????

Hi all,

How are things going with all of you?  Are you stressed out for one reason or another?  Perhaps it's work, problems at home, illness in the family or just the time of year!  Whatever it is, just stop, take a deep breath and sit down.  Or better yet, lay down and do some easy breathing exercises.  Just breath in deep through the nose, fill up your whole chest with air and then push the air back out through your open mouth.  As you breath in, say to yourself, "I'm breathing in comfort and calmness."  As you blow it out through your mouth, say to yourself, "I'm pushing all the tension and stress out of my body."  I promise you it works.  If you don't believe me, just try it!

I've done my breathing exercises just a short time ago because I took my husband to the hospital early this morning for some surgery.  Everything went terrifically and I didn't realize just how worried I was until after I was home for about an hour.  He will be released tomorrow morning.  He is fine. 

I knew he would be, because I knew God would take care of him.  But, as you may know, we sometimes cannot control our minds and hearts.  So, the deep breathing exercises helped me to relax and unstress.

Well, now let me change the subject for a bit.  I received a call again today from the librarian at York Catholic High School.  She had asked me about a month ago if I would come into YCHS for a morning to speak with the students in English class about writing.  I feel so blessed to be asked to do this.  Let me remind you that I am not a well known author.  I have written and published six books thus far.  I am currently working on my seventh. 

God has so blessed me with a vast amount of creative abilities.  I want high school students to know that creative abilities, whatever they may be, are a wonderful blessing from God.  We should not overlook them.  It's so important to realize, at any age, that whatever your passionate about, doesn't have to be what one does for a living.

For me, it's not about the money.  It's about giving back for God's wonderful blessings.  I could have died back in 2006, but He wasn't done with me on this earth yet.  So, I'm playing it forward when ever I can.  I cannot go out and work at a job any longer, or go to volunteer work at a hospital or some such place.  What I can do is create things that make someone else smile.  If I can do that for even just one person, then I am playing it forward!

How about you?  I'm sure you have been blessed by God in many ways.  Are you taking those blessings and playing them forward?  If not, start soon!  You'd be surprised at how much peace and contentment it brings to you.

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Well, that's all for now.  I wish each and every one of you a wonderful day, and remember to play it forward!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

He is Coming! Are you ready for Him?

Hi all,

We're just fourteen days away from our celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Are you ready?  I know that the Christmas Season is a prelude to the real reason we celebrate Christmas, but I don't think some people remember that fact.  I was just listening to the news report for tonight and it's a bit depressing.  Every day the tell us about someone who was murdered, someone who was robbed, someone who robbed the Salvation Army kettles and just today they announced that someone is stealing from The Goodwill store. 

I have to ask, "What is this world coming to?  What has happened to Americans that they feel this is okay behavior?  Did they not learn that it's wrong to steal, it's very wrong to pull a gun or knife and kill another person?" 

Some days I sincerely worry about the world that my Grandsons are growing up in.  Will it just get worse as the years go by or will something happen to change people.  It's doesn't seem to just be younger people either.  A man in his fifties has been in the news because he just abducted and assaulted a college student.  The thing is that he just recently got out of prison on the same type of charges.  He is now being charged with this count, plus a few others. 

Apparently, prison did NOT reform him!  Why was he left go?  And, what is wrong with him and all the people like him?  What happened to him to make him this way, and why?

I wish I had the answers to these questions, but I simply don't know.  But, I most assuredly do worry about the next generation and the next after that, and so on.  What is going to become of this world. 

I suppose the only good thing for me, is that I probably will not be alive to see these changes.  I pray that my Grandsons and their future children, have a better world in which to live. 

I am looking forward to Christmas and our celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ once again.  I pray that God will show His mercy and kindness to me, my family, my extended family, my friends and the whole world!  He is the only One who can help us. 

Sorry, I didn't mean to be so down, but sometimes I just can't overlook the things that are happening right before my eyes!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Count Down!

Hi all,

Well, as you know, the count down to the day Jesus was born is coming rapidly.  Christmas Day, for some reason, seems to be coming more quickly this year than in the past.  It's just two weeks and two days away and I'm still a bit stressed about getting things done. 

I am happy to announce that just about all my wrapping is complete.  I baked two 9 x 13 pans of Seven Layer Cookies yesterday.  One was chocolate with walnuts and the other was vanilla with pecans.  Of course, I had to sample them to make sure they were edible and I have to say, they are yummy.  A few days ago I made a large can of Chex Mix.  I'm hoping to be able to make two large pans of chocolate chip with walnut bars today or tomorrow.  I've decided to try doing them in large cookie sheet pans, because it's very hard for me to stand in my kitchen that length of time to make individual cookies. 

Now, I'm not complaining, just trying to make my life easier.  My illness, Chronic Congestive Heart Failure, has drastically changed my lifestyle, but I've accepted that a long time ago.  It just lets me a bit melancholy as I think back to all the cookie baking I used to do.  Truth be told, neither my husband or I should be eating all those cookies and snacks.  He's a diabetic and I positively have to maintain my current weight. 

How are you feeling these days?  Is this season stressing you out?  If so, please try to find some time to sit down and relax, preferably by yourself.  Choose a nice quiet place, away from the husband or kids, just put your feet up, close your eyes and empty your mind.  Do some deep breathing so you have something to concentrate on besides your stresses.  Breathe in all the way until you fill your chest cavity and then push it out through your nose.  I promise you it works, even if only for a short period of time.

I've been doing some writing on .  I joined that writing website some time ago and I truly enjoy reading and reviewing other writers work.  Of course, I love posting my own work for other peoples enjoyment.  I've already posted a few chapters from My Memoirs, which I wrote and published back at the end of 2006.  If you have the time, check the website out.  Thanks.

