"Returning Home"

Hello to everyone,

Well my newest novel arrived today.  I am so happy to finally see it in print.  It's important for me to know that although I am 68 years old and chronically ill, that I can still be creative.  Writing has always been something I've loved doing. 

This is my fifth adult fiction novel and I'm so proud of it.  Here's a photo of it:

It takes place in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and involves a young girl, who at the age of 15, got into some trouble with the police.  At that time, her parents, who operate a business on the boardwalk, feel that it's in her best interest to send her away to a private school.  Now, it's seven years later and Carrie wants to return back to Rehoboth Beach.  So she makes her plans, hoping that her parents will welcome here back into the fold.  She experiences both happy and sad situations after returning home once again to Rehoboth Beach.

It is now for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of it, please notify me, as I only have 24 copies available.  The cost is $10 each, plus shipping, which would be approx. $3.50/  I will have it available for electronic reading on Amazon.com, very soon, either tomorrow or Friday.  After that, you can also read it electronically.  I'll let everyone know when it's available electronically.
         Post Script:   Returning Home is now available for electronic reading at:  www.Amazon.com
Just enter my full name (Susan Lapp-Mellott) into the search block and click.  All of my novels and booklets will come up for your perusal.  I will be offering three of them at a discounted cost until November 6.  Check them out!
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