Monday, June 29, 2015

What's important in your life?

Hello to you all,

I just finished praying, in song form, The Divine Mercy Chaplet.  I'm sure that for many of you, you have no idea what that is.  Well, don't feel bad, because up until about four or so years ago, I didn't either.  Let me say that it is a Catholic practice and I am a Catholic.  Here is a photograph of the Divine Mercy Image that Jesus showed to St. Faustina and told her to share with the world.

But, I don't really think it's just about what religion you are.  It's more about how much faith in God you have, as well as how much faith you have in The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.  I can honestly say that my faith is now stronger than it's been throughout my entire life.  Maybe that's because I'm 67 years old, but I also think that the fact that I have lived with heart disease all of my life, is some of the reason.  Being chronically ill and knowing that your life's expectancy isn't for a long, long life, makes you stop and consider everything that's going on in your life.

When the Supreme Court made it's decision regarding Gays and Lesbians having the right to legally marry here in the United Sates, I was elated.  It has been medically proven that your sexual choice is not a choice.  You are born either straight, gay, lesbian or transgender.  This is through no fault of your own.  It happened en-vitro, just like babies are born with debilitating diseases or with organs on the outside of their bodies.  Everyone feels sad for these children, but most people don't feel sad or sorry for those who are born with different sexual preferences.  Why is that??  Since I've been freely giving my opinion of that subject lately, I feel it's time to speak out about God's wonderful Divine Mercy.

For those of you who don't know anything about Divine Mercy, it came to be told to us through a Polish Nun who died in 1938.  Her name was Maria Faustina Kowalski.  She was a bit of a mystic.  Jesus chose to speak to her about His Divine Mercy, sharing with her that He wanted all His children to open their hearts up to receive His Mercy.

Why do we need this mercy?  Pope John Paul ll explained it best.  We have all kinds of blessings in our contemporary society.  Modern technology has done so much to  make life easier for all of us.  Just think of e-mail, cell phones, texting, smartphones, fast cars, trains that travel across the country, air travel, heating units and air conditioning units.  Yet in the midst of these blessings and maybe because of them, evil has a reach and a power like never before in our society. 

We celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday on the Sunday after Easter.  Divine Mercy Sunday existed way before St. Faustina.  The trouble was no one knew anything about the feast of Divine Mercy.  Thanks to St. Faustina, we now are spreading the word about the power of Jesus' Divine mercy. 

Jesus appeared before St. Faustina many, many times, speaking to her about His Divine Mercy.  She wrote down everything that Jesus shared with her into several diaries.  He promised many things to those who prayed The Divine Mercy Chaplet, especially in the three o'clock hour, on any day.  It was during the three o'clock hour that Jesus died on the cross at Calvary. 

One of the things He shared with her was:  "When this chaplet is said by the bedside of a dying person, unfathomable mercy envelops the soul, and the very depths of My tender mercy are moved for the sake of the sorrowful Passion of My Son." 

Another thing He told her was:  "Say unceasingly the chaplet that I have taught you.  Whoever will recite it will receive great mercy at the hour of death.  Even if there were a sinner most hardened, if he were to recite this chaplet only once, he would receive grace from My infinite mercy."

Jesus promised many other things to anyone who says or sings the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  I can tell you that since I've come to know and love the Chaplet, my life has become content, even with my chronic illness.  I except things just the way they are and I ask for little anymore.

If you want to know more about the Chaplet or St. Faustina, you can do a search online and you will see that up in Stockbridge, Mass., they have the Divine Mercy shrine and the most beautiful grounds you will ever want to see.  On Divine Mercy Sunday, they host a Mass and have over 4,000 people in attendance.  It is outside in whatever weather God gives them.  They sit or stand for hours in order to participate in the Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday.  It's truly an amazing thing to see. 

I just wanted to share this with everyone who follows my blog.  It's become extremely important to me and I hope it will for you, as well.  May God bless and keep you, always.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

What a yucky Saturday, weatherwise....

Hi all,

I don't know what the weather is in your neck of the woods, but here in South Central Pennsylvania, it's been raining pretty much all day long.  Some times it was just a drizzle and other times it rained rather hard.  Although I don't think we got quite as much as they were saying we might have.  I'm glad.

What was on your schedule for this Saturday?  Maybe, like me, it was just a stay indoors day, doing sit down activities.  I started to proof read my manuscript this morning.  I've be reading out loud and slowly, so that I can take in every single word.  You have no idea how hard that is for me.  I'm going along nice and slow and then next thing I know I've sped up on my reading.  You should try it some time just to realize how hard it is to proof read a book.  I love the writing stage but not so much the proofing stage.

