Friday, February 26, 2016

It's the weekend!

Hi everyone,

All you who work Monday through Friday, can now breathe a sigh of relief, because it's Friday evening here in the United States.  As for me, it really doesn't matter what day of the week it is, but I'm glad for all of you, that it's Friday evening.

I went to visit my friend this morning at the rehab.  She's adjusting a little better than before, at least I pray she is.  She is where she needs to be right at this particular time in her life.  I know she's not happy about the situation, but I spoke to her about acceptance and how her life will be much peaceful when she just accepts things for what they are right now.  I pray for her daily and I know God will watch over her and grant her His mercy and grace.

How's the creativity going?  Come on, don't disappoint me.  I know you have some creative abilities inside of you.  We all do, it's just that many folks don't even try to let it out.  You may just be surprised at what you can accomplish if you simply try! 

As for me, I'm still working on my hand-embroidery work.  I've finished a hand embroidered ornament, as well as a small, embroidered felt bag to put them in.  That means I've made about twenty of each so far.  Right now I'm working on hand embroidered bags to use for small gifts for everyone.  I guess after I finish with all of these, I'll go back to working on embroidered hand towels for next Christmas.  Perhaps I'll make a hand embroidered, Easter table runner, for each of my daughters, first.  I'll just have to see what I'm in the mood to do first. 

I've been tossing around the idea of starting another novel, but I haven't decided yet, if I want to or not.  I do love writing though, and I miss not working on a manuscript.  I'll have to ponder on it some more.

Well, according to the weather report, it's to be in the low to mid 50's, Sunday through Wednesday, of next week.     Of course, then Thursday they're saying we could have some snow flurries.  What's up with this weather, anyways?

Here's some photos of a few of the embroidered items I've completed.  If you like the idea, why not start some of your own!

These are some money holders I've made for the Grandkids for Easter.

 I wish all of you a happy and fun filled weekend.  Be safe and may God bless each of you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Do you have a prayer time?

Hi all,

Every day, around 2:15pm, when I'm alone, I call upon Jesus to sit with me while I sing to Him songs of praise.  I love this time alone with God so much.  It's not that I can just feel His presence, I know He's right here with me.  I sing mostly old Christian songs, such as:  My favorite/ Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, The Old Rugged Cross, Here I am Lord, Make Me a Channel of Your Grace, and many more.  I know that God is right there in my living room while I sing these songs of praise. 

Then at the three o'clock hour, I sing The Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Once again, I feel God's presence with me.  As I sing each decade, in remembrance of Jesus' Crucifixion and death, I can visualize in my mind, each of the passion movements.  The first is while Jesus is brought before Pontious Pilate and the crowd yells to release Barabbas instead of Jesus.  When Pilate asks what should be done with Jesus, they all shout, "Crucify Him!, Crucify Him!", over and over again.  At that point, Pilate washes his hands of the entire situation and releases Jesus to them.

The second one is when Jesus is brought taken out for the scourging at the pillar.  They chain Him to a pole and He's whipped, over and over again.  As Jesus falls to the ground, the whipping continues as even as His clothes are sliced and He's bleeding from every place on His body, the whipping continues. 

The third is as they pull Jesus up from the ground and make Him walk to the spot where He is instructed to carry a heavy cross, made  from a tree, on His shoulder and back.  After all the beatings He's already gone through, it's a miracle that Jesus is able to carry it even a small ways.  Finally, after falling, over and over again, Jesus is unable to stand up once again.  So, Simon is instructed to carry the cross for Jesus.  Even now, as Jesus falls because He simply can't stay on His feet any longer, He is once again whipped and made to return to His feet.

The fourth decade is when Jesus is instructed to approach His cross for His hanging.   As Jesus approaches the cross He falls and embraces the cross, as He knows He indeed has to give up His life on that cross.  Now the soldiers tie His arms to the cross beam of the cross and then proceed to hammer large, heavy nails through His wrists and into His feet.  After all that, when they stand the cross up straight, Jesus has to endure the pain from His weight being pulled from the nails.

The fifth decade is when Jesus knows He needs to die on that cross, as His Father instructs.  It is at this time, that the soldiers want Jesus to hurry up  and die, so one of them takes a large spear, attached to a long pole, and pierces Jesus' heart and lungs.  Thus draining every ounce of blood and water from the body of Jesus Christ.  At that time, darkness overcomes the land and the people become afraid.  Jesus utters, "Not my will, but Thine be done!" and dies on that cross.

