Saturday, August 19, 2017

Happy Saturday evening, folks!

How's everyone doing this evening?  I hope you all are doing well.  I'm sure that many of you are spending your weekend running around or doing errands, but I hope that you will have some time for yourself and your family tomorrow, Sunday.

I have been trying to make time to finish my manuscript, but I haven't had as much time as I'd like to work on it.  Why?  You got me!  It just seems that my days pass so quickly.  I will say that I did manage to finish my cleaning this week.  It's getting harder for me to do my own cleaning, but I will continue do it, until I can't anymore.  I'm not really worried anymore, if my house is a bit dusty.  I just do the best I can and that's good enough for me.  Of course, if I didn't have a Roomba, I wouldn't be able to do it at all.  If you are wandering if the Roomba works, the answer is "yes" it does.  I love it!  This is our second one and they keep improving them all the time. 

I've finally given away all my small, security blankets for children in hospitals.  I decided to keep them local, if possible.. Of the seventy I made, 26 went to Hershey's Children's Hospital and the remainder of them, went to The York Hospital's Children's Ward.  I will make some more of them, but probably not until October and November.  I'm going to put either Santa or a snow man on those, since they'll be given out just before Christmas.

I was trying to decide what my next project should be, as my way of 'giving back' for all my blessings.  So, two days ago, I tried something new, a Teddy Bear, which turned out pretty good.  My husband said he thought it was cute.  So now I have two finished and have started on four more.  These are also for children.  I've never tried anything like this before, but I'm always willing to try to do something new.  I thank God for my creative talents every day.  He has truly blessed me in so many ways.

I hope the remainder of your weekend goes well for you all.  Please stay safe and pray, pray, pray.  It's the only way that this country and our world, will ever stay safe for our children and grand children. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What is your passion?

Hi folks,
How's everyone doing this evening?  I hope all is well with you and your family.  As far as I know, my family is all doing well and I am so thankful for that fact. 

As for my title tonight, I've been thinking about how so many of us go through life never finding our true passion.  You know, what you'd really love to do with your life.  Of course, for many of us, we grow up,  get out on our own, get a job doing whatever we can to make money to live, and so often  stick with that job for many years.

Some years ago, I went to a seminar entitled:  "What are you passionate about?  I always assumed that what we choose as our profession, was our passion, but somehow I knew that couldn't be right, because all though I was really good working at finances, I knew I wasn't passionate about my work.  Oh, of course, I did the best I could, always, at my job.  But I have to admit that it wasn't what made me happy.  It just paid the bills. 

After attending that meeting, I realized that my passion was doing everything that was creative.  I've truly been blessed with many, many creative abilities and I'm so thankful for them.  But it was my beloved Mom who showed me how to do so many things in the creative field, that helped  make me the woman I am today.  I will always be thankful for all her help. 

I was a middle child and I don't know if you believe that many middle children have a drive that just doesn't stop them from doing what they love.  I can remember so many times, as a teenager, when my Mom showed me how to sew, that my attitude always was:  I can do it, unless I prove to myself that I positively can't do it.  I still feel that way today.

I also learned from Mom that anything you do you should do it to the best of your ability.  This is the way I've tried to live my life and taught my daughters.  I never understood how someone could just stand there and say that they can't do something, if they've never even tried to do it. 

Whenever I show someone else how to do something in the creative line, I always tell them to just do the best they can and that will always be good enough.  Also I tell them that when you're doing anything by hand, it never will be absolutely perfect.  For heavens sake, even machines don't always produce perfect items, now do they. 

So, if you've been wandering where your passion lays, look deep inside yourself.  What is it that you would have always loved to be able to do, but never tried?  Well, now's the time, just try it!  You'll never know if you will be good at it, if you never try.  Don't forget this:  Practice makes perfect, or at least gets you closer to perfect each day.  Don't give up on your dreams.  If someone my age can take on line classes, you certainly can do it also.

My advice to you today:  Don't ever give up on yourself and always find out what you are passionate about and then learn how to do it.  Don't put it off because the day to start may never come.

Have a wonderful week and be safe always.

Here's one of my creations:  It's a table runner I made for my Grandson and his partner, who both love dogs..

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Is it true?

Hi everyone,

My title refers to the fact that it's now August already.  The summer months are flying by, but then every month, be it winter, fall, summer or spring, flies by to me.  Time in general goes so quickly the older you become. 

Oh there is a day here and there, that moves along very slowly for me, but they are the rarity in my life.  Generally, that kind of day would be one that I spend entirely alone, especially if it's a weekend day. 

My generation, when we were young, were taught that Saturdays and Sundays, were considered 'family' time.  I can't really remember a time when my Dad worked, even in garden, on a Sunday.  He did on Saturdays, because he worked full time at The York Barbell Company.  It was the only full time job my Dad ever had.  The company itself, wasn't well known when he started.  Some of the other employees were hired at the same time as my Dad.  To me, that's dedication, when a person stays at the same job all of their adult life.  Even when they could probably make more money elsewhere.  Dad was so good at his job as Traffic Manager.  I suppose it was from him that I learned good work ethics.  So, thanks Dad for teaching me how to be a hard worker at a job  Of course, I haven't worked for many years now, because I have been medically disabled since 2006. 

To change the subject a bit, I have to say that there is so much about how things are done today and the way people are so unkind to one another, that I'm almost glad that I am old now.  I fear for how this world will be in another twenty-five or so years.  Whatever happened to all the rules we were taught as children, from our parents and in school every day?  Sometimes I think that parents today must be too tired to teach their kids how to be polite to others, how to say 'thank you' and 'no thank you', 'May I please have...,' and so many other things that I taught my kids.  It's called being polite.  Perhaps that word isn't even in the dictionary today.  Oh, I forgot, who uses a dictionary today???
Well, I occasionally still do.  I'm not sure that proper spelling even matters today, what with all the short cuts in spelling that are used today.  I'm sorry, but I'm old school and I like it that way!

Another thing that bothers me today is when you're speaking with someone, mostly the younger generations than me, they can't even look directly at you and answer you.  They are looking at their cell phones and barely paying any attention to you, or whoever is speaking to them.  Personally, I don't put up with that behavior from my family members.  Of course, they already know that about me, so they are pretty careful how much attention they pay to their phones when they're in my presence.  I'm sorry, but I just think that it's rude!  What do you think?

How's the weather where you are?  We had one bad storm pass through this afternoon that did some considerable damage in parts, in this area.  Once again, the end of our street, where it intersects with a major road, was flooded.  What surprised me was how the cars just kept flying through the intersection.  They didn't even slow up.  The water was up over the curbs on all four sides of the road.  Why is everyone always in such a hurry these days?  Half the time they don't even pay any attention to yellow lights or even sometimes red ones. 

Okay, I'm done complaining for the evening.  Besides, it doesn't make any difference anyways, now does it?  I hope the rest of your week goes well.  May God bless you and keep you and your families safe.

This is one of the Christmas Table runners I made.  Sorry, it's not a great photo of it.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The weekend is here!

Good evening everyone,

Well, for all of us living in South Central Pa. and Northern Maryland, the weekend won't start out very nice, but at least later on Saturday and Sunday, will be nicer.  Since there's nothing anyone can do about the weather, we will just have to make the best of it!

I hope your work week went well.  If not, there's always next week and perhaps that will go well for you.  As for me, every day is pretty much the same, it doesn't matter if it's a weekday or a weekend.  I'm not complaining though, I'm thankful for each day God gives me.  I keep hearing that commercial on television for Congestive Heart Failure where they say:  If you have Congestive Heart Failure, tomorrow is never promised.  I know this is true, so I never take any day for granted.  I thank God each morning when I wake up for giving me another day of life.  I know I have be very, very blessed by God, always.