Well, today my Red Hat group is having our Christmas Banquet.  One of my ladies bought each of us a headband to which is attached a large pair of reindeer antlers in red.  We are wearing them to the banquet in place of our red dress hats.  I'm sure this will, indeed, bring the chuckles from other people, but who really cares.  What's important is that we have fun while we're still alive to enjoy ourselves.

Take care and have a blessed and wonderful Sunday.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Hi all,

Today, my Red Hat group met at my house for a Christmas Cookie Exchange and lunch.  I prepared a nice light lunch of chicken salad on a bed of lettuce with a deviled egg along side.  With that I had warmed Italian crusty bread with Tastefully Simple's Tuscan herb blend and olive oil for dipping.  I served a choice of two fresh brewed teas:  Peach Blend and Earl Gray with a touch of Raspberry. 

For dessert, we each had six homemade cookies to taste.  (I gave everyone a baggie to take the cookies home, because, as usual, we couldn't eat that much.)  Along with that, we each were given one half dozen homemade cookies from each lady to keep for ourselves.  That means that we each ended up with three dozen cookies to share with our husbands.  We had a great time.  These friends are very special ladies and it means so much to me to have them as friends.  There are eight of us in my Red Hat group. 

On Sunday we are all meeting at Fire Mountain in Mechanicsburg for a Christmas Banquet and gift exchange.  We invite our husbands to join us and, of course, they do.  I know we'll have a wonderful time with them and each other.

I haven't started my baking or my homemade candy yet.  I plan on starting tomorrow by making my homemade fruit cake.  I've never been a lover of fruitcake, but using my Mom's recipe changed my opinion on fruitcake.  It's so moist and delicious!  These will be for you, Mom, with love!  (My Mother passed away in 1996 and I miss both her and my Dad so very much.  He died in 1999.)

I'm hoping to do most of my candy and Seven Layer Bars next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  My husband is having some surgery on Thursday and will just have to stay in the hospital overnight, so that will pretty much take care of those two days. 

I absolutely have to get back to writing my current novel.  I have been doing some writing on the website , but it's just not enough for me though.  I do love writing, any type at all.  I've writen some articles for, haven't even done anymore for there lately. 

I realize that the Christmas Season is a very busy time of year for everyone, but it's especially hard for me because since becoming ill, I usually run out of what little bit of energy I have, by shortly after lunch time.  I am just about finished my Christmas shopping though.  I just have one more shipment to arrive and then I'm finished.  Hurrah!!!  I did most all of my shopping on line this year.  I used:, http://www.athome/angiealbright, and .  Check these three sites out for some great savings.  Check out the Ribbon cards and Partner stores on the amway site, as well as, all sorts of great buys and savings on the other two sites.  If it's food that you'd like to purchase, either for yourself to serve or to give away for a great gift, try:  I'm sure you'll find something great there.  You know, everyone does have to eat!  Check it out!

Well, that's my story for today, and I'm sticking to it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Take A Moment and Breath!

Hi all,

How is everyone doing today?  Are you stressed out?  Are you feeling anxious?  Do you feel there's not enough time to get everything done?  Are you short on time?  Are you short on money?  Do you feel like you could just sleep the month away?

Well, if you are feeling any of the above things, you need to chill out!  I would suggest you find a nice quiet spot, pick up a book or your favorite music, kick off your shoes and relax.  Do you even remember how to do that??? 

To be honest with you, doing the above will only relax you for a short period of time.  Perhaps you should try some deep breathing exercises.  Don't know how to do them?  It's easy, here's all you do:
find a comfortable spot and lay down or lounge in a chair.  Breathe in through your mouth and let the breath fill up your lungs.  Next, breathe out through your nose until all the air is out of you.  While doing the breathing in say, "I'm breathing in relaxation." While releasing the breathe say, "I'm pushing out the tension."  I guarantee you it will work.  You need to do it for at least fifteen or twenty minutes to have it work. 

Well, now I'm finished playing doctor.  I feel better, as I've accomplished quite a bit last week and this week.  I'm almost finished with my gift purchases and I have most of my wrapping done.  Good for me!  Next week I'm going to start my baking and candy making. 

I seriously need to get back to my writing one of these days.  If I don't soon get back to my novel, I'll have to reread what I've already written so I know what it's about! 

I do love the Christmas season more than any other time of the year.  I lets me feeling happy, generous and loving.  How about you? 

Well, that's all for now.  Take care and smile.  It's good for you and for everyone around you!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Are You In The Mood?

Hi all,

Of course my question is are you in the mood for the Christmas Season.  Well, if you're not, I think you need to do whatever it takes to get yourself in the mood to welcome the birth of Jesus.  If you aren't a Christian, then get in the mood for Santa's big arrival. 

You do know that Santa Claus is a good and generous man.  He gives to everyone and he tries to make every ones life a bit easier.  He loves with all his heart and soul.  To me, he's quite a legend.  I love the feelings of love, peace and generosity that the Christmas season bring to us, if we open up our hearts and let those feelings inside. 

As you may know, I create my own Christmas cards.  I have been asked to display a few of them.  So, I'm posting some of them for everyone to enjoy.

Have a great day and get in the mood.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Giving, Smiling and Love!

Hi all,

Well, the end of this week is fast approaching.  The title of this post, "Giving, Smiling and Love" are to me what this Christmas season is all about.  I hope you all feel that way also. 

If I could have one wish this holiday season, it would be that these feelings of giving to others, smiling to show friendliness to others and showing your love to all those you meet would continue all year long, from one year to the next.  There is so much hate, anger, bigotry, vandalism, stealing and killing going on every day in this world, that it makes me so very sad.  That is not the way God planned for His world to be. 

I understand that at times a person gets over whelmed, angry or disappointed, but keeping it under control is what we all need to practice.  Getting revenge and holding a grudge against someone hurts you more than the other person.  I'm not saying it's easy to forgive someone who's hurt you badly, but we must try, for our own sake, not theirs. 

