Friday, January 30, 2015

Do you know what tomorrow is?

Hi all,

How's everyone doing today?  Well, the answer to my title question is:  Tomorrow is the last day of January.  Can you believe it?  This month has flown by and that means that 2015 is flying by, also. 

The older I get, the faster time seems to go.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Since I live a very sedentary lifestyle, I thought that my days, weeks, months and years would just drag on by, but they haven't.  Can anyone out there explain this to me, because it's a total mystery to me. 

I know time flies on by when you are raising your children, but thought that would stop when your kids are all grown up and have been for years.  Obviously, I was wrong.  When you are young, perhaps in your thirties or forties, one's life span seems like it will go on for almost ever.  But, when you are in your sixties and seventies, one starts to realize just how short your lifetime may be.  I will agree that it's a bit disconcerting, but facts are facts.  We all age and although many older people get botox or a variety of "lifts", I personally don't believe in any of that stuff.  God gave me this body and this is the body, just as it is, that I will die with.  There will be no face lifts, breast implants, liposuctiion, hair dying, etc. of any kind for me.  My feelings are that if God wanted us to look 30, when we're 60, He would have made us that way! 

Okay, enough on that subject.  That's just my opinion and how I feel about that aging process. 

Well, we had another snow storm go through yesterday, but once again, we lucked out with only about 1 inch.  I understand that there's another one coming Saturday into Sunday.  Horrah!  NOT!
I am thankful that we haven't had any measurable snow falls lately, becasue my husband is recovering from some surgery and he's not to life anything too heavy. 

I'm still working on my hand created greeting cards.  I've found three new designs and am currently working on all three.  I love trying new designs, but I also enjoy using all of my designs.  I do try to design my cards to fit the person to whom I am sending them.  I have been creating my own greting cards for many years now and I love being able to create them for my family and friends.  I thank God for giving me this creative ability.  It has always meant so much to me.  Just being able to create anything with my hands, heart and mind, is a great gift from God.

I'd like to, eventually, start another book of poems, but I haven't had the time to work this project into my schedule as of yet.  Maybe after I finish all of my cards, except for my Christmas cards, that is.  Those I will complete in November. 

I have been doing quite a bit of hand embroidery, which is very relaxing to me.  Well, I best close for today.  Please let me know what you've been up to lately.  Be safe and God bless you.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Well, we lucked out once again...

Hi all,

How's everyone doing this fine Monday evening?  We're doing okay.  If you haven't figured out what my title is referring to, it's the snow storm.  I won't lie to you about my being happy when I woke up this morning to see such a small amount of snow outside. 

It's not that I hate the snow, it's because now that we're getting up in age, it's harder for my husband to do the shoveling.  Since I'm ill, I am really not any help to him in that department.  He's recovering from some surgery, which was done two weeks ago.  He's doing well, but I really don't think that a lot of heavy lifting is going to help him in any way.  Actually, the doctor told him no heavy lifting for four to six weeks.  So, the small amount of snow that fell during these last two storms, was a good thing, as far as we're concerned.  How about you?  Do you like the snow?

Well, I've been very busy working on my handmade greeting cards.  Actually, it's moving right along and I'm very pleased with my progress.  I now have all of my daughters, sons-in-law, grandsons and my husband's birthdays finished; as well as, my Red Hat ladies birthday cards.  I've also completed my Valentine and Easter cards.  So, I'd say that things are going well. 

I can't begin to express to you how much I love creating these cards for my family and friends.  It gives me great joy creating them and I certainly hope that everyone enjoys receiving them, as well.  I have been asked, several times, why I don't sell my greeting cards to make some money.  My answer to that question is simply this:  If I were to sell them, then it becomes a business and I loose the joy in creating them.  I just love creating anything at all!

I've also been working on some embroidery work that I am giving as Christmas gifts in December.  I like having some hand sewing to work on while I sit and watch television in the evenings.  It is a great comfort to me.  I can't actually explain why, it just is!  Also, it means that I will not be stressed with last minute gift preparation in December.  Actually, I am now working on something for myself. 

So, tell me, what have you all been up to, that's in the creative category?  Come on now, there must be something that you enjoy working on that falls into that category.  How about cooking or baking?  Or perhaps you're working on the inside of your home.  You know, doing some remodeling, that's creative also.  I know that some of you are doing something creative.  Let me know what you've been working on to fulfill your creative desires.

I can't believe that this Saturday will be the 31st. of January already.  Where did this month go?  It seems like we were just looking forward to the Christmas holidays and now we're getting ready to meet February 1 already. 

