Sunday, December 27, 2015

Rest! It's so good.

Good evening all,
My Christmas was very nice, to say the least.  It started on Christmas Eve with most of my family in attendance at our home for Christmas Eve dinner and then the gift exchange.  Of course, we ended the evening by singing some very old Christmas songs; like "I'm Gettin' Notting for Christmas," "Jingle Bell Rock" and "I Saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Claus."

I loved every minute of that evening, although I missed two of my Grandsons and three of their girlfriends. But one of them visited us on Saturday with his girlfriend.  No, it's not the same as it was when they were all little, but I try to make each Christmas Eve special.  It's the only holiday I host anymore and it's hard for me, but I just can't give it up yet.  I know I will, one of these years, but not yet, God willing!

I hope you all had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, also.  On Christmas Day, it was just my husband and myself.  It's been like that for quite a few years now and I've grown to enjoy the peace and quiet.  Of course, this year my husband decided he needed to go to the Emergency Ward to see where the pain in his leg was coming from.  They ran some tests and told him they thought he pulled a muscle.  No surprise there!  He's getting up in age, but he thinks he can still do what he did twenty years ago.

I'm ready to get my home back into order now.  But, I suppose I'll wait a few more days before I start putting all my Christmas decorations away.

What are your plans for New Years Eve?  Ours are simply to stay at home.  I'll be in bad wayyyy before the New Year comes in.  I just can't stay up that late anymore, not since I became chronically ill, almost ten years ago, but I'm okay with that.

Well, I think I'm going to close for now because I'm a bit tired.  So, enjoy the rest of the Christmas Holidays and stay safe.  May God bless each of you and your loved ones.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Hello all,

I wanted to make sure I take some time to wish each of you a very merry Christmas.  Remember the true reason we celebrate this holiday is to praise God for the birth of His Son, many years ago.  That tiny Babe who was born in a stable among the animals, came to save us all.

So, with a gracious heart (even though it's a bit weakened and damaged), I ask each and every one of you to make sure you add Jesus to your Christmas with your family.  Oh, I know we all do the exchange of gifts with the folks we love and that's a good thing, but giving them your constant love and approval is much more important.  Make sure they know that the gifts you purchased for them, are given to show them how much you love and accept them, just the way they are.

I'm writing this now, because come Christmas Eve, I really won't have any time to be on the computer.  You see my husband and I host Christmas Eve here in our home.  It's the only holiday that we host anymore, mostly because it's just too much work for me, but I'm not ready to give up Christmas Eve, yet.  I know in time, I will have to do just that, but not now.

It's a tradition in our family, that everyone goes to Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve and I am a very traditional lady.  I miss my Mom and Dad always, but so much more during this season then any other.  They will be with us though, in spirit.  I just know they will.

So, once again let me wish each and every one of you a blessed and holy Christmas and all good things for the up coming year.

PS:  Here's a photo of each of my parents, which I hang on our Christmas Tree.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

Good evening to all,
Well, since today is December 15, that means that we only have ten more days until Christmas Day or nine more days until Christmas Eve.  That means you only have approximately nine days to be ready!  Or perhaps you are like me and are pretty much ready now.

I finished up my baking this morning and I'm glad of that.  I really don't make many actual cookies any more before I just can not stand in the kitchen that long.  But, I did make one patch of chocolate chip, walnut cookies today.  They are my husbands favorite and I also enjoy them.  Usually I make a pan or two of seven or eight layer cookies.  Those are much quicker for me and less tiring.

I will be hosting Christmas Eve for my family, as usual.  I made out my menu last week.  Most of what I will be serving I can't make ahead of time, but that's okay because some of the items will just go into the oven to cook.  I did make a large bowl of homemade applesauce and froze it.  My family has always loved my homemade applesauce, especially the kids.  I'm not planning on serving any cake or pie for dessert because I will have plenty of homemade cookies, homemade chocolate bark and of course, stuffed dates for dessert.

I finished up the last of my wrapping this afternoon, well all except for one gift that I still need to wrap.  I'm still working on my hand embroidery projects but I'm done with any having Christmas designs on them.  I have a few ideas for some embroidery projects for after the holidays.  I don't have a hand embroidered Christmas table runner for my dining room table.  So, I thought I might make myself one of those for the next Christmas season.  I can't tell you how relaxing it is for me when I sit and watch television while doing my embroidery work.

Here's one I did for autumn and one for Easter.  They are hand towels for my kitchen.
I do a lot of redwork, bluework and greenwork, but I also like doing multiple colors, although it's a bit of a pain changing needles all the time.