So what have you been doing that is creative?  I know you've been doing something that would be considered artsy.  Even cooking and baking can be very creative.  I know many of you women out there cook or bake just about every day.  I'm also sure that you've tried new recipes and even added a few extra things on your own.  That is being creative.!

Many of you men out there are also doing creative things.  Do you take care of your lawn and are you particular about the way you do it.  I know that many men are fussy about their lawns and flower beds.  Hey, that's being creative!

My best friend was to get out of the rehabilitation hospital today.  I haven't heard anything from her as of yet.  I hope everything went well for her coming home.  She's been either in the hospital or rehab for just about three weeks now.  She just wanted to go home and I don't blame her one bit.  You know what Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz taught all of us:  There's no place like home!

I worked on my bedspread today.  I started blanket stitching around the blocks today.  Well, actually I only got one finished, but I also did some other embroidery work.  I'm not in any hurry to complete the embroidery bedspread.  It will be for summer so if I have it completed by next summer, that's okay with me.  That will give me something to work on this coming winter.

I hope your weekend is going well, even if it's raining where you are.  Have a wonderful Sunday and don't forget to give God praise for all the blessings He's given to you.  If you want to live a more content and happy lifestyle, start living every day practicing Gratitude and Acceptance.  We all have so many blessings in our lives even if we are suffering from a disease.  Take care!

Here's a photo of the block I hand stitched onto the bedspread today.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Oh, It is so pleasant outside!

Hi all,

How's everyone doing this fine Wednesday evening?  I hope all of you are well and perhaps able to get out of doors this evening.  The temperature here is around eighty degrees but the humidity has dropped a down to in the fifties.  What's it like in your part of the world?

I am so excited to tell everyone that I'm finally on my last chapter in my current manuscript.  It's so exciting for me.  As I've said before, I stepped "out of the box" on this novel.  Most of the novels and booklets I write come from the heart and are about family and friends, but this one is different.  It is about a twenty year old cold case, regarding the disappearance of an eight year old little girl from Squirrel Island, off the coast of Maine.  It's been a joy to write and come up with all the research I needed to do, but it's finally about to pay off for me.  Oh, I don't mean in currency, but rather in a sense of self-esteem.  That means a lot to me at this stage in my life.

I recently had a birthday and I turned the good old age of sixty-seven years old.  I count my blessings every day and as each year passes and I turn another year older, I give thanks to God for His allowing me to still be alive.  Living with Chronic Congestive Heart Failure, plus other heart problems, has not allowed me to be very active, but I'm not complaining; not one little bit!  I feel blessed to still be alive for another year.  I suppose being close to death over nine years ago, will do that to a person. 

We are about to get a new air conditioning unit installed at our home.  The current one is well over twenty years old and we're just thankful that it is still running.  I hope this new one will be more cost efficient for us.  We replaced our furnace back in 2012 and that has proven to be more efficient cost wise.  I'm thankful for our daughter helping us to get these two units at a good cost. 

Well, I started to sew my hand embroidered squares onto my quilt today.  I have two rows of five per row sewed on.  I only did the first two rows because after I took the time to hand pin those into place, my back was killing me.  I sewed them on the sewing machine and will now, by hand, do a blanket stitch around each one.  I realized today that I am short three squares, so now I need to get busy embroidering those.  It probably won't be done to use this summer, but hopefully I'll still be alive to enjoy it next summer.  If not, it can be passed on to one of my daughters.  I'm also working on some hand embroidery projects for Christmas gifts for my family.  I taught my best friend to do hand embroidery and since she's been in the hospital and now rehab for the past two weeks, I prepared a square for her to embroider, along with a hoop, a needle and some floss.  She loved it and she told me that she hasn't even been reading her book, but instead just working on her embroidery.  I hope she finds it as relaxing as I do.  When I get a bit further along with the bedspread, I'll take a picture and show it to you all.

Last evening, after the terrible storms that passed through South Central Pennsylvania, we had the most beautiful of skies I've seen around here for many years.  I walked out into the kitchen and through the window on the door and the other windows, it seemed like the sun porch was a glow in a orange color.  I walked out there and looked out through the closed blinds.  The evening sky was just gorgeous.  I then called for my husband to come out to see the beauty.  He said I should go upstairs and look out the window, that I'd see more of the sky and could take a picture.  I finished what I was doing in the kitchen and about six minutes later I went on up stairs.  I looked out the window and by then, it was starting to get dark and the beauty was disappearing.  I'm so glad I went out in the kitchen when I did. 