How about you?  Do you give thanks to God for all your many blessings?  So often, we take things for granted and we complain and become angry when things don't go the way we want, or we don't get what we want.  Every one of us needs to stop doing that.  We all have been blessed so many times over. 

If the people living in the USA don't soon thank God and give Him, and Him alone praise, I fear for what may happen to the US and to the entire world.  I want a safe, honest and loving place to live for my Grandchildren and for their children to come.  Isn't that what all of you want, also? 

We need to thank God often, pray to Him every day, and trust in His help.  We need to turn to Him for help and understanding and we need to practice acceptance and gratitude every single day of our lives.  That is the only way for our future generations to have a safe and good life in this world.

I hope your weekend goes well.  Remember that Sunday is The Lord's Day, so spend a little time with Him either at church or in your own home.  Be safe always!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Happy Saturday evening!

Hi everyone,

I hope your weekend is going well thus far.  Mine has been good, as I got to spend a few hours today with one of my Grandsons and his partner.  I love spending, even a small amount, of time with any of my six Grandsons, or anyone in my family.  I do realize how busy they all are, as they all live very active lives, which is good.  It's still hard for me to believe that my six little Grandsons are now all grown up men.  I am so proud of them and I wish them all the best in their lives and relationships, always.

I've been working on my manuscript a good bit this week.  It's moving right along, which makes me very happy.  I pretty much know how the story will end, but it will take some more writing to get to that point.  I can't tell you how much I enjoy coming up with a story line for a new manuscript.  It helps me to feel good that I'm using the abilities that God gave to me. 

I've been making table runners to be either given away now, or for Christmas gifts.  They are all done by hand.  I just finished some Christmas ones. I will have to upload a photo of them to my laptop, which I am using to post this tonight, so I can show them to you.  I just started a new design today.  It is of an antique baby carriage, which is filled up with flowers.  I have all the pieces cut out and pinned together, but will start embroidering them later tonight.  I love to keep busy while I sit, with my feet up, on the sofa.  That's where I do all my embroidery work.

I can't believe that July will soon be ending, although I can't say I will be sad to see this heat and humidity leave us.  Today was the first time, in about three or four weeks, that I actually went anywhere.  It's just easier for me to stay in my home in the air conditioning.  How are you handling the heat lately.  If you have heart issues, I do hope you are staying inside with the air on.

I am very pleased with myself because I have lost another pound.  It's very hard for me to lose weight since I can't exercise at all.  It has to be done simply by what I am eating.  I am trying to lose weight because every pound I lose, makes it easier on my heart.

I do hope you all have a great day tomorrow, Sunday.  I also hope you will remember to take a few minutes to give praise and thanks to God tomorrow.  Be safe and may God bless each of you.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Wow, did it pour!

Hi folks,

We had some big storms come through here this afternoon.  They left a lot of flooding and trees and limbs down as they left us.  I understand we may be in for some more as the evening continues.  We were lucky.  We had no damage to our property and our electric stayed on through it all, which was a good thing for me.  I need to have our air on in hot and humid weather.  We did have some flooding close to our home, at the intersection.  I'm very thankful that it wasn't worse than what it was.  Did the storms affect you or your homes?

I'm still working on my new manuscript.  I've been working on it every day, for at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours every day.  I think I'm on a page somewhere in the 60's.  In case I haven't told you, the title will be:  Life, Love and Lies.  Almost the entire story takes place within the confines of a circus.  Of course, like most circuses, they move across the country.  I'm excited to keep working on it.  I have the entire story line all figured out and pretty much how it will end.  I'm still doing some research as the circus moves from one state to another.    I can't tell you how much I love and enjoy writing.  I'm so glad that I didn't let me age stop me from taking writing courses from the Children's Institute of Literature, when I was in my early forties.  And, that I continued taking on-line courses through the web site:  WOW-Woman On Writing, about five or six years ago.  I've learned so much from both places and if I'm going to write books, I needed to learn how to do it properly.  This would be thanks to my dear beloved Mother, who always told me and my siblings, when we were young, "If you're going to take the time to do something, do it right!"  So, thank you, Mom, so very much for that great advice all those years ago. 

As far as my embroidery work goes, I'm still working on it.  But I've taken a little break from the small blankets for children and I am currently working on table runners for Christmas gifts or an any time gift.  I only have twenty of the blankets left, as I donated 26 to the Hershey Children's Hospital and 24 to the York Hospital Children's wing.  The lady from the York Hospital called me within an hour after my husband delivered the to her, and she said they were so beautiful and she couldn't wait for the kids to receive them.  She thanked me so much and I told her it was my pleasure to do something nice, something to help these children not to be so afraid while in the hospital.  Giving back makes me feel good about myself.  I just wish I could do more for those kids.  I was thinking of some other way I may be able to help them, but I need to think on that subject for a while longer.

I hope your week goes well.  If you are taking a vacation anytime soon, please be careful and always be safe, no matter where you are. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

What makes you happy?

Hi everyone,

I've shared with all of you that I was making security blankets for young children who are in hospitals.  I had a total of seventy done.  So my husband took 26 of them up to the Hershey Children's Hospital and then today he took 24 to the York Hospital Children's Ward.  After he dropped them off, I had a phone call from the lady in charge. 

She was so excited.  She told me that she thinks the kids will love them so much.  She thinks they're adorable.  She also asked me how long it takes to make one.  (approx. 4 to 5 hours).  She said that she can't wait for her and the nurses to hand them out to the young ones.  She kept thanking me for making them.  I told her that it was my pleasure.  I just wanted to do something to make a small child's life easier while in the hospital. 

I still have about 20 of them left, and I plan on making more of them.  I need to stay busy and I love doing things for someone else, especially for frightened children.  Here's one of my favorites, but then they all seem to be my favorite.

Well, this is going to be short tonight.  I hope your week is going well and that the weekend will have some fun for you and your family.  Personally, I'll be so happy when this intense heat and humidity comes to an end.  I feel like I will be stuck indoors for ever.  Oh, well, this too shall pass.
Be safe always and take care of your family.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sometimes, things just happen!

Hi everyone,

How's your week going thus far?  Mine is about the same as usual.  I hope you all had a good 4th of July.  As for us, we didn't do much of anything.  My husband ran 26 of the young children's security blankets to Hershey Children's Hospital for me during the morning of the 4th.  I so appreciate all that he does for me.  If it wouldn't be for him, I wouldn't have the craft store supplies that I need to make these blankets or any of the other projects that I create. 

I took a break from making the blankets to work on some Christmas gifts.  I'm making some table runners.  They're all done by hand and I just love doing them.  I can't even imagine how I would be if I didn't have creative abilities.  I'm sure I'd be in a deep depression by now.  I am so thankful, every day, for all the blessings God has bestowed upon me, all through my life.

How about you?  Do you give thanks for the many blessings you have in your life?  I think it's so very sad, because so many people don't thank God for everything they do have.  All they complain about is what they don't have.  I sometimes wander what the world is becoming, so many people are so self-centered.  They only think about themselves, they blame everything bad that happens to them on some one else, instead of putting the fault back onto themselves.  It saddens me so much that so many folks still haven't figured out that happiness only comes from within oneself.  It DOES NOT come from exterior things, including money. 

My life certainly isn't exciting, active or filled with money, but my life is filled with joy.  I have a wonderful husband, daughters, sons-in-law and grandsons.  I am so proud of each and every one of them.  Knowing they are my family, makes me smile.  I basically have everything that I need or want in this life.  No, I don't have a large, swanky house, fancy car, a lot of money and things, but I have everything that I need to live my life.  I am at peace and very contented just the way I am.

