Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus Christ has risen today, Alleluia!

Hi all,

First let me say that I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter.  We had a very nice dinner at my daughter's home.  All three of my daughters, and their families were there, as well as, some other family friends.  Way, way too much food!  Everything was very good, indeed, just too much of it.
Everyone one brought one or two covered dishes to share. 

After dinner, I played an Easter egg game with the nine kids who were there.  Six of them were my Grandsons, the other three were friends of theirs.  It amazes me that all nine of the kids (and I call them kids, even thought my Grandsons range from almost 16 to almost 22) were all boys.  The eggs were basically filled with money, so they all loved playing a game with money for prizes. 

We didn't stay too long after that, as I really wasn't feeling very well.  I wasn't very hungry before we started eating, and I ate more than I wanted.  When I do this, it makes my heart work so hard.  Then I can't breathe very well.  I wasn't having PVC's, which is a good thing.

Of course, there were lots of leftovers to drag home with us.  The fruit will not go to waste, as both my husband and I love fruit.  I'm not sure about the leftover cake.  I made biscuits using a recipe I saw on Facebook.  I took Pillsbury biscuits, flattened them out a bit, put about 12 mini chocolate chips and five mini marshmallows in the center.  Then I wrapped them up and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top and baked.  Needless to say, there were none left to bring home.  I also prepared baked sweet potatoes and I had a few left over to bring home.

Of course, the real purpose for Easter, is to celebrate Jesus' rising from the dead.  Can you even begin to imagine what would have happened to the human race, if God would not have permitted His only begotten Son, Jesus, to be crucified and then hung up on a cross to die.  His death gave us life, His resurrection into heaven continues giving us life every minute of every day.  I don't know of any other father alive, who would have given their child up for Crucifixion and death.  Do you?  I didn't think so...

I participated in the Mass, which was held at the Basilica in Washington, DC.,  on television early this afternoon.  It is such a beautiful church; the flowers were spectacular and the service was very moving.  I'm having trouble, actually sitting in a church.  It seems that after I'm in a church for a while, I become light headed and it becomes hard for me to breathe.  I have no idea what is causing this to happen to me, but there really isn't much I can do about it.  Since I usually attend Mass alone, it frightens me a lot.   I usually now participate in the Mass that is broadcast from Irondale, AL on EWTN on Sunday at noon time.

I am so excited, because my novels should be delivered either tomorrow or Tuesday.  I'm so anxious to hold one and check it out.  I love to write.  It doesn't matter what it is, I just love creating.  I'm in the process of writing a booklet entitled:  The Day the Flowers Died. It will be available through amazon in a day or two.  It's about living with any chronic illness; how it changes your life and the life of your spouse.  Check it out! 

If you go onto Amazon, check out the other four books I have available for Kindle:  Sassy With A Capital S, The Secret in the Claw Feet Box, Cardiovascular Disease:  Changing Lives, and Crafty-Cruise With a Capital C. 

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Easter with family and/or friends.  I also hope you managed to find an hour or so just for yourself.  We all need some alone time; time for us to sit quietly and listen to the whispering that God does in our ear. 

Be safe tomorrow, as you head back to your place of employment and have a wonderful day!  God bless you.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life changes from day to day.

Hi all,

Have you ever stopped to realize just how much life changes in a short period of time?  Perhaps it's only us senior citizens who are aware of life changing, sometimes on a daily basis. 

I think that when we're younger, and working full time jobs, raising children, trying to maintain a good marriage, chasing kids all over the place, taking care of a home, etc., we don't really have the time to realize how our lives are changing, every day. 

Now that I'm older, with pretty much nothing but time on my hands, I see my life changing.  Sometimes the changes are not ones I relish.  I'm not not a person who likes change.  I usually need some time to adjust to change.  How about you?

I finished my novel, "Crafty-Cruise" With A Capital "C", last week.  It's now at the publishers being prepared for printing.  I'm anxious to see it when it's finished.  After working so hard for months and months, I now feel I'm in limbo.  I haven't yet decided what my next project will be, or what direction I want to take next. 

One thing I do know for sure, is that I don't want to just waste time doing nothing.  I have a need to give back to God for all He's given me, and doing something creative is the only way I have to give back any more.  I suppose taking a week or two to decide what my next project will be, would be a good thing for me.  I'm thinking, perhaps, I'll do another booklet on how chronic illness effects the family.  I have a booklet, "Cardiovascular Disease:  Changing Lives", which is available for reading on Kindle, IPod or PC.