Take care of yourselves and God bless you.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Weekend's Finally Here!

Hi all,
Well, today's Saturday, so what's on your schedule for the day?  It's to be a nice day, until perhaps later this evening, when we are to get some rain from Tropical Storm Bill.  So, that being said, if you want to go swimming or picnic or anything else outside, make sure you do it this morning and afternoon. 

I've mentioned to you all before that we have a very close friend who is dying from cancer.  The situation is very sad, to say the least.  He is getting worse by the week and I believe that God will soon take him home to be with Him.  I just pray for a painless passing and a quick one.  He is such a wonderful man, husband and father.  I know how hard this will be for his wife and son, who is only ten years old.  But, I know God will help them to get through every step they take.  I've been praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for this man, as well as my family and friends, almost every day.  Jesus told St. Faustina that if someone sings or prays the Chaplet when a person is dying, that He promises to intervened upon their death and take them directly to heaven.  That's what I want and pray will happen to this man.  I also pray that after he passes, God will stay with his wife and son and help them to move on with their lives.  I know it won't be easy, but with God's help, they will do just fine.
If you'd care to pray for them, I'd certainly appreciate it.  I believe strongly in the power of prayer!

My Red Hat group has a get-to-gather this afternoon.  It's being held at my daughter and son-in-law's home.  She joined my group last year so she would have more time to spend with me and our friends.  She is not officially a "Red Hatter" because she's under 50 years of age, but she's a "Pink Hatter."  There won't be too many of us there, as some of them can't make it.  Our husbands will be there also, which is nice.  They have in-ground pool, so anyone who wants to swim will be able to do so.  I just hope that the humidity isn't too high, or I'll be sitting inside by myself. 

Well whatever you're doing today, try to put some creativity into it.  Have fun and be safe. 

I need to get back onto my manuscript.  I like to work on it in the morning hours, because the house is usually quiet then.  Three mornings this week, I went to visit my best friend who is in a Rehab. hospital for therapy.  So, I've had very little time for writing and I'm not happy about that.  I'm almost finished the novel and I'm getting anxious now.  I haven't seen my little friend, whom I'm teaching to draw, using only pencils, for a while now.  I hope he doesn't loose the desire to draw before I get to sit down with him again.

Whatever you're doing today and tomorrow, remember to keep God in your plans. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How's your Tuesday going thus far?

Hi all,

How's the weather where you are?  It's hot and humid here in South-Central PA.  If you haven't read before, that I hate this hot and very humid weather, let me say it once again:  I hate this hot and humid weather. 

I used to love this weather, but that was before I became ill and the heat and humidity made breathing very hard for me.  I stay out of the sun, mostly because I've had non-malignant spots removed from my face and neck areas.  But mostly, it's because of the breathing problem.  It's a small price to pay for staying alive for as long as I can.  That is what's most important to me.

Well, I have to tell you all that I am almost finished writing my new novel.  I have a few closing pages to come up with yet, but that shouldn't take me too long.  I have to tell you that today, after I solved the cold case (in the book), I felt a little sad and happy at the same time.  The three main characters in the novel were feeling that same way.  They were happy to finally be able to give the family of the little girl some closure about what happened to her twenty years earlier.  After completion, I will start on the proof reading.  That is so hard for me, mostly because I tend to read very quickly and you can not do that when you are proofing a manuscript.  I am excited about the cover because for this novel, because the photograph I'm using was taken by one of my Grandsons and the person in the photograph is another of my Grandsons.  One, obviously is in to photography, and the other is now a Junior in college and writing and singing his own Rap music. 

I have six Grandsons all together.  I have to take a few minutes to brag about all six of them.  They range in age from eighteen to twenty-four years old.  The youngest will be a Senior in high school.  He's the last one in high school.  One will be a Freshman in college, one will be a Junior in college and one will be graduating from college in another month or so.  The other two have full time jobs.  I am so proud of the strong, respectful men they have become.  Their Moms are my three daughters.

So, what have you been up to that takes some creative ability?  I'm giving a ten year old boy some lessons in drawing with just pencils.  He's very impatient, because he wants to color everything in with either crayons or paints.  I've tried explaining to him that if he can draw an object that looks exactly like the sample does, only using a pencil, then when he uses paints, it will be much easier.  If you can draw an object with a pencil, adding all the shades, folds, shadows, etc., then using colors will be easy for you.  I realize that a ten year old child doesn't have a lot of patience, so we'll see how far we get with these lessons. 