If you're not, then I would suggest that you turn to God.  Stop putting yourself first and start putting Him and other people first in your life.  You do need to take care of yourself, but every single person alive is capable of helping out another person in need. 

I hope your week finishes up with peace in your life.  Stay safe.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I've made my decision!

Hi everyone,

In case you're wondering what I'm referring to in my title, it means that I've decided to start another new novel.  I've done most of the research for it already and I started writing the manuscript two days ago.  I'm excited about this one, as I'm stepping out of my comfort zone once again.

It just seems so easy for me to write a story when it is about people and their everyday lives.  You know, stories that come from the heart, stories about family, friends and love.  Although this one will be about family love, it will also involve much deceit.

I haven't yet come up with a definite name yet, but I'm tossing around this:  Life, Love and Lies!  This new novel will definitely include all three of these "L" words.  I have to think about the title for a little while yet and then I'll decide whether I'll use this one or not.

I'm not going to share with you all today, what the story is about, but I suppose you can deduct some of the content from my suggested title.  This new novel will also include death and great loss.  I hope I'll get some time today to work on it, but I have some other projects going on as well.  We'll see how the day progresses.

I also have to come up with a cover for this novel.  I have to admit that I haven't even considered that issue, as of yet.  I'm sure, if I put my thinking cap on, I'll come up with just the right one.  Wish me luck, I may need it.

What have you all been up to lately?  I hope, now that it's summer, you will have some time for some summer fun, especially with your families.  I'm sure all of the swimming pools are open now and the public parks, as well.  Spending time with your family doesn't always have to mean spending money.  Although many times it does!  Just have a back yard meal together.  It's pretty simple and it's not too expensive.  You provide the meats and the grill, and ask everyone else to bring a covered dish.  That way it won't be too expensive.  Just do it!

I'll keep you all informed on my new writing project.  I'm still making table runners for Christmas gifts.  I do them all by hand embroidery.  Try it, you just may find that you have a creative ability you knew nothing about!

Have a wonderful day and be safe always.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Hi folks,

So, how's your week going thus far?  I hope it's going well, but even if it isn't, there's always hope that the remainder of the week will go better for you. 

My week is going like it usually does, fast!  I can't believe that tomorrow is Thursday already.  Perhaps partly because when I got up on Tuesday morning, I thought it was Monday.  That went on for a few hours before I finally realized that it was Tuesday, not Monday. 

I have been indoors for many days now.  I can't be outside with this humidity we've been having for the last ten or so days.  I'm not complaining thought,  because I can always find something creative to do. Actually, I've been tossing around the idea of starting a new manuscript.  I've been praying about it and I have an idea for another novel.  Now I just need to take the time to do some research and write down some of my ideas for my topic. 

I started reading Stephen King's novel, "Joyland."  I can't seem to put it down.  I only have a few pages left in it, so first thing tomorrow morning, it will be finished.  I love his books and I so admire his great imagination.  I just can't ever imagine myself coming up with the plots he comes up with every time.  I've read so many of his books and I've loved every single one.  He has always been my favorite author.   God certainly blessed him with a wonderful imagination.

I was listening to the Solid Gold Oldies on television this evening and I learned that Bobby Darin died in 1973.  I'm not sure I ever knew he died so young.  I looked it up and found that he died from a heart condition.  Of course, I have always loved his music when I was in my teens, but I have to say that I love listening to his music today, because my Dad just loved Bobby Darin.  Every time I hear his song, "Mack the Knife" I can close my eyes and picture my Mom and Dad dancing to it.  It brings me great joy when that happens.  Mom and Dad both passed away many years ago and I miss them all the time. 

It's funny how certain songs from the 40's, 50's and 60's, take me to such a happy place. I think it's because I was a child during most of that time and my world was all about music and dance.  American Bandstand was my favorite television show.  It seemed like such a simpler time back then.  I guess that's because it was, that's for sure, at least for me.

I've taken a little break from my creating security blankets for children in hospitals and started working on hand embroidered table runners and table covers.  They will be used as Christmas gifts.  What have all of you been working on in the creative line? 

What's up for your weekend?  Not much for me, which is normal for me.  My husband is golfing on Saturday.  I'm glad he gets the chance to golf.  He loves the sport and that makes me happy. 

I guess I better close for now.  Be safe always and stay cool.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hi folks!

In yesterday's new blog I mentioned that I would post some photos of my table runners, which I made for Christmas gifts.

Well, here they are, along with a few more of the security blankets for children in hospitals.

The table runners are all done by hand using embroidery stitches.  The blanket animals are also all done by hand.  I use my sewing machine on the blanket edges on the zig-zag mode.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Monday!

Hi everyone,
How's the weather where you are?  It's wayyyy tooooo hot for me here!  It's been up in the 90's for the past two days and will continue in the 90's tomorrow, also.  I am not liking this weather at all!

What have you all been up to lately?  As for me, I've taken a little break from working on my home embroidered security blankets for children who are hospitalized.  I just finished two table runners and I think they turned out well.  At least I like them.  I've decided to make two more table covers, but they won't be quite as long as the two I just finished.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow so you can see them. 

I love working on hand created projects.  My heart might be only working at a low capacity, but it still has the energy to help me to create things for other people.  I can't tell you how much that means to me.  I am so thankful that God has bestowed these creative abilities upon me ever since I was a child.  It means so much to me now, since I no longer have the energy to even leave my home very often.  But, I can do these things while I'm sitting on the sofa with my feet and legs up.  I am so thankful for this.

How are things where you live?  I saw on the television today, that today was one year since the senseless deaths at the Pulse Club in Florida.  I truly don't understand what is wrong with people today.  Why is there so much hatred in this world?  Can't people see that this senseless killing of other people doesn't prove anything.  The shooters either end up in jail for life or dead. 

I truly don't understand why people can't just mind their own business.  Who another person loves, what color their skin is, what religion they are, how they act, or just because they're different, isn't anyone else's business.  Just mind your own business and live your own life.  These people are bullies.  I don't care why they say they take another person's life.  God made everyone of us the same.  He loves us all.  God is the only one who has the right to judge us, no one else. 

If a person puts their faith in the Lord, living according to His will, there wouldn't be so many senseless murders.  Whatever happened to sitting down and talking things through with another person?  Today it seems that the answer to everything is violence.  Well, it's not! 

Violence is not only against the law, but it certainly is against God's laws. 

I hope you have a good week and that those you love will be safe.  Love God and live according to His plan for us, not any other way!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good evening, everyone!

Hi folks,

How's our week going thus far?  Mine is going okay.  I am trying to do a bit of cleaning each morning because my house needs cleaned.  Oh, it's not filthy, but it starting to show a bit of dust here and there.  I am not, by any means, a cleaning fanatic! How about you?  I have too many other things I can be doing:  reading a good book, working on my security blankets for kids in hospitals or talking to a friend on the phone.  As you by now guessed:  Cleaning isn't my favorite thing to do anymore.

Well, it looks like the next couple of days will be strange, weather wise.  It's to be only in the mid sixties tomorrow, but by Monday, it's to be ninety degrees.  What is up with this strange weather?  I, for one, do not like it one bit.  But, since I can't do anything to change it, I suppose I'll just have to live with it, now won't I?

Can you believe that it's already June 6th?  I certainly can not.  It seems like just a short time ago, we celebrated Christmas and welcomed in 2016.  Time moves by so quickly for me, which surprises me so much.  One would think that when a person lives a very sedentary lifestyle, and by that, I mean me on the sofa with my feet up, time would go slowly.  Well, it doesn't. 