Just a few words about Cardiovascular Disease in women.  Please take a few minutes to read my article on just this subject on one of my pages in this blog.  You can live without some of your organs, but you definitely can not live without your heart.  Please don't think that because you're only in your late thirties or early forties that you couldn't have heart disease, because I'm here to tell you, yes you can.  Don't ever think that heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, ventricle fibrillation, congestive heart failure and many other forms of this disease, won't happen to you.  They can and they will.  Ladies, we must be proactive with our own bodies and our health.  Think about your children and how much they need you in their lives.  Anything that doesn't seem normal, health wise, report to your doctor.  If he/she doesn't take you seriously, ask to see a specialist or make the appointment on your own.  DO NOT take no for an answer!

Now, on to a happier subject.  How's your Christmas shopping coming along?  Mine is almost finished.  I did most of it by using my Grandson's web site to purchase Ribbon Cards and gift cards from their partner stores.  I think it's was so very easy and quick.  I love it.  Check it out:

My advice to help you get all the things accomplished that you need to during this season is:  stay calm, keep smiling, order whatever you can on line and have it shipped directly to your home, don't make things harder for yourself than they need to be, make a list of things to be done and do two or three things each day and finally, remember that getting stressed, unnerved and unravelled will spoil the true reason for the season:  Jesus birth!

Three other sites you may want to check out for your Christmas shopping are:
The first two are home wares of all sorts at great prices and the last one is Tastefully Simple food.
Check them out,  they're a great and easy way to do your Christmas shopping while staying in your pajamas.  How great is that!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time To Get Busy! How About You?

Hi all,

Wow, November is about over already, just three more days!  Time always seems to go so very fast at this time of year.  It seems that I have so much to do and the time just flies away. 

I just spent four days in Ocean City, MD with one of my daughters and some good friends.  We had a very nice time, but it was very tiring for me.  I sincerely enjoyed myself, but I was glad to arrive home yesterday. 

Today I had to get down to business.  I did some laundry; finished six more hand made Christmas cards; washed up my kitchen floor and laid down some new rugs that I'd purchased recently; and worked on a few other projects for Christmas.  Now to get down to business...

Writing is very important to me, as well as all the other creative things I do.  I want, so much, to get back to working on my novel, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time right now.  I'd also like to write another article on cardiovascular disease.  Even though I am not writing much now, I am still doing some creative work. 

I have about six or eight more hand made Christmas cards to finish yet, then I am done for this Christmas.  I truly love creating my own cards.  It allows me to truly put a part of myself into each cards and that means so much to me. 

I need to start doing some wrapping of gifts pretty soon.  I like to be all finished with the wrapping, shopping, and Christmas cards by around the tenth of December.  Then I have plenty of time to start on the home-made candies: peanut and almond bark, peanut butter fudge and gorp (which is a form of Chex mix.) 

In order to thoroughly enjoy the entire holiday, I like to be all finished everything (except last minute preparations for Christmas Eve supper) so I can just enjoy the week before Christmas, as well as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to finish my cards and perhaps start on my boxes.  Maybe, if I have any energy left, I'll attempt a bit of cleaning upstairs.  We'll just see how the day goes!

I hope you all aren't waiting for the last minute to do your Christmas shopping and all the other chores that there are to do before the big holiday.  I'm doing most of my shopping on line these days.  Here are three web sites that I am using:; http://www.athome/marlenaebersole;     http://www.athome/angiealbright   Check them out as they are running some marvelous sales right now. 

Take care and don't over do it.  You don't want to be sick for the holidays.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday, God's day (and mine) of rest!

Hi all,

Today is God's day of rest!  After He created all of this world for us, He rested on Sunday.  I would say it was a well deserved rest, too.  I think it's so very sad that we don't look around us and see all the beauty God has created for us to enjoy.  Beauty that doesn't cost us a penny. 

I have been in Ocean City, MD for the past few days and I can't wait to see the sky each morning as I crawl out of bed.  I've taken pictures of it and God's beauty just keeps amazing me.  I basically brought my camera along just for that purpose.  I've been mesmerized with the sky every since I was here, in OC, in September.  Then it was the sky as night was falling.  Since then, I've been taking more time to just stop for a second and glance up.  It truly amazes me at it's beauty.  It's so simple to enjoy, just walk outside, stand still for two minutes and look up at God's glorious sky.  It's there for every single one of us to enjoy.

It is God's day of rest, but I needed some rest this afternoon as well.  We've been on the go, with not much sleep for the last few days.  I've rested some, but I choose this afternoon to just hang out by myself and relax.  The lack of sleep is beginning to get to me.  Tomorrow we head home. 

Our Thanksgiving holiday was very nice.  I got to spend Thanksgiving Day with all three of my daughters, their spouses or partner and my six Grandsons; of course, my husband, Gerry, was with me, and some friends.  That just made the day perfect. 

I haven't had much time to do any writing, except on my blog.  I truly need to get back to my novel, but I know December will be a busy month for me.  I will continue using my creative abilities because I need to finish my Christmas cards this coming week.  That will be a weight, but a good one, lifted from me. 

I'd also like to write another article for Ezine Articles on cardiovascular disease.  Perhaps in January!
I've been keeping up some on my reading and writing for Fanstory, but not as much as I'd like to.  Hopefully I will have more time for that, too, in January.

I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and are preparing for the Christmas Season.   God bless you all.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday, What's That???

Hi all,

I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.  My husband and I had Thanksgiving at my youngest daughter and her husband's house.  There were about twenty eight people in attendance.  We all took covered dishes, while she prepared the turkey, filling and gravy.  It was very relaxing and so good to spend the holiday with my family and friends. 

Now, to get to this Black Friday thing!  No, I didn't go shopping today.  I wasn't home today, but even if I had been, I would have not gone shopping.  To tell you the truth, I do much of my Christmas shopping on line.  Since becoming ill in 2006, I do very little store shopping anymore.  I just don't have the strength to run around trying to find the things I need. 