I know that many of you are still in the work force, so tomorrow will be another work day for you.  I may not have a job to go to, but I do try to accomplish as much as I can, during the morning hours.  I just don't have much energy after lunch, so my hours of "working" are very few.  Anyways, I hope your week at work goes well for you and quickly. 

Be safe and God bless you all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh no, here it comes...

Hi everyone,

Well, the good thing about today is that it's "Hump Day", so for all you working people out there, after today is over, you're on the down side of the week.  That is one good thing, now isn't it?  Of course, for all of us here in South Central Pennsylvania, it has been snowing since around noon time.  The good news is that they say it should be over in another two or three hours.  I'll be glad when it stops altogether.  How about you?  I know alot of people enjoy snow, but I'm not one of them.

I remember when I was a youngster, we always seemed to get snowed in from the snow.  We lived in the country on a farm, which was situated in a bit of a valley.  Of course, it seems that the snows we got back then, were so much worse then we've gotten for years.  As a child, I loved it when it snowed, because then my Mom couldn't get to work and my sister, Carol, and I couldn't get to school.  (My brother is six years younger than me, so he was too little to attend school.)

 I remember one time when my Aunt Sis was snowed in at our house.  We got the large sleds out of the garage and the four of us walked up the hill to a neighboring farm.   They had a very long drive way leading down to their home.  They had told my folks that we should use the drive as a great sledding hill.  And, so we did!  Well, this one particular time, I rode the sled with my Aunt and Carol rode with Mom.  When we got to the bottom, we were all laughing so hard, that Mom started to pee her pants.  So, with that, we headed back home as soon as possible.  What fun we had that day.  Of course, it wasn't the only wonderful time I had when I was a child. 

I can tell you that my childhood was wonderful.  Well, obviously, I didn't always think so.  Just as any child, I had my knocks and bumps growing up, but looking back to those days, I can honestly say, "I had two loving parents who always put us three children first."  I will always love them and I can't tell you how very much I miss both my Mom and Dad.  They both passed away many years ago now. 

How about you?  How was your childhood?  Did you learn any lessons from how you and your folks lived?  I firmly believe that what you learn, as a child, helps to mold you into the adult you will become some day.  I have six Grandsons, who range in age from 17 to 23.  They are all young adults and I am so very proud of each of them.  But, I can honestly say, that they're still basically kids.  They have done alot of growing and accepting responsibility, but four of them still have a long way to go yet.  I am not worried about them, as I have no doubt that they will continue growing into fine, upstanding and independent men.  I am more proud of them now, then I ever have been.  I suppose you can tell just how much I love these six young men, can't you?

I've been working on my 2015 handmade greeting cards for the past two weeks.  I just love creating anything, but I especially love making cards for my family and friends.  I've found a few new designs, which I've tried already.  I suppose it's really not a good idea to spend forty to fifty minutes on one card, but I so enjoy creating cards, to bring joy to others. 

I'd like to start on another book of poems, but I haven't gotten started on that as of yet.  Hopefully in a couple of months I can start on one.  But, it will take me another month or two to finish all my greeting cards.  I haven't purchased a greeting card for years now. 

What have you all been up to since the holidays have passed?  I do hope you are planning something creative in your near future.  It's so important to let out that "creative" side in us.  God gave each of us some creativity, so please don't waste yours.

I hope your day has gone well and have a good evening.  Stay safe and God bless you.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

What Intrigues You?

Hi all,

How's everyone doing this fine day?  Things are okay with me.  My husband is relaxing after some laser surgery that he had on Tuesday.  He's doing well and I'm sure that he'll soon be back to his old self.  I wasn't worried because I'd put him in God's hands and there is no better place to be. 

I'm currently reading a book entitled, "Shadow of the Titanic" by Andrew Wilson.  It was published in 2011.  I've always had a fascination about the sinking of the Titanic.  About twelve years ago, I read a book about the Titanic and then loaned it to a girl I worked with.  I am sorry to say that I never got it back and I don't remember the title anymore.  If I did, I'd see if I could purchase another copy of it. 

I thought it was called "Unsinkable," but when I did a search for it, the one I read did not come up.  I will tell you that I cried almost the entire way through it.  Not just for all the people that perished in this disaster, but for all the mistakes that the ship personnel made, as well as, the sorrow the survivors went through for the rest of their lives. 