I am so thankful for the fact that I'm still alive, no matter how fast or slow time goes by.  It's hard for me to realize that over eleven years ago, I was very close to death.   I give so much praise to God for His giving me more time on this earth.  My family means so much to me and although I don't see them too often, other than my husband, I am so thankful that I am alive to hear what's going on in their lives.  I'm also very thankful for as much time to be with my husband as God allows me.

I'm still creating security blankets for young children who are in hospitals.  I now have sixty-eight of them completed.  They take about five hours to do one.  Here are some photos of them:

I hope the children who receive them will love them as much as I have loved the time I spent creating them.  They are approximately 30" x 36".

Well, I hope your week goes well for you and that you have something fun planned for the weekend.  Or, at least something relaxing for yourself.  Be safe and may God bless you always.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Hi everyone,

Smile, you're now over the half way mark for your work week.  Well, that is if you work a Monday through Friday work week.  As for me, one day is pretty much like another.  I haven't worked for the past thirteen years.  I was put on disability eleven years ago after ending up in the hospital, close to death.  I now live every day of my life with Chronic Congestive Heart Failure, but I am definitely not complaining.  I give thanks to God every day that I wake up.  He has truly blessed me many, many times over and for this I am so grateful.

Can you believe that tomorrow is June 1st. already.  Where did the month of May go to?  It certainly moved along quite fast, didn't it?   Do you have any plans already made for the summer?  The only plans I have would be to stay indoors most of the time, as I can't be outside in the heat and humidity because of my heart failure.  But, I'm okay with that.  I can always find something to do in the creative line. 

My Sister, Carol, has been visiting PA for the past five weeks and I've so enjoyed her visiting me many times each week.  She and I, along with a few other lady friends, spent four days last week in Ocean City, MD.  I truly enjoyed spending all those hours with her.  With my illness, I never know if this will be the last time I will see her or not.  She usually comes up about once a year for four to six weeks.  I am just blessed to have had this time with her, as she'll be returning home to NC in a few days

She and I both agree, and I'm sure that our Brother would agree also, that we had a wonderful childhood and loving, caring Parents.  What more could we have asked for?  As far as I'm concerned, we had the best childhood and children could want.  Don't get me wrong, my Parents had very little money, but my Dad worked a full time and a part time job to keep us going.  When my brother started school, Mom went to work full time, in a sewing factory, to help out. 

The three of us kids were raised with good values, morals, ethics, manners and a strong faith in God.  We were truly blessed in that way.  They saved money to put all three of us through Catholic Schools, which even then, wasn't cheap by any means.  But it was important to the both of them, even though my Dad wasn't even a Catholic. 

I am so thankful to Mom and Dad for all they gave me.  Not just the things I mentioned above, but for the ability not to loose faith in my own abilities, and my everlasting faith in God.  I love them so much and I pray that someday I'll be with them in heaven.

I do hope that you all had a good childhood, also.  It's so important to a child to be raised by God fearing parents who teach their child right from wrong.  I tried to raise my three daughters that exact same way and from where I stand, I did just that!  I am so proud of my girls and I see that they raised their sons that exact same way.  I hope Mom and Dad are looking down on all of us and smiling for the good job they did as Parents.

I hope the rest of your week goes well.  Be safe and trust in the Lord. always.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Give thanks always!

Happy Memorial Day!

I just want to post a few quick words to all those in this country, who are currently, or who in the past, fought for our United States of America at some point in their lives.  I thank you sincerely for serving in our military, trying to help to make this United States of America and safe and better place to live and to help those in other countries have a safe place to live.

I especially thank the families of those soldiers who fought and died during any of those times.  They certainly are heroes in my mind.

So, to all of you out there, who were or are still in the military, have a wonderful day and I'm thankful for each and every one of you!  May God continue protecting each of you, and may He surround Himself with all those who have died and are now with Him!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How's Your Tuesday going?

Hi all,

I don't k  now how the weather is where you are, but it's very cloudy and rainy here in South Central PA.  Days like this make me just want to take a little nap,  I won't do that, because I have some things to do yet this afternoon.

I've been working on my little security blankets for children who are in hospitals, for an extended period of time.  My heart goes out to every one of them.  I can't imagine how frightened they must be, every day, especially with all the medical procedures they need to go through.  I now have sixty-two blankets finished.  I'll just keep on hand-sewing until later in the year.  My Sister, Carol, has been visiting here in PA, and she's been coming in to spend time with me three or four days a week.  I taught her how to make the blankets and helped her with a few other projects.  She's doing good!

My Sister has lived in North Carolina for many, many years now.  So, I really don't get to see her very often.  Since she is now alone, she drives up to PA about once a year.  She stays with my brother and his wife while she's here.  But, I treasure the days she comes in and spends this time with me.  She enjoys it because I teach her how to do creative things, which I am only too happy to do.  We spent some time talking about how things where when we were children.  We both agree on the fact that we had an awesome childhood.  My parents didn't have much money and my Dad worked a full time and a part time job to make ends meet.  Also, our Mother worked full time, at a local sewing factory when my younger Brother started school.  I love reminiscing with Carol about our childhood.  We both agree that our good values, morals and ethics came from Mom and Dad.  We're so happy to have had them for our parents.

As a Mom, I tried very hard to raise my three daughters with the very same principles that my Parent's raised me with.  I couldn't be any more prouder of my Daughters then I am.  You see, they raised their Sons, my six Grandsons, with those very same morals, principles, values and ethics as their Grandparents raised me.  I am so proud of my Daughters and my Grandsons.

With the way things are in the world today, people need to get back to those morals, values and ethics and move away form the permissiveness that exists with children in today's world.  It seems to me that many of today's children have a sense of entitlement, but they don't.  It's that simple.  We all have to live and work in this world to make it a good place to live.  The work is hard and no one is entitled to say, "You owe me," to their parents.  Every  human being, no matter who you are, has responsibilities, at least they should have.  If the parents don't teach responsibility to their children, the child doesn't grow up being a responsible adult.  It just angers me to hear a teenager yell at their parents, "You  Owe Me!"  NO they do not.  A parent's job is to raise their children to be a responsible adult, after that, they owe them nothing.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being there for your adult children and helping them, as long as they are being responsible.  But, they don't owe them that.  So, teach your children to be responsible from the time they're very young and you won't have that problem when they grow up.  It's that simple.

I hope your week goes well and you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.  Please remember the meaning for celebrating Memorial Day and give thanks to all our service woman and men, present and past.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Sale!

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you all know that the following novels will be offered at the special price of
$ .99 starting on May 17, Wednesday, through May 22, next Monday.

1.  Sassy with a Capital "S"
2.  Crafty Cruise with a Capital "C"
3.  Train-Trekking with a Capital "T"

All three of these are usually sold at $3.99, but will be offered for this reduced price during the above mentioned days.  They are all for electronic reading only, which can be done with all most any electronic device.  Each of these books have a separate page on my blog, if you care to see what they're about before purchasing an electronic copy of them. 

Thanks much,

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Today is Mother's Day!

Hi everyone,

First, I'd like to wish each Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma out there, a very happy Mother's Day to all of you. 

As for me, I had a very nice Mother's Day.  I spoke to all three of my daughters on the phone for awhile, which always pleases me.  My husband brought me flowers for Mother's Day, which was very nice of him.