Actually, the gifts we give our children and grandchildren are usually money or gift cards.  Since my Grandsons have gotten older, they'd rather have the money or gift card.  That way, they are free to purchase whatever they'd like.  They like it that way and it's so much easier on me.

Since my husband has cut his work hours back to about sixteen hours per week, we've decided that starting this year, we would be slimming down on our Christmas giving this year.  This is not something I enjoy doing.  I love seeing my children and grandchildren happy.  It means so much to me to be able to share what I have with them.  But, since my husband is now seventy years old, it's time for him to slow down a bit and enjoy life more.  This also makes me happy!

My husband, Gerry (the great deer hunter) left today to head up to his hunting camp for the first week of deer season.  He hasn't bagged one for several years now, which means we haven't eaten deer meat for quite a while.  We recently purchased a quarter hind beef and both our chest freezers have quite a bit of meat in them.  He asked me (before leaving) if we will have enough room for deer meat if he gets one this year.  My response was, "Let's worry about that if you shoot a deer."  And the truth of it is that I won't worry about it until he actually bags the deer.

Well before we know it, November will be over and we'll be speeding into December and getting ready to close out another year.  I'm not sure I'm ready to end this one yet, but I suppose it really doesn't matter whether I'm ready or not.  It always amazes me at how fast each year passes.  I guess getting older has something to do with that, but what will be, will be!

I hope you all have a great weekend.  Do something to make yourself smile.  We all need to lighten up from time to time and take some time for a bit of silliness. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Are You Creating?

Hi all,

My question today is "Are you creating anything?"  I believe that most of us have some creative abilities of one sort or another.  For instance:  First, my husband creates pricing for Triangle Fire Protection Co., where he is an estimator.  True, he has to check out quite a bit of information before he comes up with the quote, but that's still being creative.  Second, all three of my daughter have businesses on the web, for which they've set up there sites and a link for their Facebook pages.  That's being creative.  Third, JD, who is my son-in-law is making home made fudge for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  That's being creative.  Fourth, Mike, who is also a son-in-law, is a policeman.  Is there any doubt that he sometimes has to be creative?  Fifth, Kevin, who is my daughters partner, works for Harley Davidson.  He works on the assembly line and has learned many of the line jobs.  That's being creative. 

So, don't tell me you are not creative.  We all are in our own way.  Do you love to create new delicious meals to surprise your family?  Will you be wrapping the Christmas gifts you purchase for others?  Will you be setting up the Thanksgiving Day table for way too many people?  Will you be running around like crazy on Black Friday trying to get the best bargains? 

If you will be doing any of these things, you, also are being creative in one way or another.  For myself, I will be creating a large dish of mashed potatoes and two pumpkin pies for Thursday, so I will be doing some creating there. 

Of course, most of my creating, will be done in the form of writing and producing Christmas cards with my artistic abilities.  Actually, I am almost done with Christmas cards.  I have approximately fifteen or so cards left to create.  It's taking me quite a while but I'm getting there.  After I complete the cards, I have another quick project to complete before Christmas.

So, get "creative" in one way or another.  You'll be surprised at how much creativity you have within you!  Good luck and get started...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

One Day Closer!

Hi all,

Well, we're now one day closer to Thanksgiving Day.  I have so many things for which to be thankful, that I'm not sure I could name them all. 

1.  I will start with the fact that I'm still alive; that I wake up every morning is truly a blessing for me.

2.  I am so thankful for my three daughter:  Marlena, Angela and Candice.  I'm also very thankful for my great sons-in-law:  Michael and JD.  And for Kevin who is Angela's partner.

3.  I am so blessed because of my six grandsons:  Jacob (21), Cori (20), Tucker (18), Toby (18) Luke (16) and last but not least, Tanner (15).  I love my six Grandsons so very much and I am so proud of them.

4.  When God brought Gerry, my husband, into my life, He certainly blessed me.  He is a good man, and a very supportive husband.  He helps me a lot, since becoming ill.  Thank you, Lord, for bringing him into my life.

5.  I am thankful that we have a home that's paid off; more than enough food to sustain us; enough money to do a few extra things which we enjoy; decent cars to drive; and a new furnace to keep us warm and cozy.

6.  I am thankful that, even though I was born with a defective heart, I am still living.  My life may be sedentary, but I accept my life and my health just as it is.

7.  I am thankful that God has stayed with me, every minute of every single day for all my sixty-four years of life.

8.  I am so grateful for the blessing of creative abilities.  My writing, paper crafting, drawing and art work are so fulfilling to me.

9.  I am, also, so thankful for my extended family, whom I love very much.  Also, for all the friends I have.  I so appreciate their friendship.

Of course, Thanksgiving Day is only one day out of the year.  Yet, our blessings are given to us every day of our lives.  Even the hardships we face, are given to us to help make us grow and become  stronger individuals.  We may not see that at the time we are going through hard times, but God has a
plan for all of us.  God does work in mysterious ways, sometimes in so small a way that we don't really see it. 

I have to share one of those times.  For the past five or six weeks, I've been looking around the house for a cross to put on my key chain.  I found a few.  One was a good size, but it didn't have the ability for me to hook it onto the chain.  Another one was a bit too small, it had a small fake diamond in the center.  I hooked it on though and have been using it.  I realized the other day, that the stone fell out of the cross.  I started my search all over again, but to no avail.

A few days ago, after the mail came, I opened an envelope from the Marian Fathers, whom I sometimes donate money to help them.  There, attached to a placard, was a beautiful cross with the Divine Mercy picture of Christ on the front.  It was the perfect size for my key chain and there were not stones in it.  I immediately loved it.  All I could say to myself was, "God works in mysterious ways.  Thank you, Lord, for my cross."