As I finish up the Chaplet, I am filled up with Jesus' mercy and graces.  This Chaplet was founded by Sister Maria Faustina.  Jesus appeared before her many, many times, during her short adult life and He instructed her to pass this chaplet on to all His creatures.  He even showed her a portrait of Himself showing red and white lines coming from His heart and lungs.  This depicts the blood and water of Jesus. 

I discovered this information about five or six years ago and my life has changed since I found out about the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. EWTN. which is the Eternal Word Television Network and is the Catholic station, broadcasts the Divine Mercy Chaplet almost every day at three o'clock.  If I miss it, I sing it by myself.  It has become so very important to me and for this, I am so thankful. 

If you'd like more information about St. Faustina or the Chaplet, tune into  EWTN anytime.

Here's the image that Jesus intended to go with the Chaplet.  I'm sorry it's not very good.  This is a new laptop and I'm still learning how to improve things on it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Wednesday!

Hi everyone,

How's everyone this evening?  I hope you all are well and happy that today is "Hump Day."  I have not been feeling well, since last Friday.  I believe I had a sinus infection, which is clearing up nicely, but since yesterday, I think I might have an intestinal bug.  Oh well, I'm not going to complain, because it won't help anyways.  I am just thankful that it hasn't been worse.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling much better.

What have all of you been up to lately?  Are you working on any creative projects?  Winter time is a good time to stay indoors and start a project, any project!  Even giving one of your rooms a face-life is being creative.  It doesn't always have to cost you money to change your room around.  Just go through some things that you may have put in storage in your basement:  perhaps some old lamps, curtains, furniture, even old photos.  All these things can spruce up a tired looking room.  Try it, you'll see.  Also, you can just change the position of all the furniture in that room.

I'm still working on my hand embroidery work.  I am pretty much finished with my hand made greeting cards for now.  I've now hand embroidered an ornament for each member of my family, as well as, hand embroidered bags to put them into.  They are all made from felt.  My husband picked me up some more hand towels today, so that I will be able to soon start some more embroidered towels for next Christmas.  They're towels for display only.  I put embroidered Santa's, Snowmen, etc. on them. I also make some with just a picture and a saying on them.  Those can be used any time of the year.  I display some in my own home.  I also enjoy making table runners, either for a particular season of the year, or just for anytime.

Well, since today is Hump Day, that means for all you who work on the week days, tomorrow you will be on down side of your work week!   Tomorrow is grocery day for me, but I'll have to see how I feel then.  Perhaps I'll go on Friday, instead.  We certainly won't starve if I don't get there tomorrow.

Please let me know what you all are up to these days.  I hope some of you take my advice and do something creative.  It will add to your self-esteem, that's for sure, and other folks so enjoy receiving something that's hand made.  Of course, you could try making some home made jelly or preserves for your friends, or make them some home made cookies.  People love home made goodies.

Have a great rest of week and be safe always.

PS:  I do love my beautiful sky photos.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Sunday!

Hey, what's up?

As for me, I can sum that answer up in two words:  I'm sick!  Last Tuesday evening, I started to have some pressure in my sinus cavities and stuffy nose..  It continued about the same until Friday and then it got really bad.  I am assuming that it's just my sinus, what with all the fronts which are continually passing through our section of Pennsylvania.  Twenty years ago, I would have said there's no truth to the fronts causing sinus problems, but not anymore. 

I have to say that since Friday afternoon, I probably have gone through two boxes of tissues.  Between the sneezing, constantly, and the runny nose, I am using a lot of tissues.  I hope that I start feeling some better tomorrow.  The headaches, right above my eyes has been really bad.  It makes it very uncomfortable reading, writing, working on my hand embroidery and just about everything.  Oh well, this too shall pass.

How was your weekend?  I hope yours was a lot better than mine.  I guess most of you will be returning to work again tomorrow.  I remember, when I was still able to work, how quickly the weekends passed, compared to the same number of week days.  Unfortunately, we all have to work to support our families, at least most of you do.  I did work for many, many years.  Up in till I became chronically ill.

How has the "creative abilities" been flowing?  I'm about finished with the bulk of my handmade cards for 2016, except for Christmas cards.  I always make cards for my family for birthdays and holidays, as well as, a variety of get well, sympathy  and thinking of you cards.  I love creating them and most people enjoy receiving a handmade card. 

I've been thinking about the possibility of writing another novel, but I'm not sure  yet when.  We'll see how my life goes in the next couple of months.  I do like to keep  my creative imagination going.  But
time will tell.

What creativity have you been practicing?  How about purchasing one of the new adult coloring books that are now on the market.  Some of them are very complex, to say the least.  I received a small one, along with matching stamps, to make some greeting cards.  I made two and I have to tell you that the coloring part took a long time.  But then, I was doing shading on everything I colored.  I decided that when I mail these two cards, I'll add a coloring book page in the envelope.  That way whom ever I send them to, will be able to color a picture also.