Check out my books for Kindle, IPOd or PC at  Just type in my name, do a search and they will come up. 

Tomorrow I will be attending the funeral of my aunt.  She was ninety-two years old.  She was my Mother's Sister, and she outlived my Mom by seventeen years.  My Mom was the youngest and this aunt was five years older than my Mom.  Mother was only seventy-four when she passed away, which by today's standards, is quite young.  She died from cancer and heart disease. 

I suppose heart disease will continue to plague my children, their children and so on.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about having chronic cardiovascular disease.  It's a fact of life and one which many of us have to live with always.  One of my daughters, also, has cardiovascular disease. 

The bottom line is that we all have our crosses to bear.  What's important is how we carry them.  Do we carry them with dignity and strength or do we complain and play the blame game?  I know, first hand, how hard it is to live with chronic illness.  The only thing that works for me is gratitude and acceptance, for that I'm so thankful.

I hope all of you have a great day tomorrow.  Find a few minutes to do something nice for yourself, you deserve it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Who is your hero?

Hi all,

I was just sitting here thinking about things, when God came into my mind. That's not a big surprise, since God's often front and center in my mind.  But, specifically because today is Palm Sunday.  Thinking about God, who is certainly my biggest Hero, I got to thinking about the human heroes in my life. 

First and always:  Let's ponder on God and His purpose in our lives.  I can truthfully say that He is with me every second of every day, and He always has been.  How do I know that?  Well, if I look back over my life, I can visibly see all the times He stood right beside me, helping me along.  Of course, then there is the many, many times, He's carried me.  He has brought so many angels into my life, both in human form and spiritually.  I'd be nowhere without Him.  This fact I do know for sure!  So God, absolutely, is my greatest Hero, now and for ever.

Second: From the time I was born, I'd have to say that my Daddy was my hero. I can't begin to tell you how very much I loved my Father.  As a child, I didn't really know the person he truly was. As an adult, I can say with all certainty, that he was a very loving, warm, generous, faithful and spiritual man.   He was a terrific Dad.  He worked extremely hard to provide for my Mother, Sister, Brother and myself.  Family always came first with him, no matter what!  He has always been my hero and still is, even long after being gone.  He died in 1996, but he's still right here beside me.

Next, but never last, would be my husband.  He is my hero in so many ways, especially since I became chronically ill back in 2006.  At the beginning of our relationship, things were sometimes a bit shaky, but that dissipated as our love became stronger.  I know he will always be here for me, even when he's not at home.  He does so many little things to let me know that he's thinking and worrying about me.  He always calls me on the cell phone whenever he's out doing errands, just to check up on me.  Speaking of errands, since I lead a sedentary lifestyle now, he offers to pick up things for me because he knows I either am tired or don't want to go out in the cold weather.  He's always offering to help me with the laundry, dishes or anything I need to do.  He worries about me when I'm not feeling well. He is supportive of my writing, hand-created cards, drawing, painting or anything I create.  I can't begin to tell you how very much that means to me.  I know that no matter what happens in our future lives, he will always be here for me, and I love him for that.

Now to turn to women, my Mother was and always will be a hero to me.  She taught me so much.  I believe I inherited her abilities to be creative.  (Of course, I know that God gave them to the both of us.)  Mom was full of love, warmth and generosity for everyone.  She worked hard, loved hard and shared hard.  She taught me and my siblings everything she knew.  She taught us about God, to be trustworthy, truthful and loving.  To me, she was the kind of Mother I aspired to become.  I'm not sure I lived up to her standards, but I tried.  My Mom passed away in 1994 and I miss her every day.

So, who's your hero?  I'm sure you have two or three, just as I do.  Oh, I have other heroes, such as:  Stephen King is my hero author; my three daughters are my hero Moms; my cardiologist is a hero to me; my closest friends are my heroes, also.  I'm sure there are many more, whom I just can't think of just now.  Come on, I know you have some heroes, too.

Of course, I'd not have any of these living heroes, if it weren't for God bringing them into my life. 
As you know, I love to write, and do all things creative.  I'm very proud of myself for the things I've accomplished, with God's help, in my life.  I know my life changed back in 2006, but God let me live.  So, it's important that I honor God any way I am able. 