I don't consider myself an overly religious person, but my faith is stronger than it's ever been my whole life.  I suppose coming close to dying will do that to a person. 

Well, now I've shared with you some of the things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving.  How about you?  Please share your 'thanks' with me. 

To comment:  click on "Comment".  write your response and sign it, click on the circle that says anonymous and then fill in the letters in the space, which are in the box above that space, click send or enter, whatever it says and I should get your response.  Thanks.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's nice and warm in here!

Hi all,

Today finally got here.  It was the day for our new furnace to be installed.  Mr. Mike, from Walton and Company, installed it for us and he did a great job.  It seems to be working great.  So, many thanks to Mike and Walton and Company.  Also, to my daughter, Angel, for setting all this up for us.  It's nice and cozy warm in here.  We are relieved to have the new one working, because the old one was doing some funky things and we were a bit concerned that it would start a fire or something.
We also thank Kevin for helping Mike drag that old furnace out front.  I assume it was quite heavy what with all the huffing and puffing they were doing.

I got my downstairs dusted this morning, so that's something.  I was hoping to get started on a few more Christmas cards, but it didn't happen.  Gerry and Kevin brought the Christmas tree down from the third floor.  Gerry sat it up for us and leveled it, so it's now ready to be decorated.  Maybe we will find some time to do that tomorrow.  We'll see!

I positively have to get back to my writing one of these days.  I've got to say that I miss not working on my novel.  There just doesn't seem like there is enough time in a day or I'm just too tired when I do have time.  At least I've been creating art with my Christmas cards.  That's something!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday.  Remember to do something to praise God tomorrow, it is His day, after all! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

What's Up With You?

Hi all,

Did you have anything exciting happen to you today?  I hope you did, but even if you didn't, today is Friday, so the weekend is upon us.  I'm sure if you are still working, that's an exciting thing. 

I had an exciting phone call this morning.  It was from a Mrs. Murphy from York Catholic High School.  She is the librarian there.  She said she saw the article in the York Daily Record a few weeks ago, about me.  She told me that one of my Grandsons, Toby Grove, is a library aide and she asked him why he didn't tell her that his Grandma is an local author.  He shrugged! 

She wanted to know if I would be interested in speaking to the students at York Catholic for Book Week in April.  Of course, I said, I'd be delighted to speak with them about writing and the thrill it gives me to complete a book or article.  It's a thrilling feeling to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper for other people to enjoy.  There will be a few other local authors as well. 

I was thrilled to see the article in the newspaper and on the newspapers blog a few weeks ago, but this was a new excitement for me.  I only wish that when I was a student, I would have followed my passion for writing and art.   I chose, instead, to get married.  I always wanted to be a Mom and I became a Mother three times.  I have three marvelous daughters, Marlena, Angela and Candice.  They completed my life.

So, I hope you had some exciting news or something great happen to you today.  If not, tomorrow's another day.  Your time is coming! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Holidays Are Fast Approaching!

Hi all,

Well, whether we want to admit it or not, the Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons are almost upon us.  I'm already feeling a bit pressured.   How about you?  Any thing that's pressuring you?  Send me a comment and let me know.

I now have 35 Christmas cards finished; eight almost finished (tomorrow, hopefully!); and that lets about twenty or so more to hand make.  I'm starting to feel some pressure there to get them done.  Of course, they're not signed and addressed as of yet.

I have all my Red Hat Christmas gifts bought, but I soon need to get on the stick and get them wrapped.  Our banquet is on Dec. 8, so I need to shake a leg on that.  Also, I plan on making the ladies husbands a small gift, so that's another thing I need to get moving on. 

We, my red hat group, are having a Christmas Cookie Exchange on Dec. 6, so I soon need to decide what kind of cookies I'm going to bake for that. 

We are having a new furnace installed in our house this Saturday.  So, I haven't done much cleaning in the past week or two, since I don't know how much dust that installation will shake up. 

We, my husband and I, need to decorate the house and put the Christmas tree up in the next couple of days, as he will be away hunting for a week during the first week of deer season.  I am not able to lug the containers up from the basement anymore by myself.  So, I am at his mercy to help me with the decorating.  That's why we usually do it before he leaves for hunting.  When he gets back, that next week will probably be a very busy week at work for him.

I could go on, but I'll stop stressing now.  Oh, I almost forgot that I am going to Ocean City for four days in the near future.  As much as I love that thought, it means four days less of accomplishing things that I need to do.

I have put my sequel novel, "Crafty-cruise" With A Capital "C", on hold until after the holidays, simply because I don't have the time to work on it now.  That makes me sad, because I originally hoped to have it published by the end of the year.  But, no such luck!

All in all, I am looking forward to the holiday season, as Christmas is my very favorite time of the year.  How about you?  I think the thing I love about the season is that it makes me feel good inside.  Most people that I come in contact with are very friendly and happy.  I like that feeling!

I do have some of my shopping finished, but still have a good bit more to do.  I was going to Christmas shop at  and , but I ended up buying things for our house.  Go figure!
Check out their current flash sale and the 25% off regular priced items.

Check out their sites and please split your order between both of my daughters.  Thanks, I do appreciate it, and I know they will, also.

Please send me some comments.  I'd love hearing form you...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's The Deal, Anyways?

Hi all,

Hey, does anyone know what's the best deal of the day?  Well, let me tell you what it is, if you don't already know.  Everyone loves getting a fabulous gift at a super low price, right?  Of course you do, who wouldn't?  I have two web sites to share with you all.  They are:


Please check out the wonderful "Flash" sale this company has going on right now.  Then check out their other great home products.  Check on the great dinner wear they carry.  My husband and I have the red set and we just love it.  It's both microwavable and dish washer safe.  It looks great on your dinner table. 