One of the things that was reported by the survivors was that of the screaming that was done when the ship was going down.  Many reported that they were never able to get those screams out of their heads.  The Titanic started it's travels on the morning of April 12, 1912.  Within less than three days, the Titanic sank.  This ship was dubbed as "Unsinkable", which was a great mistake, mostly because many of the passengers thought that statement was true.  Only, soon enough, they realized that it wasn't true at all. 

The ship carried first, second and third class passengers; as well as all the employees of the shipping company.  Unlike the movie which came out some years ago, the first class passengers and the third class ones never came in contact with each other.  There were iron gates placed in various positions which kept the third class passengers segregated from other parts of the ship.  This class was called "steerage".  They had no classy cabins to sleep in or any fancy food to eat.  Of course, their tickets were much cheaper than either first or second class passengers. 

It was because of these gates, that many of the third class passengers lost their lives on April 14, 1912
The stories of many of the survivors is heart wrenching, to say the least.  Many of them either committed suicide or had major emotional problems for the rest of their lives. 

Here are some facts about the Titanic.  The luxury liner cost 7.5 million dollars to build.  It carried 800 bundles of asparagus; one and a quarter tons of fresh green beans;  36,000 oranges and 16,000 lemons; 75,000 pounds of fresh meat;  11,000 pounds of fresh fish; 4,000 pounds of bacon and ham; 7,500 pounds of game and poultry; 1000 sweetbreads; 40,000 sausages and 40,000 fresh eggs; 6,000 pounds of fresh butter; not to mention the 1,500 bottles of wine, 20,000 bottles of beer and stout and 850 bottles of spirits.  Also, for the gentlemen on board, there were 8,000 cigars for them to enjoy.

The captain of the ship the Titanic was Captain Edward J. Smith.  He was a distinguished, bearded man who planned on retiring after the Titanic's maiden voyage.  His dreams died just as he did when the Titanic went down. 

On April 14, around eleven o'clock at night, the Marconi operator from the Californian, which was in the near vicinity, sent a message to Jack Phillips, who was the Marconi operator on the Titanic,  that they had stopped because of icebergs everywhere in their vicinity.  Phillips, who was tired and overworked, was nearly deafened by the noise that came from his equipment.  Because of this, he answered, "Shut up.  Shut up.  I am busy." As a result the message from the Californian never reached the bridge of the Titanic. 

Another mishap was that when one of the "eyes of the ship", Frederick Fleet climbed into  the Crow's Nest late that night, he didn't see any of the icebergs, because the binoculars, which were always kept there, were missing.  So, in the darkness he didn't see the danger until it was way to late to stop the inevitable from happening. 

The Titanic carried 2,228 people, including First, Second and Third Class passengers; crew members and all the workers hired by the ship company.  There were 16 lifeboats and 4 collapsibles aboard the Titanic.  Each of these sixteen lifeboats were equipped to carry 65 occupants.  This would not have been enough boats to save everyone. 

The problem was that when they instructed the women and children into the lifeboats, they did not fill the boats up.  Many of them only had twenty to twenty five people.  A few of the last ones did have about forty people in them.  There was at least one crew member in each boat who was to be in charge.  The order for filling the lifeboats was:  first class women and children first, second class women and children next.  As far as the steerage and the crew, they had to wait.  It was noted that between 12:45am and 1:10pm, only six lifeboats were lowered, containing only first class passengers with accompanying crew members.  There was one boat that was lowered which contained only five first class passengers and seven crew members.  It was designed to hold many more.

I am sorry to say that only 705 people survived the sinking of the Titanic.  That means that over 1,500 people died in this disaster. 

There was also reports that the doors installed in the bottom of the ship, to keep water from encompassing the upper decks, did not work properly.   Apparently, there were many small incidents which compiled together to cause the Titanic to sink that fateful night.  What was classified as "Unsinkable" became a reality and sunk, killing way too many innocent people. 

As I've said, I've have always been keenly interested in the Titanic and subsequently of it's sinking and the loss of so very many people. 

This information was obtained from the book, "Shadow of the Titanic" by Andrew Wilson, or from previous books and acquired information I've learned over many years.    I just wish I could obtain, once again, a copy of the novel I read about twelve years ago.  I'm not really sure of the name anymore.  I thought it was called, "Unsinkable", but now I'm not sure anymore. 