Then, while praying the Mass this morning, Father Wilder had such a moving sermon, that it brought tears to my eyes.  He started his sermon speaking about crossword puzzles and saying how one clue leads to another.  After finding the first clue you can usually find another one from that one.  Then he went on to say that crossword puzzles are sort of like being a Mom.  He says that God blessed Mothers with the ability to do so many things at the same time because when you have children, that is so necessary.  He said that she can be carrying three bags of groceries when she's encountered by one of her children who is crying or hurt, and she immediately has the power to also embrace her child while still carrying those groceries.  He went on to say how strong Moms are and all the compassion and empathy they have for not only their children, but for everyone. 

I had to wipe my tears three times during his sermon.  My children, three daughters, are all grown up with adult men of their own now.  But, my pride in them only enhances as each year goes by.  I know that as a Mom, I did the very best I could when I was raising them, which is what they did for their sons.  Of course, for a Mom, you will always be in "Mom" mode, until the day God takes us home. 

My daughters are still my little girls, even though they're adults.  I still worry about them and their families and I suppose I always will. 

I hope all you Moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day today.  Also, I hope that your children stepped up to let you know just how much you mean to them.  We don't do what we do for the thanks, we do it because it's our job as Moms. 

Be safe and give praise and thanks to God for the children He blessed you with.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hi Folks!

Happy Tuesday to each of you!  How have you been doing?  I hope you're all well and busy, but not too busy to take a few minutes for yourself each day.  Having time alone is very important.  We all need to just stop, be still and quiet for a few minutes each day.

It's surprising how many people keep themselves so busy on purpose.  They don't want to have the time to truly stop and think about how they could improve their lives, in one way or another.  They let unhappiness and problems overshadow their lives. 

We all have so very much to be thankful for, every day.  Waking up to enjoy another day with your family is a blessing, which is mostly taken for granted every day.  Having enough food to eat is a blessing.  No you may not like everything that you are given to eat, but it does keep your stomach full and that's a blessing.  If you have enough money to pay your bills and a home to live in, that's a blessing.  No, it may not be the home you'd like, and you may not have a lot of the things you would like to have, but you are blessed, anyway. 

This world would be a better place in which to live if we all just accepted what we do have and stopped always wanted more.  I've said this before and it is good to repeat it:  Happiness doesn't come from exterior things or money.  It comes from inside yourself! 

So, knowing that, you need to take time to be alone and thank God for all the many blessings in your life.  Remember:  things could always be worse.  So, just count your blessing!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Today is May 1, 2017.

Hi folks,

I can't believe that today is May the first already.  It seems like we just celebrated Christmas and New Years Day.  Where does the time go?  The older I get, the faster the time flies. 

For all of you who live in PA, we are having some very bad storms coming through this evening and during the overnight hours.  There are tornado warnings out for a lot of the cities and towns.  Please be careful and if the weather turns bad, please take cover in a safe place. 

I understand, according to the news reports, that storms did a lot of damage throughout parts of Pennsylvania today.  Please pray for these folks who lost everything, including their homes.  I ask God to stay with them and help them to recover from today's losses.

I assume, if you follow my posts regularly, that you have already read about Jesus' Divine Mercy.  It started with a young girl by the name of Maria Faustina.  She had a great desire to become a nun, starting when she was a very young child.  After finally fulfilling her desire to become a nun, Jesus started appearing to her and telling her things/  He instructed her to write everything down so she wouldn't forget anything.  So, she started keeping a diary, recording everything that Jesus spoke to her about.  Jesus wanted Faustina to tell people about His Divine Mercy, which He wanted to give, freely, to each of us.

I first discovered about St. Faustina (she was declared a Saint a few years ago by the Catholic Church), about seven or eight years ago.  I purchased her diary and I started to learn everything I possibly could about Jesus' Divine Mercy.  I will tell you frankly, that it has changed my life. 

St. Faustina taught us how to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which was instructed by Jesus.  I try very hard to pray the Chaplet every single day, during the three o'clock hour, which is considered to be the hour when Jesus finally died while handing on the cross.  It only takes about twelve to fifteen minutes to pray the chaplet. 

One reason why I pray the Chaplet daily is because Jesus told St. Faustina that if a person lives a good Christian life and prays the chaplet everyday, He will intercede upon their death and take them directly to heaven.  They will not have to make any amends for any sins they've committed during their lives.  I believe this because Jesus, Himself said it!

I try my very best to live the life of a good and faithful Christian woman.  I am a Catholic and I will always remain a Catholic, that is my religion.  I have a very strong faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 

I can sit quietly, when I'm alone, and look back over my last 68 years and I can plainly see all the times that God was right by my side, always.  Considering that I was born with a heart defect and will soon turn 69 years old, say it all!  How about you?  As we grow older, death enters our minds more quickly and more often.  Make sure you are in good standing with God.  Now is the time to make any changes you need to make, if you want eternal happiness with Our Lord.  I do!  How about you?

I hope your week goes well and that you stay safe.

This is the Divine Mercy Image.  Sorry it's not a good picture.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

Good evening friends,

Well, relax because, for the most of you, your work week is now half over.  So, start looking forward to the weekend in a few days.

Today, I went to visit with my friend, who's in a nursing home.  Today's visit was actually very enjoyable.  She seemed in a little better spirit than she's been for months.  I pray it stays that way.  I think she's starting to realize the fact that the nursing home is her home now.  She seemed more alert and in a better mood than she has been. 

One of her aides came into the room and I asked her what made her choose this profession.  She looked at me and said, "You know, I really don't know."  She told me that she worked for a printing company after graduating for a few years and then went to work for a different local printer.  She explained that she doesn't know what made her decide to go to school to be a nurse's aide. 

She then told me that she's been doing it for eighteen years now and she loves what she's doing.  I smiled at her and told her that apparently God directed her to be where she is.  She's very good at her job and she's always friendly, at least the times I've seen her.  I told her that I will often tell  people that I talk with God a lot.  No, He doesn't answer me back, but He always answers me in one way or another.  Usually it's a thought that pops into my mind when I'm least expecting it.  He does direct us by  opening the right doors for us.  The problem arises when we choose not to go through that door, but another one that we choose.  He just waits patiently for us to see our mistakes and then re-opens the correct door for us.

I think that when you become an "old person," many of us start to see things in a different manor.  I suppose being ill also contributes to this, but life certainly does look somewhat different to me, now that I'm older and disabled.  I can look back over my entire life and see God's presence everywhere.  I'm so thankful that He never left my side, ever.  He is the one, true friend, you will ever have. 

I hope the upcoming weekend is a pleasant one for each of you.  Please take a little time to spend by yourself.  We all need that alone time to remember just how blessed we have been, whether it's in big ways or small ways.  Be safe always.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Do you care about Divine Mercy?

Good evening,

Tomorrow is officially Divine Mercy Sunday.  That's the day we, as Catholics, celebrate the mercy that Jesus pours out onto each of us.  This became known to us back in the thirties, when Jesus appeared to a young nun whose name was Sister Faustina. 

I first learned about Jesus' Divine Mercy about six years ago.  My husband and I started watching the celebration which is broadcast from Stockbridge, Mass., from the Divine Mercy Chapel which is located there.  Their property is beautiful, to say the least. 

Every year on Divine Mercy Sunday, people travel from far and near to attend the Mass celebrated outside there.  The very first year I watched this broadcast, I was so moved and humbled, to say the least.  It was quite cold at that time, but the people didn't care.  They came and gathered for about two hours before the Mass even started.  They had children with them and there they sat in the cold, that year.  In later years they came even in the rain and last year it snowed during that time period, but they remained outside to share the Divine Mercy Sunday Mass.  It is so moving for me to watch their love and devotion to Jesus' Divine Mercy.  It's changed my life, that's for sure.