Both these sites are the same, except that two of my three daughters are in the business.  So, if possible, maybe you could order something from both of them, thereby helping both of them out.
Also, perhaps you'd like to get in on the business profits by having your own on-line business with At Home.  Just let one of them know and they'd give you all the details.  This much I will tell you:  It's free!!!!!  Yes, I said, FREE!  Nothing to spend and nothing to lose, how terrific is that?

Of course, my third daughter is a very prosperous consultant for Tastefully Simple.  Everybody eats, right?  Check out her site and order something yummy for dinner.  Just think, you can serve it on that new dinner wear you purchase from At Home. 

Her web address is:

I love my daughters and I am trying to help promote their businesses any way I can.  Give them a try, you may be surprised what wonderful things they have for sale. 

Have a wonderful day.  I know you will, now that you know where the deals are...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh no, It's Here Again!

Hi all,

Of course, what I mean by my title is that Monday is almost upon us, once again.  I remember when I worked a full time job, how fast the weekends flew by.  Monday for me is laundry day.  I have to say that I am a creature of habit, always have been and I suppose I always will be.  I can break my schedule, once and a while, but I don't very often.  I tend to be a very organized person.  I have always been that way and I guess I like myself that way.  It helps me to stay on top of everything I have to do.  Although, some days I don't have a lot of things to do. 

Last evening my Red Hat Group, The Radically Radiant Red Ladies, had a Not So Progressive Dinner.  It was held at the Lutheran Senior Village in Chambersburg, in the Community Room.  Their community room is a beautiful space, even the rest rooms are nice. 

We had one table set up for Appetizers, one for the Main Course, and a third for desserts.  There were seven ladies from the group.  Six of our husbands were able to join us.  Two of the ladies prepared appetizers to tantalize our taste buds, while three of the women prepared pot roast, potatoes and carrots.  They all cooked them in their crock pots.  That left two ladies preparing desserts:  one was a Apple Bunt Cake and the other was Not Your Mommas Banana Pudding.  Everything was quite yummy and, as always, we had too much food!  Great food, great friends, what more could one ask for in this life.

I hope you all had a good Sunday.  Mine was a bit quiet, which I liked.  I worshipped God this morning and then this afternoon I watched Christmas movies on television.  I, also, prepared a large pot of home made vegetable soup for dinner tonight.  I love homemade soup, any kind, any time.  Now, I plan on watching another Christmas movie.  So, goodnight to all!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

They're Coming, Ready or Not!

Hi, everyone!

How was your day?  Mine was good.  My title:  They're Coming, Ready or Not! refers to the Holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I can't believe we're almost into the middle of November.  Time just goes by so quickly.

When I was a teenager, I thought time went so slow.  Then as a young mother with three daughters, I still thought it moved slowly.  When my girls were teenagers, I thought it went too fast.  There was never enough time to get everything done.  There were too many meetings, ball games, school functions and just plain work, that I never had enough time for myself. 

Then I got old and became ill and I thought now time would drag, but it still just zooms by, from one year to the next. I lead a rather sedentary lifestyle and I assumed that time would drag by, but it does not.  Some days seem a bit long, but the weeks and months are gone before I know it.

With the Holiday Season coming, I wish time would just slow down a bit.  My favorite time of the year is the season from Thanksgiving until the first of the new year.  I don't do a lot of the homemade gifts and cooking like I used to do, but don't you just know it, time still speeds by. 

It makes me stop and think:  This is my life flashing before my eyes.  Before you know it, my life span will end and that will be the end of my time speeding away.  I'll finally be able to rest and relax in pure bliss.  How great to see my Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa once again. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing my life away, but if you're over sixty, you are on the downward leg of your journey.  Being ill makes it shorter yet, but I'm okay with that.  When God decides that it's my time to leave this earth, I'll be ready. 

My advice for today is to spend time with those you love, or as much time as they can fit into their schedules for you, which probably won't be very often.  Love God with all your heart and try to live by the Ten commandments.  Try to be a good person and a loving spouse or partner, mother, father, son, daughter, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. and a good friend to those you care about. 

Talk with God every day and don't forget to go to Him with your needs and requests, but then make sure you be quiet and listen when He whispers in your ear.  Don't worry, He will, but you need to be still and listen!  Practice gratitude and acceptance every day of your life.  You'd be surprised how the stress and anxieties seem to become less.   

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Are You Stressed?

Hi all,

As Tuesday winds itself down, are you finding yourself stressed?  You all realize that this is November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Then before we all know it, it will be December and we will be preparing for the Christmas Holidays.  My very favorite time of the year. 

I'd have to say that I'm not stressed right now, but I am busy.  Making your own hand made Christmas cards is very time consuming and tedious.  I created some very special cards today, and they took me a long time to make.  I worked about two hours last evening, cutting things out in preparation for them and then I only got four done today in about two and one half hours.  Each one is different, so it's not like mass production them.  I now have thirty cards finished and a long way to go yet.

Yesterday, I got the crazy idea that I'd like to hand make a door prize for my Red Hat Christmas party in early December.  So, I started it last evening and worked on it this afternoon while watching television.  It's looking quite good and now I'm not sure if I want to give it away.  I just may end up keeping it for myself.  My friend, Donna, stopped in tonight and I showed it to her.  She said she'd be upset if she didn't win it!  Decisions, decisions?

I need to get back to my writing one of these days, but I don't know when that will be.  My sister, Carol, drove up to Pa. yesterday for a two week visit.  She's staying with my brother, but she and I will be spending a good bit of time together while she's here.  I don't get to see her very often, so I like to take advantage of the time I get with her.

I know that with the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays fast approaching, everyone will be quite busy and that causes a bit of stress.  Make sure you keep some time just for yourself.  Pick up a good book and sit and read or take a nice hot tub bath to relax after a stressful time.   Be good to yourself.  If you are not good to yourself, you can't be good to anyone else.  Remember that! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The End Comes, As Usual!