I've been doing a lot of writing lately.  My second novel, "Crafty-Cruise" With A Capital "C" is in the process of being published right now.  But, it is already available for Kindle at
My first adult novel, "Sassy" With A Capital "S" is also available at amazon.  (You can check out my Sassy page here on my blog.  I will soon have a page set up for my Crafty book, as well. 

So, in conclusion for this Palm Sunday, may I say that God centers me and I hope you will allow Him into you life to center you, also!

Friday, March 22, 2013

God is good, yesterday, today and tomorrow, as always!

Hi all,

I suppose you could say that I've been a bit unnerved today.  My daughter, Angel, went into the hospital at six o'clock this morning for a ablation on her heart.  She has been having PVC's (Premature Ventricular Contractions) and the medication wasn't working for her.  (Little surprise there, since they didn't work for me either, twenty-one years ago).  I guess that apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Praise God, because she is now on her way home from the hospital and is doing very well.  Her cardiologist feels he corrected all the PVC's and hopes they will not return.  For the first time all day, I feel at ease.  I knew God would protect her and He would guide her doctor's hands, but even knowing that, I guess I was still worrying on the inside.  I would think that's part of being a Mom. 

It is funny, but earlier today I kept thinking that my little girl is in the hospital.  That makes me chuckle, because my little girl, is forty-two years old and has a, soon to be, sixteen year old son.  I'm sure all you Mother's out there know exactly what I'm talking about.  Our children will always be our little girls and little boys, won't they? 

I suppose that's the way God feels about all of us.  We are His little children.  He worries about us, tries to guide us along the safe paths, blesses us, feeds us, and just completely loves and cares about us.  No matter how old we are.  That thought really makes me feel humble.  Now, I can understand how God feels, when we go astray.  Wow, with so many children in this world for Him to worry about, He must be stressed all the time.

I'm also feeling a little out of sorts today.  It's like I don't know what to do with myself, since my novel is now at the printers and I've already uploaded it to, I feel disconnected.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  You can access it by going to the above web address and doing a search for:  Susan Lapp Mellott    or   Sassy With A Capital S   or  Crafty Cruise With A Capital C.

I mixed up a large patch of peanut butter creme filling for my chocolate, peanut butter Easter eggs.  I melted the butter and peanut butter, so it would mix easier.  It's now in the refrigerator, setting back up.  Tomorrow morning I will form the egg shapes and start covering them with chocolate.  This is my dear Mother's recipe from many years ago.  It makes me feel close to her whenever I make one of her recipes.  I should have about four to five dozen eggs when done. 

Well, I suppose I'll close for now.  I just wanted to share my good news for today with everyone out there.  Alot of my family and friends were all praying for my daughter and I thank each and every one of them for those prayers.  If you ever need prayers from me, please ask.  I'll be happy to include your special intentions in my daily prayers to God. 

May He bless all of you and keep you safe.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Horrah! I Did It!

Hi all,

Well, I suppose I'm feeling a bit of a "high" today, because my new manuscript is finally at the publishers.  Also, it will be available for Kindle, IPod or PC, sometime tomorrow at:  Just go onto their website and do a search for:  "Crafty-Cruise"
With a Capital "C". 

The fifty books which I'm having printed, hopefully will arrive within two weeks.  I will be selling them for $11.00 each.  If anyone wants to purchase an actual book, please let me know, as I will only have the fifty.  I will be happy to mail you a copy, if you send me a check covering the cost of the book, as well as the shipping.

This is the sequel to "Sassy" With A Capital "S", which is also available via Amazon.  There will, probably be a third sequel, but that's off in the future some time.  Right now, I'd like to take some time to catch up on some of the writing websites which I've been neglecting. 

I like, but haven't been there much lately.  I need to enter some more of my short stories on the site.  I think it's a great avenue available for writers, of any type.  You can enter any style of writing, such as:  poems, short stories, chapters from a book, etc.  I enjoy reading and reviewing the other writer's material, as well as, appreciating the reviews and comments from them of my work.  Check out this website, perhaps it will interest you, as well.