Do you have anything like this that has, for many years, interested you?  I am not sure why I have this interest, but I do feel for the families of everyone aboard the Titanic on it's maiden voyage, both the survivors and those who died.  Apparently, what they went through escaping the ship, as well as, the very painful memories of watching the actual sinking of this largest ship, the Titanic.  Every retell I've read from survivors told of the terrifying screams and high pitched noises they heard as the ship took it's final drop into the ocean.  They all claim that they have never been able to get those sounds out of their heads.  Apparently many of them died at an early age, some suffered from depression the rest of their lives; many were divorced and married several times; and some withdrew from their lives all together.  That makes me very, very sad.

So, do you have anything that for many years has intrigued you?  Let me know what it is, I'd love to know.  May God bless each of you and may you be safe, always.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Would you?

Hi all,
I hope today finds all of you in good health.  The new year just seems to be speeding right along.  Do you agree?  I will admit that since I've gotten older, time always seems to go very fast.  I am not sure why that is.  Any ideas?

Do you ever wonder what your Grandparents or Great Grandparents, would say about the the way the world is today?  I am sure they would be amazed and confused at all the electronic gadgets available today.  I know even my parents would be surprised. 

I was watching something on the news the other day about an electronic trade show that was going on somewhere.  I just can't remember where, but that doesn't really matter.  They were talking about all the new electronic gadgets coming on the market.  I have to wonder where it will all end.  Maybe I'm just too old for all these gadgets. 

I have to tell you that I still like the idea of actually mailing a card or letter to someone I know.  I still choose to pay my bills by writing a check and mailing it to the person.  I do not do my banking on line, mainly because I like to be able to pick up my pen and physically do it.  I will say that I enjoy using my laptop, tablet, PC and my cell phone, but they are not attached to me, like an arm or leg.  I also enjoy making and receiving telephone calls to my family and friends.  I do not text and do not plan on any time soon.

What is your feeling about all the modern day electronic gadgets.  Certainly I wouldn't be able to have this blog if I was not using a laptop or something along those lines.  One thing I definatly like is having the ability to turn on my laptop and research anything that I want.  The days of using encyclopedias and dictionaries are about over.  Well, I occasionally do use a dictionary.  I suppose the companies who printed those type of books went out of business.  What do you think?

There really aren't even many book stores around anymore.  Even reading novels has gone electronic.  Well, not for me, because I still love the feel of a hard bound book in my hands.  I have a complete library which I simply love.  I have donated about 60 books to a local Catholic High School.  I expect that in another twenty or twenty five years, there will not be a need for book stores any longer.  That fact makes me extremely sad.

Well tomorrow is Sunday.  What's on your schedule for tomorrow?  As for me, the only plans I have is to attend Mass.  After that, I am not sure what I'll get into.  Perhaps I'll start on my Valentine's Day cards.  I definately need to get started on my hand made greeting cards soon.  The first birthday card I will need is in early April.  That may seem like a long time away to you, but it really isn't when creating hand made cards.  It takes me quite awhile to complete even one card.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and please remember to keep the Lord's Day holy.  If you live in this part of the world, stay warm and

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Remember When....

Hi all,
I hope your new year is going great. 

I'm making this flash back Wednesday.  Does anyone out there remember the song, "You Send Me", by Mr. Sam Cooke, from 1957?  Sam Cooke was influenced by Nat King Cole and the Ink Spots.  I have always loved this song and it was a great dance number, either as a calypso or a slow song.

I will tell you that once and a while, when my husband is not at home, I turn on the "Solid Gold Oldies" and just kick back listening to the music from the days of my youth.  Ever since I was about nine or ten years of age, I was into music and dance.  I truly adored the Do-Woop and Rock and Roll years.  I was a Bandstand lover, which I watched, along with my sister, Carol, every week day after getting home from school. 

The love of music and dance has stayed with me all these many years and I'm so very happy it has.  Here's another one for you:  Do you remember, "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" from 1960.  It was sang by Connie Francis?  Her song, "My Heart Has a Mind of it's Own" hit number one on the Adult singles in 1960.  I always thought she was so attractive and such a great singer.

Things were so much simpler back in those days.  There was virtually no trouble with drugs, guns, knives or alcohol at that time.  As I remember, one of the worst things that could happen to a young girl back then, was for her to become pregnant, out of wedlock.  Oh, we had our troubles, just like every young generation, but it was violent like it is today.  That, I have to say, makes me very sad.  How has this world gotten where it is today?  They say, "What comes around, goes around!"  If that's true, will we, at some later era, have less violence on earth?  I certainly hope so.

Well, if you didn't remember any of the other songs, here's another one for you.  Do you remember the song "Rubber Ball" by Bobby Vee, from 1961?  It was a great jitterbug number, which I loved.  His first band was called, "Bobby Vee and the Shadows."  