It seems that lately, so many of my friends are having health problems.  I realize that when you get older, these things happen, but it does make me sad.  Everyone calls it the "Golden Years", but I for one don't see much 'golden' about them.  Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful that God has allowed me to still be alive.  I am content with my life style just the way it is, which is very sedentary to say the least. 

Here's a picture of the front cover of my new book.

Remember that tomorrow is Hump Day, so that's a good thing for all you working out there.
Be safe and God bless each of you.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happy Thursday to Ya All!

How's everyone doing this evening?  Boy was it hot and humid outside today and it's to remain that way tomorrow and Saturday.  They're saying perhaps a bit less humid and hot on Sunday.  Next week looks somewhat better, at least the temps aren't to be so high and the humidity is to be a little lower.  I suppose that for many of you, you love this type of weather.  It certainly is good swimming weather, but I don't go swimming any longer and with my Congestive Heart Failure, the high temperatures and mostly the high humidity doesn't allow me to be able to breathe when I'm outside.  So, for me, I stay inside most of the summer months.  I'm not complaining, I'm just telling you like it is. 

Well, tomorrow is Friday and the last work day of the week.  So, that's at least good news for the majority of you.  I know that a good many of you probably may have jobs that require you to work over the weekends. 

I saw a post on Facebook today, saying that Christmas Eve is 28 weeks away.  I for one, can't wait.  that is, by far, my very favorite time of the year.  So many folks have so much kindness and good will during the Christmas season, and I just pray that some day, it will be that way all year through.  I already have some of my Christmas gifts, as they are handmade. 

I spent some time this week working on my manuscript, but not as much time as I'd have liked to.  I really do not know where the time goes these days, but it surely does fly on by for me.  This morning I went grocery shopping and that's one of the hardest chores that I do.  Usually my husband goes with me, but he couldn't today, so I went alone.  He was able to carry the bags in for me when I got home.  By the time I put everything away, I was pretty tired.  Then I made some homemade potato salad for the weekend.  I didn't feel like making dinner tonight, so we just fixed ourselves whatever we wanted. 

Next week I plan on spending more time working on my manuscript.  It's almost finished, and I'm getting anxious.  I have been working daily on my hand embroidery though.  It's so relaxing for me to watch television and embroider.  I also am going to be teaching a ten year old boy how to draw using just pencils.  I keep thinking that one of these days I'll start another drawing of my own, but the days just slip on by without me starting one. 

I have been spending about an hour each afternoon giving praise to God through music.  I sing some of my very favorite Christian hymns and then at three o'clock, I sing the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  It is suggested that you either recite or sing it at the three o'clock hour, because that's about the time of Jesus Christ's death on the cross.  I keep praying for Jesus to pour forth His Divine Mercy upon all of us, but particularly on my family, friends and those who are ill and dying.  I have so much faith in what Jesus promised to St. Faustina regarding the recitation or singing of the Chaplet.  We all need His mercy to flow freely within us. 

Well, what's on your schedule for the weekend?  Anything special?  Well, whatever you do, be safe and if you mind the heat, stay indoors.  Don't endanger your health, just to be outside with your friends.  It's truly not worth killing yourself or causing permanent damage to your heart or lungs.  Have a good weekend and be safe.

What a beautiful sunrise out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Hi everyone,
I hope your Sunday was a very nice one.  The weather here was a bit cloudy and cool, at least I thought it was cool.  I'm sure some would say it wasn't.  We spent time today with a group of friends at church.  Our service was outside, which was nice, except for two birds that were trying to rebuild their nest on a light in the pavilion.  They were a bit annoying, to say the least.  They kept making a lot of noise and flying down towards us.  Oh well, they're God's creatures too!  Maybe they just wanted to hear the sermon


What did you and your family do today?  I hope it started out with some sort of church service.   It certainly wasn't too nice of a day for a picnic, but I hope you had some fun with your family and friends. 

My husband and I attended a birthday party for a little boy, who's very close to us, who was just turning ten years old on Friday.  His father is very ill and I was so glad that he got to celebrate his birthday with his son.  It's a very sad situation, but I know God has plans for both this father and his son.  The little boy's mom is making her husband's life as comfortable as possible, which is about all she can do now.  I'm so glad we met the three of them in April of last year.  They've enriched our lives with joy and humility. 

I so need to get back on my manuscript this week.  I've been quite busy but this is so important to me, so I just need to make the time.  Tomorrow I have a viewing to attend.  One of my cousins passed away the end of last week.  She's been sick for some time, so I'm glad she's not suffering any longer.  We were never very close, but I did get to see her a few times in the past two or three years, so I'm happy about that.

This is the cover of my new novel. 