I'm not really sure what my next project will be as of yet.  I need to take a little breather, perhaps for a week or two, to just run some ideas through my head.  Since my creative endeavors are my way of giving back to God for all He's blessed me with, I need to make some quiet time so I can hear what He wants me to tackle next. 

How about you?  Do you have any projects going right now?  If not, maybe you should consider doing something that will not only make you happy, but perhaps bring joy to someone else.  Put that thinking cap on and be open to God's whispers. 

I haven't been having many PVC's lately, at least I don't think I have been.  Perhaps I just don't feel them.  I do know that when they were really bad, I certainly knew I was having them.  I'm not going to get myself all upset in regards to the PVC's. I have learned to just accept my health and turn my life over to God. 

One of my daughters is going into the hospital early tomorrow morning, for a procedure to the inside of her heart.  I'm asking for prayers for her.  I know God will be with her, as well as her doctor, but more prayers can't hurt.  If you are a believer, please say a prayer for her.  I am thankful to you.

Well, tomorrow's Friday and the last day of the week for most of you working folks.  So, when you report to your jobs in the morning: smile, breathe deep, focus on good thoughts and know that in eight hours you'll be free for the next two days.  Have fun this weekend!

God bless all of you!

Monday, March 18, 2013

How Was Your Monday?

Hi all,

Well, Monday is almost over.  How was your day?  Was it exciting?  Was it extremely busy? Or was it, perhaps, just so-so?  Mine was like any typical Monday:  laundry for sure, and I did some cleaning as well. 

The only exciting thing that happened today, was that my daughter dropped off the picture she'd created for my novel.  Which means that tomorrow I will now be able to insert it into the novel and then I'll be ready to email it to the publisher.  It's been a long seven or eight months since I first started writing it.  It, also, has about one hundred and fifty more pages than my first novel in this series. 

How's the weather where you are?  It's been a rather strange day here.  When I first got up this morning, it was flurrying.  Then, shortly after that, it stopped.  Later in the morning, it spritzed rain off and on for a while.  Then from after lunch until mid afternoon, it didn't do anything.  Finally, it started snowing and still is, but it's to be stopping by around eight o'clock this evening.  All I can say about that is "good".  I'm ready to say goodbye to the snow until next winter.  How about you?

What have you been up to lately?  Are you doing anything creative?  I haven't decided what my next project will be just yet.  I would like to start spending more time on the website Fanstory.  It's a site for writers and I enjoy posting some of my stories on it.  Also, I like reading the pieces that other people submit.  I haven't done any drawing or art work of any time lately.  I'd like to get back to that soon, as well. 

My husband and I have talked about going down to Ocean City before summer, but I'm not sure if we will or not.  I'm going to be down in OC in May with my Red Hats.  Maybe we'll go someplace else for a few days.  We'll see! 

Well, I suppose I'll close for now.  I do your Tuesday will be a great day for you all.  Take care and God bless!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What excites you?

Hi all,

What needs to happen in your life to get you feeling good on the inside?  I'm sure you all know, that true happiness comes from within us, not from outside stimulus.  One could have millions of dollars, the most expensive of homes and belongings, yet still not be happy.  I suppose another term I could use would be contentment.  If you are content with your life and yourself, then you'd be happy!

Today I am happy because I am 99% ready to send my newest novel, Crafty-Cruise With A Capital C
to the printers.  I have one more picture to insert, then off it goes.  It has 368 pages, which is about 150 more pages than my first adult novel, Sassy With A Capital S.  It's a sequel novel, but each can be read on their own.  After I get it emailed to the publisher, I will download it onto Kindle Direct Publishing via Amazon.  That should be in three or four days.  The link will be found on one of my pages at:   Fell free to check out all my pages while here.

What a dreary day today has been.  It really didn't start raining here, until about an hour ago (3:00 pm)  I've been so tired all day.  I think perhaps that's because of the weather.  It's so overcast and dingy out there.  One just wants to lay down and take a nap. 

My husband's been on the go most of the day, thus far.  This morning he left the house by 6:30 so he would be on time for the campground breakfast.  It was being held at the Ronald McDonald House.  He was helping to do the cooking.  They cook and serve breakfast to all the clients who are staying at the house.  When he left there, he had to make a return to Bass Pro Shops, then he came home.  After lunch, he went to the Mall to walk.  When he was finished his walk, he did some shopping for me.  I so appreciate it when he helps me out with my errands.