Well, I hope you've had a great weekend.  Get plenty of sleep before heading to work in the morning.
Be safe and may God bless each of you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Today is a very important day!

Hi all,

Today is Ash Wednesday and a very important day within a lot of different religions.  As for myself, I am, and always have been, a Catholic.  But I know that Lent is celebrated in many other religions, as well. 

We start Lent with Ash Wednesday.  If you are going to church today, you will probably be given ashes on your forehead, as a symbol of:  From dust you came, and to dust you will return.  Lent is a time for us to prepare ourselves for the memories of Jesus' Passion, Crucifixion and Death on a cross at Calvary. 

The significance of this is that Jesus did nothing, not one thing, wrong or offensive.  While there were others who committed wrong doings and should have been punished, they weren't.  Why?  Because even though Jesus did no wrong, the people were afraid of Him and His teachings.  He was definitely different than the normal person, as He healed the sick and lame, calmed the seas and helped the mute to see and hear once again.  These actions frightened some people, as well as, made them feel inferior.  They started lacking self-worth.  So, they wanted to punish Jesus, calling Him a liar and a freak. 

Today, those folks would be known as bullies.  A bully has a very low self esteem, but pretends to themselves and others, that they know everything and that they are special.  Therefore, allowing them to bully others who are different.  My feelings on this subject is this:  It wasn't okay back in Jesus' day and it certainly isn't okay today either.  Bullying is just wrong.  There is nothing good or Christian about it.  So, why do we allow this behavior to go on?  I sincerely pray that we soon find a way to stop all this hatred and bullying. 

Many people give up something for Lent but I've decided not to do that.  I'd rather choose to do good deeds whenever possible during Lent.  Also, to pray for everyone daily.  We all need prayers in our lives, for without prayer, we are nothing. 

Every morning, for quite a long time, I've been  reading my Divine Mercy Minutes With Jesus.  Each day there is a new post from the diary of St. Faustina, followed by a short prayer.  To that reading, I've now added daily readings from, Forty Days to Mercy, A Jubilee Year Lenten Devotional.   It only takes about four or five minutes to read both of them and I surely can spare that short  time to give praise to God, and to renew myself to Him.  How about you?  What can you do to glorify God during this very special time of the Church year?

As you well know, as the weeks of Lent go by, we know that on Good Friday, we remember the passion, crucifixion and  death of our Beloved Jesus.  Then on Easter Sunday, we gladly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus into heaven.  But, why do we only celebrate these happenings during the seasons of Lent and Easter?

I will share with you that I remember these events almost every day.  I pray, through song, the Divine Mercy Chaplet almost daily.  I love it.  It is very sad, but I truly believe that Jesus releases His Divine Mercy to each and all, every time we either recite or sing the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  It brings me great faith and trust in Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit.  For any of you who are not familiar with Saint Faustina, she became a nun and later died from illness, at a young age, in 1938.  Her diary has been published and is available for all to read.  It contains the conversations between Jesus and her.  Jesus asked Faustina to share with everyone His words, if they wanted to get to heaven upon their death.  Also, if they wanted to live a peaceful and contented life here on earth. 

I tune into the EWTN television station very often.  It is the Catholic station and they broadcast many interesting programs.  I love being able to participate in the Mass with them.  It's no different than being in Church, except that I can only receive Holy Communion, spiritually.  The other program that I participate in almost daily is the Divine Mercy Chaplet, in song form.  It's such a beautiful way to give praise to  God, and also to be reminded of all Jesus suffered for us.   (If you have Comcast, it's channel 15)

Please remember to give thanks to God daily, not just during this holy season of Lent.  Take care of yourselves physically and spiritually and may Jesus fill you all up with His Divine Mercy, always.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

What to do in certain situations?

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are not entirely sure how to handle it?  I suppose we've all found ourselves in this place many times during our life time.  When the matter involves us, our spouse or our children and grandchildren, we do what we have to do to help make the situation better.  We don't even ponder on it for very long.  As a daughter, son, wife, husband, mother, father or grandparent, we just do whatever we have to do because we love the people involved.  I know you will agree with me about this matter.  When it comes to family, we put ourselves last and put those we love first, always.  At least I hope that's what you all do!

But, what if it isn't a family member or even your best friend, what if it's a friend.  Would you make the same choices?  Well, I've shared with all of you about a friend of mine, at least we used to be very close friends, but not so much in the last few years.  I decided I would go and visit her and try my best to be a good friend to her.  (The decision to stop being friends wasn't mine.)  I know that she feels very much alone right now and that hurts me, for her sake.  I also realize that her family is in a very tough place right now.  They did what they had to do but she doesn't see it that way.  She feels they deserted her, which I know isn't true. 

