Crafty-Cruise Wtih A Capital C

My second novel in the series is "Crafty-Cruise" With A Capital "C".  It is now available at: for Kindle, IPod or PC viewing.

This novel is about a group of eight ladies, who have been long time friends.  They usually take a vacation together, once a year, and this year it's going to be a cruise.  But, not just any cruise, it's a cruise on which crafting is taught.  The women are all very excited to head out onto the open seas and a new adventure. 

But before sailing away, the girls and their husbands (all except Bonnie's husband, Elliot, who has passed away) spend two and a half days in Florida together.  Then the guys are extending their Florida stay for an additional two days so they can do some amazing fishing with a famous captain.

Once aboard ship, the girls find themselves drawn into another mysterious happening.  It's funny how the ladies always seem to find themselves involved in strange events.  Also, Bonnie, finds herself becoming attracted to a chivalrous gentleman while aboard ship.  Fun, adventure, love and mystery awaits these eight

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