We watch it on the EWTN station, which is the Catholic TV station servicing our viewing areas.  You'll have to check where you live to see what channel it is broadcast from.  If you live in South Central PA. EWTN is on Comcast on channel 15.  It starts about 11:45 but the Mass isn't celebrated until 1:00 pm. 

I hope you can access it because I know you will be as moved as I am.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What's Up?

Hi all,

How's your week going thus far?  If your answer is "not too good", than my answer is, "tomorrow's Friday, so don't fret."  The weekend is almost upon us. 

We're watching "The Cash Cab" on the Game Show Network.  Have you  ever heard of it?  It's a game show, which takes place in a cab in New York City.  Whoever gets into the cab isn't aware that's it's the cash cab, as it looks just like any other cab.  The contestants are asked questions starting with easier ones and if they answer them correctly, they earn $50. per question.   Then they are asked a little harder questions and if they get them right, they earn $100 each.  Then they go to the $200. questions.  If they get three wrong answers, they are put out of the cab wherever they are.  It's a fun show and something different to watch.  Have you ever heard of it?

What's up this weekend for you and your family?  Nothing special for me and my husband.  For the last twenty two years, we'd have gone up to our trailer, which was on a permanent site in a campground, but last summer we sold it.  I have to say that I truly don't even miss camping.  I suppose that's to be expected, after twenty-two years of camping from the beginning of May until the end of October.  It's really nice to just stay home whether we do anything or not.  Maybe I'm just getting old!

Do you do anything special during the spring and summer months, on the weekends?  I know many folks join local swimming pools with their families.  Perhaps you have your own in ground or above ground pool, in your yard.  Maybe you go on picnics or take hikes with your kids.  Or, perhaps you just enjoy being home, especially if your work all week.  There's always house work to do and yard work also. 

Whatever you will be doing this weekend, set aside some time for yourself.  We all need a small patch of time to just do nothing but unwind.  Find that book you've always wanted to read and take some time this weekend to read for awhile.  Reading is very relaxing.  If you don't have anything special to read, you can check out my novels and booklets by going to:  Enter my full name into the search block and all of my novels and books will come up.

Have a great day tomorrow and have some fun this weekend.  Be safe and God bless each of you.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Have a blessed Easter!

Good morning to everyone,

This post will be a short one, but I wanted to take a few minutes to wish everyone a happy Easter Sunday.  Also, to remind you all what today is really about. 

Today is the day we rejoice because our Lord and Savior arose from the dead, many centuries ago, on Easter Sunday.  So, have a wonderful day with family and friends, but don't forget to give many, many thanks to our Lord for His generosity.  He gave His only begotten Son's life, as a way to save us all.

I pray that you all have a blessed Easter Day!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How's your life going?

Hi everyone,

How are things going in your life right now?  I hope the answer to this question is "not too bad."  The problem with most of us is that we tend to look on the bad side of things.  That's not a good way to go.  I try to see things as they truly are:  I'm still alive, I have a home to live in, I have food to eat, we have enough money to pay our bills, I have been blessed with a wonderful family, etc.

So, if you look at what you do have, compared to what some people don't have in their lives, then you will give thanks for your many blessings.  I believe that complaining has become a way of life for many folks today.  Yes, every person could find something to grip about without much effort.  I choose not to do that, although once and a while, I do, even though I don't want to! 

I've said over and over again, that happiness comes from the inside, not from exterior things.  That is a true statement.  I believe that here in the US, most people are never satisfied with what they have.  They always want more. 

I have simplified my life as much as I possibly can.  How about you?  Do you live with gratitude and acceptance every day, always giving thanks to God for His many, many blessings?  Or, do you envy those who have more than you do:  more money, better car, fancy new home, spectacular clothes, money to spend, and more?  If this is how you think, you will never find complete happiness and contentment, ever!

This is Holy Week.  The week we remember Jesus' Last Supper with His disciples, His crucifixion and death on Friday, and His rising from the dead on Sunday.  I hope, that while you're planning to attend Easter Egg hunts with your children and having a fabulous meal on Sunday, with family and friends, that you will remember the true reason we celebrate Easter.

I hope your Holy Week goes well.  May God be with you always.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Music calms the body!

Hi everyone,
Do you listen to much music?  If you do, what era of music do you like to listen to?  We have Music Choice on our television and they offer a large range of different types of music.  My choice is, and always will be, the Solid Gold Oldies.

I loved music and dance since I was about nine years old.  Of course, that encompasses the Do Wap Era and all of the Rock and Roll era, plus a few others.  I have always loved music and dancing.  One of the regrets I now have, is that I can't dance anymore and haven't been able to for the last eleven years.  Oh, I can dance a slow dance or two, but I will only last about one minute or less doing any of the dances I used to love.  Dances like:  The Stroll, the Twist, the calypso,  the Jitterbug and many others.  But, I still enjoy listening to the music from my early days and my teenage years. 

Where you into music and dancing from a young age?  I suppose I got my love of both from my Mom and Dad.  They both loved the music and dances from the Big Band Era.  Of course, as my Sister and I were growing up, they were forced to listen to the tunes from Bandstand, which my Sister and I watched every week day. 

They just don't make music like that anymore.  I can say that I've never liked hard rock music.  I do enjoy the music from singers like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and the more recent singers who sing this same type of music. 

I guess the same is true for each generation of kids.  Whatever music you grow up with is usually what you stick with into adulthood.  Although I have to admit that I do enjoy some Country Western music, as well, especially from the 90's.  Garth Brooks has always been a favorite, as well as a few others.  How about you?  What's your taste in music?  Do you like to dance?

I'm still hand making my little blankets for children who are in hospitals.  I now have 36 completed.  I've decided to work on a few Christmas embroidery projects for a little while, but I'm about ready to get back to the blankets.  I do love sitting every evening and embroidering.  I actually also do some in the afternoon hours as well. 

I hope your week is going well.  Take some time to do something that you love to do over this weekend, even if it's only for an hour.  We all need some alone time once and a while.  Be safe and may God bless each of you.  Next week is Holy Week and as we all prepare for Easter and celebrate Jesus' rising from the dead, spend some time in prayer.  We all need God's help.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Should I or shouldn't I?

Hi everyone,

How's your week going so far?  I hope everyone's answer is "great!"  Mine is going about like normal, except I'm ready to see this rain leave us for a few days.  I know we need the rain, but I'm tired of the dreariness that comes with it.  But, since I can't do anything about the weather, I guess I'll put up with whatever comes our way.

As to my title, "Should I or shouldn't I?" refers to whether or not I should be thinking about starting to write another novel.  I do love to write, that is true.  I suppose I haven't given it much thought lately, because I've been working on my little "security blankets" which will be given to children who are in hospitals.  I now have 34 finished.  I just hope and pray that they will bring so peace and wellness to those little children who have to be hospitalized. 

As for the new novel, I guess I'll have to give it some more thought.  If you're interested in reading any of my novels or booklets, you can read them electronically, by going to and entering my full name in the search block.  I currently have about twenty to choose from.  I sincerely appreciate everyone who takes the time to purchase one for electronic reading. 

My reason for writing, besides it being something I love to do, is to make someone smile or learn something about God or their health.  God has truly blessed me throughout my entire life and I am so thankful for His always being with me.  After all, He is the reason I'm still living, even though I was born with a heart defect.  I am so thankful for Jesus' presence in my life, that's one of the reasons I am hand embroidering the security blankets for children. 

I have a pressing need to give back for all the times I've truly been blessed.  Since my life pretty much consists of a little energy in the mornings, and then me on the sofa, with my feet up for the remainder of the day.  But, I am not complaining about the way my life is.  I just give thanks to God that I am still living. 