Well I hope the remainder of your Tuesday goes well for you and your family.  If you need to relax, do something creative and let yourself just get lost in it.  It will relax you...

Stay safe and may God bless each of you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Is it winter or spring???

Hi all,

The weatherman says that it's to be up to 60 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, with tomorrow and Friday being in the upper 50's.  I'm not complaining, but I do hope it gets a bit colder before Christmas.  It just wouldn't seem like Christmas with warm temperatures!  My husband's happy because he's going golfing tomorrow with his boss.  So, he's a happy camper...

Well, only fifteen more days until Christmas Eve.  My girls and their families all come to our home to celebrate Christmas Eve.  It's been a family tradition for many years now.  When my Mom and Dad were living, we all gathered at their home on Christmas Eve.  I love carrying out old traditions but I know that each generation has their own traditions.  But, I do hope that my three daughters will continue with some of the old traditions which I still carry out from my Mom.

One of them is that she always prepared stuffed dates for Christmas Eve supper.  She stuffed them with peanut butter and then coated them with sugar.  I have been doing that ever since she died, nineteen years ago.  It may be something small, but my girls all expect those stuffed dates on the dinner table.  Another tradition is that my Mom always made the most delicious fruit cake for Christmas dessert.

I usually don't like fruit cake, but when I use my Mom's recipe, it's so good.  Everyone in my family loves it and it's the only fruit cake they will eat, also.  I plan on making a batch for this Christmas, as well.  I put the batter into cup cake holders.  That way I can put them into a large zip-lock baggie and put them into the freezer.  Then I just take out a few as I need them.

How about you?  What traditions does your family have for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?  I'm sure what ever traditions you have, they're appreciated by your family.

I'm still working on my hand embroidery work.  I just started an embroidered pillow front as a Christmas gift for my sister.  I hope she will like it.  Shhhhh, don't tell her....

Are you ready for Christmas yet?  I  am, except for a few last minute details.  Today I made up my Christmas Eve dinner menu.  You guessed it!  I'm a list person for sure.  I like to have all my ducks in a row when I plan anything, that way everything goes well for me.  How about you?

I hope you're still trying to put some creativity into your life.  I do everyday because it's important to me.

Have a great day tomorrow and be safe always.  God bless each of you and your families.

Friday, December 4, 2015

It's coming very fast....

Hi, everyone,
How's your evening going, or perhaps it's morning or afternoon where you are.  I can not believe that tomorrow is already the 5th of December.  Those Christmas holidays are coming very fast.  I'm progressing fairly well, mostly because I have to start early because I have very little energy for each day.

I've been planning on my Christmas Eve menu.  I need to prepare some of it a head of time to make things easier for me.  Being chronically ill does, indeed, change your life style, but I'm not complaining.  Christmas Eve is the only holiday that I host anymore.  I'm just not ready to give that up yet.  It has always been a tradition in my family started many years ago.  I have to say that I'm so happy that most of my immediate family always keeps that tradition.  I know that at some point, I won't be here any more and one of my daughters will have to take over the tradition.  My husband and I will probably have a full house because most of my young adult grandsons now have love interests.  Of course, they are invited to join us as well. This is another tradition which came from my dear Mother.

What are your plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  I do hope you will be seeing family either one day or the other.  After all, Christmas is about family.  We celebrate Mary and Joseph welcoming their new born baby Jesus into their lives.  We all need to remember this statement:  "Jesus is the reason for the season."

I like to do some fun things with my family on Christmas Eve, such as taking small groups and singing silly songs.  Like the ladies and young women singing the song, "Santa Baby" and the males singing another silly song.  It makes me so happy that they all go along with these silly things.  But, I always do bring Jesus into our celebration, also.

I was just remembering yesterday, how when my six Grandsons were young, I sewed shepherd costumes for five and them and one angel costume.  They'd parade around the half block and get on our porch, where we had a nativity set up.  We'd all then sing some beautiful Christmas carols.  People would put their car windows down and slow up to listen.  Of course, when they started growing up, that came to an end.  But, I hope those memories will always stay with them, just like they have stayed with me.

Well, tomorrow is Saturday and I'm sure that most of you will be running around doing errands.  As for me, I am going to start addressing my Christmas cards.  I am sure I will not get all of them completed tomorrow, but at least I'll get a start on them.   Whatever you do, stay safe and may God be at your side.
Give thanks always, because everything we have comes from God.