Hi all,

Of course, I am referring to the end of the weekend.  I suppose it could mean the end of the day, since it's now evening, or the end of many other things.  How about:  the end of us procrastinating, the end of us blaming other people for our mistakes, the end of us whining that things don't go our way or perhaps it's the end of us blaming God for all the things that go wrong in our life. 

That surely gives us all some things to think about, doesn't it.  If you have troubles in your life, you are definately not alone.  We all have difficulties to deal with on a daily basis.  For instance, I could sit and complain that I spent Saturday alone, but what good would it do me?  It's not going to change anything.  There was a good reason for my being alone.  It was because my husband had to attend a viewing and funeral about two and a half hours from here. 

We all make mistakes in our lives.  That's a part of growing and learning.  At sixty four I'm still learning so much every day.  Some times it's just something I read in a book or some other little tidbit I pick up.  Lately, I've been learning a great deal because of my writing.  What have you learned today. 

I started working on another nine of my hand made Christmas cards.  I've been making cards for quite some time now, but each project is trial and error.  I enjoy experimenting with different styles of cards.  Most times they work, but sometimes they don't.  So, that's just a lesson learned by me.

I've been spending some time lately on the web site:  I really enjoy it because it's for writers.  I've submitted about six stories on the site.  Three of them being excerpts from my memoirs.  I enjoy writing non-fiction, because when I do, I realize how much I've grown and learned over the years.  But, mostly, I realize just how many times God has carried me during those years, and He still is! 

I do hope your weekend was enjoyable and restful.  Try to get a good nights sleep so you will be wide eyed and bushy eyed in the morning, whatever your plans may be.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Good Morning To You All!

Well, good old Friday has, once again, graced us with it's presence.  I'm sure for many of you, it's the end of the work week, giving you two days off to relax.  Or, maybe not!  I remember those days when I worked a full time job and ran around on the weekends for basketball, cheer leading, grocery shopping or the like.  Not to mention having to clean the house.  Although it was good not to have to get up at the crack of dawn and go to work, weekends didn't necessarily mean 'resting'.  Of course, my life isn't like that anymore, children all grown with their own kids, not working any more because of illness, leading a rather sedentary lifestyle, which means I get to rest every day. 

If you asked me which I'd choose, typically I answer that I'd like a bit of both worlds.  That's just not going to happen, so I will just accept the life I've been given with praise and joy to God.  I still wake up every day, am able to write, draw, make hand made cards and do other creative things. So, I'm content to live my life with my illness because I'm STILL LIVING with HEART DISEASE

What's on your agenda for the weekend?  Anything exciting?  I'm not sure I'd say my schedule is exciting, but then, I suppose it depends on one's perception of exciting.  I will be alone much of tomorrow, because my husband is attending a viewing and funeral about three hours from home.  That's okay, I've become used to being alone since I've spent most of the last seven years by myself during the day.

 I don't cringe when I'm alone with the silence.  Sometimes, I rather enjoy it.  It gives me time to speak with God or just to listen to what He's trying to tell me.  Sometimes, all we do is ask, over and over again for His help, when we need to be quiet and listen to His answers. 

Well, I finally finished my first eight hand made Christmas cards.  Of course, I had to start with a very complex one, which took some time just to get all the pieces cut and ready to assemble.  Hopefully, I will be able to work on the next eight  or so today.  It gives me so much joy to create my own cards.  I believe they make people smile and I hope they feel special that they receive a hand made card from me.

 Giving back to God is what I need to do, now and for the remainder of my life.  I am so truly blessed, every day.  Always have been and I know I always will be until God takes me home to live, once again, with Him.

Have a great weekend!  Take some time for yourself.  It's very important to each of us, especially you women with families at home, because we don't take time for ourselves very often.  We're predisposed  to always put our families first.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Did you make it?

Hi all,

All I have to ask is did you make it through the storm okay?  We didn't have any major problems, so I'd have to answer, we did!  Our electricity was off for about fifteen minutes and then came back on.  We have a very small amount of water in the basement and a leak in the bathroom.  So, compared to a lot of people, we had very insignificant damage from Sandy.  My response to her is:  So long and I hope I never see you again!

Today I actually started working on my hand made Christmas cards.  First, I had to clean up my craft room, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get to my desk.  Lucky for me, I've been putting all my Christmas supplies together, so I don't have too much to dig out.  My hope is that tomorrow I will be able to complete the first eight cards. 

I, also, worked on writing   my new novel.  I had some more notes to type up and as they are just as important as the novel itself.  It certainly beats going back through trying to find out some bits of information which you've already written.

Although I enjoyed my class on marketing, I am glad it's over.  It really left me with very little time to get any other writing done.  Have you been doing anything interesting?  Perhaps you've started some new project.  I'd love to hear about it.  Let me know in a comment section below.

(After you write your comment, please sign it.  Then fill in the two words they ask you to write and click in the anonymous circle and hit submit.  Thanks a bunch.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday, God's Day of Rest!

Good morning to you all,

As usual, the end of the week brings us to a Sunday.  The day we put aside to show our love and gratitude to God for creating this world and giving us a chance to have life.  What will you do today, to give thanks and praise to God?  It doesn't have to be anything long or enduring.  It could be just fifteen minutes sitting quietly in prayer.  I have a fairly new prayer book that I truly enjoy using.  I also love to pray the Chaplet, which is done in song.  I've always loved to sing the hymns at service.  So, spiritual singing is a great way of giving praise to God. 

Later on today my Red Hat Group (The Radically Radiant Red Ladies) will be having a Halloween Party.  We invite our husbands to accompany us.  It's going to be a covered dish supper and then we'll play some silly games.  (We may be old, but we're not dead, yet!)  I am grateful that the storm isn't going to get really bad until during the overnight hours.  We'll all be safe and sound in our own homes by then! 