What have you all been up to this weekend, so far?  Whatever it is, I hope you will make some time for yourself.  We all need that!  So, if you haven't taken that alone time yet, please try to do it soon.  Before you know it, the weekend will be gone. 

All my best to each and every one of you.  Take care and God bless!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Can I say that I'm a bit frustrated?

Hi all,

Well, I'm finished writing and proofing my newest novel, "Craft-Cruise" With A Capital "C".  I was a bit frustrated this morning, because on my laptop, which is what I've been using to type my manuscript, I had a total of 367 pages.  But, when copying it to CD and opening it on my PC, I only have 332 pages.  What's up with that, anyways? 

I am using two black and white photos in my novel and after much fussing and frustration, I've gotten the first one in place.  Now, one to go.  After that's completed, it's ready to go to the printers.  Then I will be ready to place it on for sale for Kindle, IPad or PC reading.  As well as, have about fifty hard copies to sell.

I know it doesn't sound like much more to do, but it's really not that easy because it's all done electronically.  This means I have to change the format from what I typed it in, to one of theirs.  This is where it gets very testy for me.  I'm not all that computer literate, but I wish I was.  One of my friends said that it shouldn't be hard because I did it before.  I answered that by admitting that it was a year ago when I first figured things out and since I'm almost 65 years old, I don't remember how I did it.   Being old, forgetful and computer illiterate, isn't much fun! 

I should probably ask one of my Grandsons to come and do it for me.  I don't believe that teens and young adults today, get very frustrated while using all the electronic devices available now.  I don't want to step on any ones toes, so if you are a senior citizen and are quite able to handle today's electronics, I say, wonderful!  I know what I need to, in order to do what I generally do, on a PC or laptop.  Other than that, I have to fudge my way along.

So, today is a very happy day for me, and also a frustrating one.  My husband said, "It could have been worse."  He's right, I could have accidentally erased the entire 367 pages.  Now, that would have done a bit more than frustrate me.  I would have been saying a few choice words and then sat down and cried my eyes out!  So, I thank God that it was basically, just that I wasted two hours this morning and nothing worse. 

After I get this novel published, I may take a little break before starting another sequel.  I'd like to do another booklet on cardiovascular disease or Congestive Heart Failure.  I, somehow, have the feeling that this is the avenue that God wants me to take next.  I spend alot of time alone, in the quiet space of my home, waiting for God to whisper to me.  I know that He does, quite often.  You just need to be extremely quiet and listen to His nudging you. 

For the past seven years, I've known that at some point in time, my heart would begin to worsen.  I think that perhaps, that's now starting.  At least, it's in a small way, for now.  I'm thankful to God for any time He gives me here on earth.  The PVC's haven't been too bad, since last week.  It was just that one day that they were so very bad.  I'm not going to worry about my health.  I will do whatever I need to do to continue living, until God chooses to take me home to be with Him.  I truly thank Him for the gift of life He's given me.

Today is a banner day for the Catholic Church.  A new Pope has now been chosen.  I know that God will bless him, giving him the strength and wisdom to guide us Catholics.  I truly love that I am a Catholic.  My faith and religion are strong and with the help of God, it will remain that way the rest of my human life and into eternity.  Praise God for today and every day!  Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentine is our newly elected Pope.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Day, New Week!

Hi all,

I trust you all had a good weekend.  I enjoyed mine.  My Red Hat group had a Soup Exchange yesterday.  Our husbands were invited to join us.  We had a total of seven different soups to taste.  Each one was different and very tasty.  What's nice about a soup exchange, is that we all received a small container of each soup to take home with us.  Lunches for the week, how good is that?

I'm still having some PVC's, off and on.  Guess I'll just have to live with them, unless they get much worse.  I've known for a long time now, that at some point my heart would start getting worse.  I just hope it happens very slowly.

Because of this, I didn't do anything too energetic on Saturday.  Mostly I was still proofing my manuscript.  I'm almost finished now.  So, hopefully in a week or so, I will be able to email it to the publisher.  It's entitled:  "Crafty-Cruise" With A Capital "C".  It will, also, be available for Kindle at Amazon in a few weeks.  I'll keep you all posted on the dates.  I do hope you'll purchase an electronic copy for yourself.