Now here is one that I truly loved.  "Venus in Blue Jeans" by Jimmy Clanton from 1962.  He was so cute, with that great head of hair.  He was born Sept. 2, 1940.  This was a terrific calypso number and that was one of my favorite dances.  But then, I loved all the dances, no matter what they were.  Just as long as I could get up and dance. 

Do you remember Brenda Lee and her song, "I Want to Be Wanted" from 1960?  I so loved this song.  I think every young girl, at that time, felt this way.  Brenda Lee was born Dec. 11, 1944 and she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1997.

This one came out when I was in my Senior year of high school.  Do you remember "Get Ready" by the Temptations, from 1966?  They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989,  They had so many really popular songs that it's hard to just name one.  Their music was great to dance to, that's for sure.

Do you have the channel "Solid Gold Oldies" in your area of the world?  I'd really miss it if I was not able to get it anymore.  Oh, I have many, many of the old songs on CD and I listen to them all of the time.  My husband asks me if I'm reliving my youth.  I just laugh at him and tell him that at that time in my life, I thought life was rough, but now, as I look back all those years, I see that it was the easiest time ever.  I had wonderful parents, loving siblings, great grandparents and many loving aunts, uncles and cousins.  My parents saw to it that my siblings and I had everything that we needed in life.  (Not everything we wanted, but that was okay.)  My parents didn't have much money, but it was important to them that we attend Catholic Grade School and then Catholic High School.  I am thankful to them for all the things they did without, to send us there.  Both of my parents are gone now.  My Mom died going on nineteen years ago and my Dad passed going on sixteen years ago now.  I can't begin to express to you how very much I miss them every single day.  I just hope that they know how very much I still love them and want them to be proud of me.  That's all I ever cared about, making them proud of me.  I hated to see disappointment on their faces caused by me.

One last one before I close for now.  Do you remember Frankie Avalon's song, "Why", from 1960?  I loved all his music.  He was born on September 18, 1939 in Philadelphia, Pa. 

I do hope that you enjoyed my walk down memory lane this evening.  I go down this lane very often and I must say that it cheers me up.  How about you?

Be safe and may God remain with you always.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Hi all,
I do hope that you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year's Day.  I loved every minute of the Christmas Season, but now it's back to the same old thing.  Tomorrow is Monday, so that means it's laundry day for me.  I'd also like to start cleaning my upstairs tomorrow, but we'll see how much energy I have when tomorrow comes.  But, I will have it cleaned before the end of the week, that much I can say for sure. 

I soon need to start creating my handmade birthday cards, Valentine cards, Easter cards, Halloween cards and Thanksgiving cards.  I will also be creating some Get Well cards, Sympathy cards and Thinking of You cards.  I will probably be working on them for about two months or so. 

I've also been thinking about writing another book of poems.  I so enjoyed creating the first book, "My Soothing Book of Poems", so I think I'll give it another try.  You can purchase my book of poems by going to, enter my full name into the search block and all of my books will come up.  Remember, you can also join the Kindle Borrowing Library for free and of course, you can read electronic books on most any electronic device. 

So, what is on your busy schedule in the "creative" department?  I do hope that you use the talents that God has bestowed upon you.  Each one of us is good at something, some times we just need to figure out what that talent is.  Usually, it's the one thing that you do that makes you feel good about yourself.  It doesn't have to be the job you go to every day.  I think that for most of us, our paying job is something we do because we're good at it, not necessarily because we enjoy doing it. 
I worked in the accounting field for many, many years.  I can honestly say that I have always hated math, but I was very good at it.  So, of course, the logical field I would go into would be accounting, but it wasn't what made me feel good about myself.  What made me feel that I had achieved something good was doing anything creative.  It took me a while to figure this out, but I finally did!
So, I would advise each of you to take some time to stop and think, long and hard, about what you to that gives you a feeling of joy and happiness.  Then, just do it!  Please don't wait until you're old to start doing something that you love.  It just may be way too late at that point. 
Well, so far, how is your new year going?  I hope it's been smooth sailing so far.  Of course, this is only January 4.  We're really not very far into the new year, so you've got plenty of time to put some happiness and joy into your life. 
I believe that the easiest way to do this is by living every single day giving gratitude and acceptance to God.  Accept God's mercy into your life and try your best to be a good person every minute of every day.    Just be satisfied with what you do have and stop obsessing about what you don't have.
As always, I wish you a safe and happy day!