How about you?  Do you thank God for all the many blessings He's given to you?  Or perhaps you are one of the very many people who always want and expect more?  I hope you don't fall into the second category, for your own sake.  I can't imagine living every day of my life always wanting and expecting more in life.  That seems an entirely poor way to have to live.  We all have truly been blessed.  If you woke up this morning, had enough to eat to live, and have some kind of a job to go to, you are blessed! 

I hope your week goes well for you and perhaps you will think about my words to you tonight.  Don't forget, true happiness comes from within you, NOT from exterior things!  Be safe and may God bless you always.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some food for thought...

Hi everyone,

I was wandering if any of you younger folks ever stop and wander what old age will be like?  After all, every person  will get old, at some time.  Old age is sometimes pleasant, but often it's hard.  Like anything else that gets old, an old adults body starts to break down.  Oh, you can have a face lift or some other procedure,  but there's not much you can do about old bones, old body organs, old skin, old teeth or a lot of other old body parts.  They've never come up with a cure for "old age" problems. 

That's okay with me, but for most younger people, they don't understand.  Many times, they are impatient with a aged parent because they are slow walking, slow eating, slow getting up, or because they have so many illnesses, or because they are just plain too tired to do much of anything.  Of course, for all of us older people who live with illness every day, our whole lives have changed.  We can't do all the things we used to do. 

Younger people don't always understand this.  I am thankful that my daughters do understand that I am not able, any more, to do the things I used to do.  They may not like it, but they accept that I have to do only that which I am capable of doing now. 

I do put my illness before anything else in my life.  Basically, that's because if I don't, I will be responsible for helping to kill myself.  I will not do that for anyone, including my family and husband. 

I'm writing about this tonight, because I just watched a video about an elderly gentleman who had to move in with his son, daughter-in-law and grandson.  This gentleman, either because of dementia or some other illness, had little control over the shaking in both his hands.  Consequently, when he tried to eat or drink, a mess sometimes followed.  The son and daughter-in-law had no patience with his behavior.  (Which by the way, he had no control over),  They made him sit by himself in a corner of the kitchen where the mess would be easier to clean up. 

This couple had a son of their own.  One day he was using some wooden scraps to make what looked like a bowl.  When asked what he was making, he explained to his Mom and Dad that he was making bowls for them to eat out of when they sat by themselves to eat their meals.

The moral of this story is:  What comes around, goes around!  Or: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!  Or perhaps it's: We learn by watching our parents!

So, tonight I ask all you folks in your thirties and forties to be kind to your parents.  Show they compassion and love so that your children learn from you.  You can tell your children how to be good and what is bad behavior, but actions still speak louder than words.  They always will!

Enjoy the rest of your week.  Take care and may God bless each of you.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy Thursday!

Hi everyone,

We, here on the North Eastern coast of the US are still trying to dig our way out of a horrendous snow storm which fell on Tuesday.  We had about 16" to 18" of snow.  My hope is that since it's already past the middle of March, that it won't stay around for very long.  I love to see the sight right after a snow, but that's about it for me.  It's also been very windy and cold here.  I just stay indoors and enjoy the warmth. 

My husband did the shoveling that needed to be done.  We had a gentleman approach us to see if we wanted to hire him to help with the shoveling.  So, my husband did, which made me very happy.  You see my husband isn't a young man any longer, even though he hates to admit that.  I worry about him and his health. 

Well, as far as I'm concerned, spring can arrive at any time.  Although I'm not looking forward to the heat and humidity that the summer brings.  At least during the summer months, there's no snow to shovel and no slippery roads, causing car accidents.

I'm still working on my security blankets for young children, although I have taken a little break from them to work on my Christmas gift card/money holders.  I'll probably switch from one to the other for a while.  I just have to do something constructive while sitting on the couch with my feet up most of the day. I can't tell you how thankful I am, that God blessed me with strong creative abilities.  He knew just what I needed so that I wouldn't let my illness depress me.  I thank Him every day for His many blessings. 

Before I fall asleep every evening, I spend some time with my Lord.  I don't know if I'm doing all that He wants me to do to help others, so I ask Him to let me know what His wishes are for me.  It's funny how He always lets me know in one way or another.  Usually, it's a thought that comes into my head and I just know that it's God speaking to me.  I have been so blessed though out my life. 

Don't think that because I said that, that I've never experienced any sadness or losses.  I have had both, many times over throughout the years.  But, I am still alive and I am thankful for that.

How about you?  Do you realize just how many blessings God has given you through out your life?   Or do you concentrate on what you don't have?  He gives us what we need, but not always what we want. Remember that no one knows what is best for us, except God.  Put your trust in Him.

I hope you all are safe where ever you live. Have a good Friday tomorrow and stay safe.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

How's your weekend going?

Hello everyone,
How's your weekend going thus far?  It's cold here in South Central Pennsylvania, but at least it's not snowing.  Although I am seeing reports that we are to be hit with a heavy snow storm come Tuesday.  I am not looking forward to that.  Perhaps the weather reports are wrong.  Wouldn't that be nice?

One of the newest movies which just came out is called "The Shack."  Have you heard of the book before?  It came out about ten years ago.  It was about a year after my health took a turn for the worse.  I wanted to just get out of the house for little while.  So, I drove to Walmart and just walked around a short time.  I am a frequent reader, so when I noticed their magazine and book section, I walked over to see if they had anything I might be interested in reading. 

I have to admit that 99% of the books I read are hard bound books.  There's two reasons for this.  The first is because I worked at a local book bindery for two years.  I did the accounting and then I did some hands on work on the books.  I started to realize exactly how much went into publishing a book.  The second reason is because I read every morning, while eating my breakfast.  I can eat and drink my coffee while letting the book lay open on my lap.  You can only do this with a hard bound book. 

Well, Walmart really didn't carry hard bound books, just soft cover ones.  I did notice one in particular that caught my attention.  It had a picture of a run down shack on the cover.  The title was "The Shack".  I picked it up and read some of the reviews and then placed it back on the shelf.  I started to walk away, and for some reason, I went back and decided to purchase it.  Something just told me that I needed to read this novel, which by the way, is fiction.

I started reading it and soon the tears started to flow.  There was no way I could read this book without crying.  After I finished it, using up a lot of tissues, I decided that I needed to reread it once more.  Of course during this reading, there were more tears, but I spent more time actually thinking about what was said in the book.  I later reread it for a third time, highlighting many of the remarks that I thought were note worthy.  This novel was so moving to me, more so than any other book I'd read. 

So, now the movie is out.  A few days ago my husband said, "I guess you want to go see that movie!"  My answer surprised him.  I said, "No, I don't."  He asked me why and my answer was, "In the past, I've read novels and later saw the movie.  They were always a disappointment to me, because the books were so good."  I understand that they can't put everything into a movie that runs about 2 hours, that's in a full novel. 

This happened to me with the movie "The Titanic."  I have always been interested in what happened on that ship.  I read several books written by survivors and I learned many things about the sinking of the Titanic.  After seeing the movie, I was so disappointed and let down.  Yes, it was a good movie but it wasn't factual and that's what I was looking for in the movie. 

If you've not heard of the novel, "The Shack" I'm sure you'll enjoy the movie.  If you have the opportunity to purchase the book, it was written by William Paul Young.  Oh and by the way, I am now re-reading it for my fourth time and it's still starting the tears flowing.

Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow and stay safe.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

Hi folks,
How's your week going thus far?  I hope your answer is, at least, an "okay".  Mine is going just fine.  It's been a dreary day here in South Central PA.  I don't know how the weather is where you are, but it's been an up and down winter.  It seems that for about three to four days we have very cold temperatures with either rain or snow; and then for the next three to four days we have above average temperatures.  We've also been having some heavy winds with the rains.  I told my friend, a few days ago, that I can't even imagine what the weather will be like this summer.  We'll probably have temps in the 80's and 90's for a few days and then temps in the 50's for a few days.  Kind of makes me wander if God isn't telling us something.  Unfortunately, not many folks are listening!

It's hard for me to believe that today is already the 7th of March.  This Saturday, before going to bed, we turn our clocks ahead one hour.  This introduces us to Day Light Savings time.  I'll be messed up for a week or two after doing that.  I'll be waking up an hour earlier than I want to, every morning, and ready to go to bed an hour earlier each night.  It will be good for the children who get on school buses very early in the morning. At least they won't be waiting in the dark anymore.  So, that's a good thing.

I think I'm starting to have less energy these days, not that I ever have much.  It seems all I do is a little of something and I'm so tired.  I imagine some of that is my age, but most of it, I'm sure, is my health.  I'm not complaining, not at all.  I'm so thankful that God permits me to wake up each morning, and that He lets me accomplish the few things I do.

I'm still working on my security blankets for young children who are in hospitals.  I now have 24 finished.  I work on them every day, as they are mostly done by hand.  Here's two of the last ones I've completed. 
 I'm finishing up two with a cow on each one.  I'll post that one later.  I sincerely hope  these blankets will bring these hospitalized children some comfort.  

Well, I hope your week will continue being an encouragement to you.  Be safe and may God bless you.

Friday, March 3, 2017


Hi everyone,

I thought I'd take a minute and post some photos of a few of the blankets I've finished for young children.  this is my "Giving Back" project for 2017.  I will be giving them to a children's hospital later this year.

They are approximately 30x36" in size.  I do hope that the children will love them.  Maybe they won't feel so alone while in the hospital.

Have a wonderful day and God bless you all. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

What do you think?

Hi folks,

I've been thinking a lot about the powerful weather we've been having, not just in the USA but all throughout the world.  I don't remember there being such devastating weather before.  If it's not tornadoes destroying complete neighborhoods, or fierce winds and heavy rains bringing destruction to where ever they hit, or intense dry areas being completely ruined by fires, it always seems to be some drastic weather. 

My opinion is that we're getting this violent weather because God is trying to make us wake up and see what's happening in the world today.  We take everything for granted.  So many people today, don't appreciate what we do have.  They always want more and even then, aren't satisfied. 

We all need to stop and appreciate all the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us.  The really sad thing is that so many folks never do that.  All they ever can think about is having more:  money, things, fancy cars, grand homes, designer clothes and on and on!  It's time for the world to stop and be thankful for everything they do have. 

Yes, I am ill, but I also give thanks for that.  I'm grateful that even though I am ill with a damaged heart, I still woke up this morning.  I think we all need to start practicing gratitude and acceptance every single day.  We need to open our eyes and see what is happening in our world today.  Start being thankful for everything you have and stop expecting and asking, or demanding, more! 

This is just how I feel about what's happening to this world today.  I know that most people won't agree with me and that's okay.  We all have a right to our own opinions.  What guides me through my life is where I want to be in the next life.  That would be:  with God in heaven!

I hope your week goes well and that perhaps, you'll stop and think about what I've said.  Who knows, it could just change your life now and in the next life.

Be safe and may God bless you.

This is the Diary of St. Faustina.  It's very enlightening.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hi friends!

Good evening to everyone,

I hope you all had a good extended weekend.  Well it was a long weekend to anyone who works for the government, bank, etc. but for the rest of you, it was just a normal Monday.  For me, it was pretty much a normal weekend here, which I'm fine with. 

I am a person of habit, but mostly because I have to live a sedentary life style now.  I'm okay with that fact, after almost eleven years, I should be!  My 2017 "Giving Back" project is moving along very nicely.  I now have thirteen blankets completed for young children.  I have to tell you that I am enjoying this project very much.  I just hope that the kids enjoy them. 

What have you all been up to lately?  I do hope you have found some time to give back to God for all the many blessings He's bestowed upon each of you.  If you woke up this morning, then you have been blessed.  We all have so many blessings from Our Lord, but we choose not to recognize them.  If you have enough to eat, clothes to wear, a job to go to, and someone to love you, then you are indeed very blessed.

I've been thinking a lot about death.   Not in a weird way, but just in regards to the age of someone when they pass away.  We all have to remember that when God created human beings, His plan was for them to be born, live as children, teens, young adults and then to become a senior citizen.  His plan was not for us to live forever.  I feel that if you live to be in your seventies or eighties, you've lived a long life. 

Some deaths do disturb me.  Those deaths would be that of a little child. a teenager, a young adult, or a middle aged adult.  Out of all of these, children who die make me feel very sad.  They've just barely lived their lives.  When I think of the many years I've had on this earth, the death of a child breaks my heart.  So, I give thanks for every day that I have with my husband and family.  Maybe you never take the time to think about these things, but perhaps you should.  Maybe that would help you to realize just how very much you have been blessed by God every day.

Well enough talk about death.  What have you all been up to lately?  If you live in the Eastern part of the US, you already know that this winter has been a bit weird.  One week it's a typical winter, but without much snow, and the next week we have spring time weather.  I'm not complaining though.  I'm happy that we haven't had much snow this year, at least as of yet.  How has the weather been in your part of the world?  I know some countries have had very damaging weather and for that, I'm truly sorry. 

Well, tomorrow is Hump Day, so relax because by this time tomorrow evening, you'll be on the down side of this week.  Have a great day tomorrow and be safe always.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Good afternoon to everyone,

First of all, let me say, "Happy Hump Day" to all of you who work Monday through Friday.  You'll soon be on the down side of your work week.  If you don't work anymore, then just celebrate the middle of the current week.

The day started out pretty nice here in South Central Pennsylvania, but the sun has disappeared and it's gotten quite cloudy.  Also the wind has picked up some.  Oh well, at least it's not snowing or raining.  That would definitely be worse, at least in my opinion.

I hope your week has been going good.  Mine is okay.  So far this week, I've managed to do a couple loads of laundry, clean our downstairs and this morning, I visited my friend, who's in a nearby nursing home.  I've also been working on my newest project.  I am hand making security blankets for little children who are in hospitals, fighting some disease.  Since they can not be crocheted, because of the medical equipment getting tangled in the holes, I am using fleece. 

I'm hand embroidering a small rendition of a teddy bear, dog, or some other animal onto the fronts of them, in the center.  I won't be handing them out until early December.  I've decided to attach a small tag to the blanket, giving the child the animals name and asking them to be his/her friend.  My heart goes out to each and every child who's afflicted with cancer or any other disease.  I'm looking for anyone who would be interested in helping me, by making some blankets themselves.  If interested, let me know.  You can hand them out in the area in which you live.

Here's a photograph of one of them.

I hope things are going well for each of you.  Remember to give thanks to God for all your blessings, because He has blessed us abundantly!  Have a great day and may God continue to bless you.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hi ya all,

Hi folks.  In Monday's post I was telling you all about a new project I was working on, which is making security blankets for children between the ages of six months and five years.  I plan on giving these blankets to a hospital before Christmas sometime.  I already have two made and will be working on a third one a little later this evening. 

I promised to post a photograph of the two that I've completed.  They are alike so I am only posting one picture  for you to see. 

I'm sorry this photo is a little dark.  Let me try another one.

It's blanket-stitched around the outside. 
Say a prayer for me that I can complete at least 20 to 25 of them by Dec. 1.