If you haven't already read my first adult novel, "Sassy" With A Capital "S", it's available for Kindle at:     I also have my children's novel for electronic purchase there.  It's called, "The Secret In The Claw Feet Box.", as well as a booklet on Cardiovascular Disease. 

My Red Hat Group is going to be taking a trip to Ocean City during the month of May.  We are all looking forward to this venture.  I know we'll have a lot of fun with little sleep.  I'll be exhausted when we get home.  I'm hoping and praying that my heart problems won't be any worse by then.  Also, that health problems won't be a problem for any of my friends, while away. 

Being a senior citizen is a great thing, if you have your health.  Most people are retired, or only work part time by then.  What's sad, is when either the wife or the husband becomes ill, it affects the both of them.  I know this is true, because I've seen how much my illness has effected my husband.  I don't like that, but there isn't much I can do to fix it.  There in lies the sadness. 

So, no matter what your age is right now, do everything that you can do to maintain good health.  You just have no idea how important good health is as you become a senior citizen.  That phrase:  The Golden Years, is really only true if you are in good health.  Otherwise, it's a lie because there is no "golden" about these years. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love living my life, each and every day.  I thank God every day for the fact that I'm still able to wake up each morning and an still alive.  I'm not, in any way, angry at God, or anyone else because of my illness.  It is because of God, that I'm still here.  So, for that, I'm thankful! 

Here's my advice for today:  Live each day to it's fullness; tell your family, daily, how much you love them and how proud of them you are; never go to bed angry with anyone; show gratitude to God for all the blessings you do have;  show no animosity for things you don't have and don't need; and accept your life just the way it is.  You are truly blessed, realize that, accept that and be thankful!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

God Doesn't Give Us More Than We Can Handle!

Hi all,

What's your take on my title?  Do you believe this statement to be true?  Well, I do.  I know that sometimes it's hard to believe this, especially when you're the one going through difficult times.  But, we need to stay strong in our faith in God. 

Today was one of those times for me.  As most of you already know, I have Chronic Congestive Heart Failure.  I have an implanted defibrillator with a built in pacemaker because I am pacer dependent and have been for most of the last twenty one years.  My heart is not working at full capacity and hasn't been for the past seven years.  Those are just the facts, as I know them.  I'm not complaining at all.  Actually, I thank God daily for still giving me life.

Today started like any other day.  Then after I was up for about a half hour, I knew something wasn't right and I knew it was either my defibrillator, my pacemaker or my heart.  I just didn't know which one.  I went to the grocery store, since Thursday is my regular grocery shopping day.  That was a mistake. 

I definitely wasn't feeling 'right' in my chest.  I started sweating a lot while I was in the check out line.  My husband has been going along with me to get the groceries, for the last few weeks, but today he wasn't able to go with me.  I should have just waited and gone tomorrow, but I didn't.  Of course, we all know that hindsight is 20/20, but I wasn't entertaining that theory this morning.

Once I got home, I unloaded all five of the bags and drug them into the house by myself, proceeded to put them away and then made myself sit down for at least fifteen minutes to rest.  I then took my blood pressure and heart rate.  They seemed normal.  So, I called my cardiologist and reported my symptoms.  She explained to me how I could do a manual reading via my Merlin.  (My Merlin reads and checks my heart rate, irregular beats and pacemaker once every day now.  I now have a chip built into my new defibrillator.) 

So, I did what she told me to do and then sat still, in front on Merlin for fifteen minutes, which was about the time it took to do it's job.  She later called me to let me know that both the defibrillator and the pacemaker where working fine.  She noted that I was having PVC's in some of my readings and assumed that was what happened this morning.  We deducted that the prescription nasal spray, which I was using for sinus congestion, could have been this mornings culprit.  By this afternoon, I was feeling much better.  I was not happy that I have been having PVC's, but I was extremely happy that she didn't tell me to go to the hospital or to the cardiologist's office. 

I can live with the PVC's and I will.  What's one more thing to deal with?  Basically, it's one more thing that I will turn over to God.  He has wide arms and will surround me with them when I need a hug.  I trust in His mercy and love.  How about you?  I hope your answer is 'yes'!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Try Hard But Seem To Get Nowhere!