I can hardly believe that it's already June 7.  We're almost half way through 2015, and it seems like it just started a few weeks ago.  Where does the time go to? 

I'm still working on my hand embroidery work every chance I get.  I love embroidering while I watch television.  It's just so relaxing to me.  Have you ever done any hand embroidery?  If not, you should try it soon.  It's so satisfying when I complete a project.  I'm already on my way with quite a few Christmas gifts, which are all hand made.

I thank God so much for blessing me with this creative ability.  Since I am chronically ill, and live a very sedentary lifestyle, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my ability of create things.  If you haven't had a chance to check out all my fiction novels (adult and children) or my self help or learning booklets, please do so soon.  You can purchase any of them for any electronic reader by going to: and entering my full name (Susan Lapp Mellott) into the search block.  Did you know that you can also just borrow the books?  It's called The Lending Library from Kindle.  You can read electronically, on almost any electronic device.  You don't need to have a Kindle or a Nook to read electronic books.  Just some food for thought.

I know tomorrow is the first work day of the week, for most of you.  I also remember how busy Monday's used to be for me, when I worked.  The good thing about that, was that the day just seemed to fly by.  I hope you all have a good day tomorrow and that the remainder of your weekend is filled with something fun to do, or something just relaxing for you.

Be safe and God bless each of you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How's Your Week Going Thus Far?

Hi everyone,

Two days down and three to go until the end of the Monday/Friday work week.  My oldest daughter drives a school bus and she's counting down the days until Thursday.  I believe that's their last day of school for this year.  She's a good driver and she's always concerned about the lives of all those children she transports on her bus.  Today, she said that one of her 3rd grade students, a little girl, gave her a fresh box of strawberries as a year end gift.  How thoughtful of her parents to do this for their daughter's bus driver.  Of course, they put their children in the bus driver's care so they should be grateful that they have a bus driver who loves and protects their children.

I have three daughters and I'm so proud of each one of them.  They are all grown women with children of their own.  Well, perhaps I shouldn't say 'children', as they are all pretty much grown up men now.  God truly blessed me with my daughters and my six grandsons.  I'm a proud Mom and Grandmother, in case you haven't figured that out by now.  My Grandsons range in age from 18 to 24 and I don't know where the years have gone.  I loved the time I spent with them when they were youngsters.  I used to do crafts with them all the time.  My husband and I would take two at a time, camping, for the weekend.  We never took siblings, we took cousins.  That always worked better; little fighting occurred with cousins.

I have to say that I miss those days.  I've always liked young children and particularly babies.  Don't get me wrong, I love my grown up boys, but I really don't see them too much because they're quite busy these days.  Four of them have already graduated from high school, with one to graduate this Thursday evening.  That only lets one left in high school.  He'll be a senior next September and then all my boys will be full grown men.  I'm very proud, but I also miss their young years.  How about you, do you have grandchildren and what are their ages? 

Well, I'm getting closer to the end of my current novel.  I don't know why, but I've been busy doing other things lately and haven't had much time to work on it.  But, I have promised myself that within the next two weeks, it will be completed.  Well, the writing will be complete, but then comes the proofing, which takes forever to complete.  If you've never tried proof reading a manuscript, let me tell you that it's not easy.  The mind just seems to skip right over any mistakes because as long as the first and last letters in a word are correct, the brain skips right over it, reading it as correct.  I do use 'spell check' but that doesn't always work on some words. 

I now have about 22 squares finished for my quilt.  In case you didn't read the blog I posted about my quilt, I'll say it again.  I am making a summer quilt for my bed and I'm hand embroidering designs and sayings on all my squares, in different pastel shades.  I love to hand embroider.  I find it to relax me so much, and it gives me a sense of self-worth whenever I complete a project. 

I promised a little boy named Jacob, that I'd teach him how to draw using art pencils only.  He's just turning ten years old this weekend, so I need to keep it pretty simple.  I need to take a trip to the craft store to pick up a few things.  I haven't done any pencil art for a while now, but I do love drawing with art pencils:  HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, etc.  I like how a drawing turns out with no color in it, just using shading to add shadows and color differences.  Have you ever tried drawing with pencil?  It's funny how when we look at something, we don't really see every detail of it, that is, until we go to draw it.  Then we need to examine it completely, every shade, every shadow, every mark, etc.  Basically, you draw without making any lines, which is not too easy.  Try it some time and let me know what you think.

Well, tomorrow is Hump Day, so at least that's good to know.  I do hope your week continues in a good fashion.  Take care and stay safe.

Here's a sample of a pencil drawing that I did years ago.