For the past few weeks, I have felt that God was directing me to reach out to her, which I truly wanted to do, because I still consider her my friend.  My problem was that I decided that I would not play into her depression and negativity.  Mostly, because I don't agree with what she's feeling.  I am smart enough to know that she is suffering from depression and anxieties. 

I had decided that I would visit with her (in a nursing home),  yesterday.  But Thursday evening I found that I could not fall asleep.  I was worried about how she'd accept my visit and if I could do what God was directing me to do.  I felt very insecure in my ability to be strong, but still be very kind to her.

My purpose was to, first of all, let her know that I care very much about her, and secondly to help her in any way I could.  I decided that if I could get her interested in learning how to do hand embroidery work, she would not only have something to do with herself, but I hoped it would increase her self esteem, which is very low right now.  So I got my supplies together that I would leave with her so she could work on it whenever she felt like it.  Since adult coloring books and colored pencils have become the rave now, I asked my husband to pick up a coloring book and a pack of pencils for her, also. 

I left the house with high hopes, deciding that if she wasn't open to either the embroidery work of the coloring book and pencils, I'd just drop the subjects and bring everything back home with me.  I prayed and left my visit in God's hands. 

Well, He was right there with me during the entire visit and I will tell you that I was so very thankful that she was open to both the embroidery work and the coloring book.  She told me that was the first time she'd smiled in quite some time.  I promised her I'd be back to help with learn some more embroidery stitches and left her with some practice pieces.  She said to thank my husband for the coloring book and pencils, also. 

The reason I'm sharing this story with you is because God puts situations like this in front of us from time to time.  Then the choice is up to us:  Do we try to do His wishes and do what He asks of us or do we just turn away and do what we want, because we don't want to be bothered. 

As I've shared with you all many times, I have a great need to "give back" or perhaps to "play it forward" for all the many blessings God has bestowed upon me, all my life.  Since my life is very sedentary, my choices for giving back are few.  But, I will not give up trying where ever I can.  How about you?  Will you step up and do God's will for your many blessings?  I hope your answer is "yes."

God gives us such beauty, what do we give back to Him?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hey friends, it's Hump Day!

Hi all,

Well, it is hump day, but it's also Wednesday.  Which doesn't mean too much to me, except that I grocery shop tomorrow.  Yahoo!  At least I don't have to go to work any longer, like so many of you do.  Sorry, I shouldn't rub that in, now should I?

Seriously, I would have traded working for being chronically ill, any day, but we have to play the cards we're dealt.  I'm not complaining about being ill, not at all.  I have accepted my life just the way it is and I am very content with my life.  I give thanks to God every day for all the many blessings He's given to me my entire life. 

We all have been given many blessings, but many people just look at what they don't have and not at what they do have, which in most cases, is a lot.  If you have fairly good health, a family who loves and respects you, friends to care about, a job to pay your bills, then you are rich with blessings.

Some people just are never satisfied with what they have.  They always want more.  That is not me, and I thank God every day, that's it's not.  It's such a shame that so many folks don't realize that happiness comes from the inside, not exterior things.  That's why so many people aren't now happy nor have they ever been truly happy. 

I can truly say, even with all my health issues and my many restrictions, that I am very happy with my life.  I have a wonderful and loving family, some friends, enough money to pay our bills, enough food to eat, a car that runs, but most of all, I have God in my life.  What more do I need?  Absolutely nothing!  

There is so much negativity in this world in which we live, that it makes me so very sad.  I do what I think God is directing me to do, but it won't make any great changes to the world.  But, if I can make even a slight change in just one person, then I am happy.

How about you?  What could you be doing but aren't?  How about if all of us would just reach out to one person who needs a helping hand.  Wouldn't that be better then just putting them out of our minds and pretending that they just don't exist?  I'm quite sure that during each day, every one of us has an opportunity to do something nice for someone else, and we just don't bother.  Come on, we're better than that and we all know it.  So, I ask each of you to just reach out to one other person tomorrow, even if it's just to give them a smile and ask "how are you doing?"  You just might make their bad day, better, and make them smile in return.  Try it, I dare you.....

We have so much beauty in this world, which is right in front of us.  Just stand still for one minute and look up at the sky in all it's beauty.  I think it's so sad that so many folks never look at the sky, which is hand painted, by God, just for our seeing.

I hope you all have a good day tomorrow and be safe always.  May God bless each of you.