I've been working diligently on my newest novel, "CraftyCruise" With A Capital "C".  I hope you all will enjoy purchasing it when it gets on the market.  It's the story of seven long time friends and one newer one, who go on a cruise, but not just any type of cruise.  This cruise is a Craft Cruise.  Of course, they find themselves involved in a bit of a mystery while on board.  And, perhaps, a new man for Bonnie!  We'll see what swing I decide to go with on the subject.  So, I guess I'll just keep on writing!

I wish each of you a wonderful Sunday filled with God's goodness.  Stay safe in this storm and don't try to drive through any standing water.  Have a happy day!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hi all,

Well, the weekend is fastly approaching us.  What are your plans for it?  I hope you spend some time doing something creative.  That could be anything.  For me is will be writing and on Sunday, I'll put my creative abilities to work making a casserole for a Halloween party. 

Everyone of us has been blessed with some talent or ability that we do well.  If you haven't figured out what your ability is, then you need to think about what you really like to do.  Usually, it's something that you're good at, or that brings you great joy.  Also, it's perhaps something that you don't get to do often, because you have a busy schedule.  Whatever it is, it's your passion.  Find it, embrace it and do it as often as you can.

Well, it looks like the big storm, Sandy, is fastly approaching us.  Are you ready for it?  Have you secured your porch or patio furniture, by bringing it inside?  How about anything you may have hanging from your porch or in a tree?  I hope that the worst of it bypasses us and it heads more out to sea.  Of course, only God controls the weather, even though we'd like to control that also.

I didn't get much time today to work on my novel, "CraftyCruise" With a Capital "C".  I had to take a quick trip to pick up some gifts for prizes for Sunday's party.  Perhaps later this evening, I'll do a bit of writing. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and a safe time through this storm.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's up today? Anything creative?

Hi all,

Well, the weekend is coming at us quickly.  That means Halloween trick or treats and Halloween parades.  I'm not involved in any of those, but we are going to a Red Hat Halloween party on Sunday.  We all bring along a covered dish for dinner.  That means a lot of yummy food for us to consume!

So, friends, what have you been up to lately?  I've been working on my sequel novel to Sassy With a Capital S.  It's going well, at least I think so.  I'm on chapter twenty and it's moving right along. 

I am still hoping that I can get out to snap some pictures of the changing leaves, before the leaves all fall off the trees.  At some time, I'd like to either paint or use another medium to reproduce one of them.  I'd also like to do the same with one or more of my ocean sky pictures.

Whatever you do, do something each day to make yourself happy, to make you feel good about yourself.  That's very important to every one of us.

Back at you later!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Writing, Writing, Writing!

Hi all,

How is everyone today?  I'm good.  This is the last week for my on-line class and since I'm not interested in making a webinar, I suppose I'm finished with the class.  I certainly learned many new ways to market myself, both on line and off.  It was well worth the money I spent for the class.

Well, you may ask, what am I going to be doing now?  Simple:  WRITING is what I'll be doing with most of my time.  I am definitely going to get going on the sequel to my Sassy With A Capital "S" book.  It's called:  Crafty Cruise With A Capital "C".  I've had so little time the last six weeks to work on it, that I needed to reread what I'd already written, so I could remember where the story was going.  Also, I organized my notes and typed them up so they weren't such a mess anymore.

Because I've been so busy, I haven't had much time to be on some of my favorite web sites.  One of them being: .  I also really enjoy and    I'm expanding my horizons, one might say! 

I made a new recipe today for Gerry and I to taste.  It's a pumpkin tart.  The base is gingersnaps, sugar and butter.  We haven't eaten any of it yet, but I'm sure it will be yummy.  It certainly looks good. 

If you haven't already answered the question I've posed to you, I hope you soon will.  Tomorrow is officially 'hump day' for all you five day a week working folks.  Once you get over the hump, you're on the down side.  Hooray! 

Whatever you choose to do to express your inner talents, keep at it!  Just like I will keep writing and doing creative things.   God bless each one of you and me, too!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's Important to You?

Hi all,

I hope your Sunday was a good one.  I, also, hope you made an effort to do something to be close to God today, whatever religion you practice. 

What is important to you?  That's the question on my mind right now.  I can share with you that my writing is very important to me.  I have one more week left to my marketing course.  It's been a busy five weeks for me.  I'm not used to be tied down to a time limit much anymore.  I, sort of, work at my own speed and finish when I'm feeling up to it. 

It's been hard on me, but I've enjoyed it.  I don't think I'll sign up for any more classes any time soon, though.  I think I've made some progress on marketing myself and my writing abilities, at least I hope I have. 

Lately, my mind has been going more and more to my Christmas cards.  I hand-make all my Christmas greeting cards.  I get tired of making too many of the same style, so I make about six or eight of many, many styles.  I have so many ideas in my head.  I'm getting excited to get started on them.  I will make around sixty-five or so. 

It means so much to me to bring joy to other people through my greeting cards, my writing and my art work.  It's what I do to give back to God for all the blessings He's brought into my life.  Mostly, for my still being alive today. 

Occasionally I wander why I was given cardiovascular disease and all the problems it's brought me.
I suppose it's because God knew I would be able to handle everything, with His help, of course.  I do try my best, but once and a while, it gets a bit hard on me.  But, I will keep trying, because I really don't have any choice, now do I?

So, I guess I'd have to say that LIVING is extremely important to me!  Being alive to see my daughters become such strong, honest and courageous women, has certainly been a blessing to me.  As well as, having good, honest and loving sons-in-law, means so very much to me.  Needless to say, my six grandsons has surely been one of my greatest blessings.  Last, but not least, is the blessing God's given me, when He brought my husband, Gerry, into my life.  Gerry is my soul mate, my support and my blessing from God.  I'd be lost without him. 

So, to answer my own question, I'd have to say that God is first in my life. My husband and my family are my lifeline.  I love them all so very much.  But, my life starts and ends with God.

Now, it's your turn to answer the question, what's important in your life?