Hi all,

How's everyone doing today?  Of course it's hump-day here in the US.  For those of you working full time jobs, only two more days to go in this work week.  For people like me, it really doesn't matter.  My days are pretty much all the same, but that's okay by me. 

I've been proofing my manuscript for the second time.  I seem to get carried away with the comma.  Most of my changes are deleting them.  I'm excited about the fact that I'm just about ready to submit my sequel novel to the printers.  I'm anxious to see it in print.  Once it's on it's way to the printers, I will be ready to put it on amazon for Kindle readers.  That will be my fourth book offered on Amazon for Kindle.  You can check them out at:   Just put in my name and the books I have for sale (for Kindle) will come up. 

One of my friends has been reminding me that I haven't really told her anything about this new novel I'm writing.  She liked it when I'd read her passages while writing my first adult novel.  So today, I read her two chapters.  She was so happy to at least know a little bit about the story.  This novel is a continuation of the first one:  Sassy With A Capital S, but either one can be read on it's own.  The new one is entitled:  Craftycruise With A Capital C, and will be available for Kindle through Amazon in a couple of weeks.  I hope you'll add them to your Kindle reading library. 

Well, the weathermen, yesterday, predicted heavy amounts of snow for today.  Possibly up to eight inches, which would have been the heaviest snow storm of the season.  I'm elated because we didn't get much and now it's almost all gone because of the rain.  Hooray!  I'm so done with the snow, cold and blustery winter weather.  I'd really love some nice calm spring.   I hope it's just around the corner. 

As much as I hate having to go out in the cold, snowy weather, I would not want to live anyplace but here in Pennsylvania.  I love the change of the seasons.  How about you?  York County is my home and it's where I want to finish out my life.

Once again, I'm going to remind you to check out my pages, not just my posts.  One of them is on cardiovascular disease and it's important that everyone read it.  I also have a booklet available, at on Congestive Heart Failure.  I am so passionate about the fact that most women do not know that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women in the United States today.  Please, please read these information booklets.  It just may save your life!

I hope you have a pleasant evening and I encourage you to make sure you take some time for yourself before the night ends.  Find a quiet place where you can be alone for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.  Then meditate, read an inspirational piece or just close your eyes and talk with God.  He'd love to talk with you, too. 


Saturday, March 2, 2013

What's on Your Bucket List?

Good morning to you all,

Well, here we are with the weekend in front of us once again.  If you have children at home, I'm sure you're weekend will be a busy one.  If you're retired, it may be somewhat busy, but without all the drama.  As for me, I have no definite plans for this weekend.  Does that make me sad, absolutely not.  I may not have any plans, but I do have lots I can do. 

My husband took off for the morning and part of the afternoon for parts unknown.  Well, not really unknown.  He's just doing his own thing.  Which pleases me.  After seven years of me trying to get him to do things by himself, he's finally got the hang of it.  That makes me happy.  I hate that he just sits around the house with nothing to do, particularly in the winter months.  He's not one for sitting in front of the television and watching it all day.  Since my life is quite sedentary, I basically have little choice, but I can't sit and watch TV all day either. 

So, I believe that today, I will continue to work on proofreading my novel.  Perhaps I shall work on a new greeting card design or try to finish my latest quilted piece.  So, as you can see, even though I can't run around doing things, there is plenty I can do while in the comfort of my own home.  That makes me very happy, since I love my home.  I feel secure and safe here.  I don't have a problem being here in the quiet.  I do know, that I'm never really alone, God is also here with me.  He gives me this sense of contentment and safety.  For that I thank Him every day.

As far as my having a bucket list, I don't actually have one.  What I do have is the desire to complete as many creative tasks that God lets me do in the time I have left on this earth.  You see, He has blessed me with these abilities, and it would be a sin for me to waste them. 

I've been seriously thinking about my next writing adventure.  I think I'd like to write a story about how heart disease has affected my life and what I'm doing to live with it.  I also want people to know and understand how very much it effects my husband, and how much he's overlooked by others because I can't do certain things any more.  Couples who both have their health, can't understand or put themselves in our shoes.  Believe me, it's not easy for me, but it's not easy for him either.  The sad part is that he's in fairly good health and quite capable of participating in activities. 

Well, if you have a bucket list, I'd be happy to hear what's on it.  Send me a comment and let me know.  Have a safe and full weekend and find a few minutes for yourself.  You need it!  God speed!