Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sorry, I've not been on for a while!

Hi all,

I've had a few very busy days, as my husband was admitted to the hospital yesterday for internal bleeding.  To make matters worse, I was sick yesterday and couldn't even go with him.  He drove himself there and one of my daughters spent the next six hours with him.  My thanks and love to her for doing that.  I was very upset that I couldn't be there. 

While in the meantime, my oldest daughter came in and sat with me for almost four hours.  I was feeling a bit better by then, but my nerves were quite frazzled, to say the least.  They ended up not doing anything yesterday, as far as tests go, because his blood count and pressure was very low.  He was told that they'd do test this morning to see if he had a bleeding ulcer in his stomach. 

Well, this morning came and went until finally about two thirty they took him down and it was at least three o'clock before they did the test.  They found out that he does have an ulcer in his stomach and attached to the middle of it was a blood vessel, which was bleeding.  They clamped it and he will have to spend one or two more days in the hospital so they can keep a close watch on him.

I have to say that I am so relieved.  It could have been something much more serious.  My nerves were shot yesterday, but I feel better tonight.  It's the not knowing that frightens a person so much.  Once you know what the illness or problem is, then you can deal with it.  So, I'm breathing better tonight. 

This is going to be short, as I am quite tired.  I'm sure it's more from stress than anything else.  Perhaps a good night's sleep with help.  Please stay safe and don't take life for granted, ever.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Good old Friday, once again...

Hi all,

How's everyone doing today?  I'm sure those of you who go to work five days a week, are thankful that today is Friday.  Now you get two days off from work.  Take note I did not say that you get two days off to do nothing!  I remember just how busy the weekends were for me when my girls were young.  I had the cleaning, grocery shopping and running around to do on the weekends.  So, to all of you, I will say that at least, your busy times will be different than while at work. 

As for me, my weekend will be much like the week days.  I won't have any laundry to do, as I did it all up today.  I will probably spend some time working on my hand made Christmas cards over this weekend.  I now have 41 complete, so I'm about half way done.  I enjoy creating these cards so much.  Some of them took as much time as an hour and a half a piece, but it's what I do.  It's my way to give back to God for all the blessings He's given to me.  Hopefully, everyone who recieves one of these handmade cards will at least smile.  Hopefully, they'll find two minutes of joy when seeing and reading them. 

Well, I finished my second time at proof reading my newest novel, "Train-Trekking" With a Capital "T".  It needs one more reading and then I'll be ready to send it to the printers.  I'm starting to get excited.  I simply can't wait to see it in print.  It's the third in the series, but any one of them can be read alone. 

If you would be interested in purchasing a physical copy of the book, please send me a message and  I'll reserve one for you.  It will be available for electronic reading on any electronic reader, PC, Ipad, Ipod, tablet, Kindle, etc. in another month or so.  You will be able to purchase it by going to  The first and second novels in the series, is now available on Amazon.  They are:  "Sassy" With a Capital "S", and "Crafty-Cruise" With a Capital "C".

I'm enjoying the change in the weather.  I like it when it's cold overnight, but warms up during the days.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not ready for temperatures down in the twenties, snow or all that goes with that weather. 

Next week is Halloween.  Where did this year go?  Before we know it, we will be celebrating the beginning of another new year.  I am excited about the fact that the Christmas Holidays will soon be upon us.  It's my very favorite time of the year.  Always has been, always will be!  I suppose my dear Mother passed that love on to me.  My oldest daughter has been posting on Facebook how many days we have until Christmas and/or Christmas scenes.  Her friends are complaining, but not me.  I love looking at them.  They make me smile and feel so good inside.  I truly wish those feelings of lvoe and joy existed all year long for everyone. 

There have been three school shootings in the last ten days here in the United States.  One of them was by a twelve year old student who brought the gun from home.  I have to ask why on earth a twelve year old child (or a child of any age) would have access to a gun in their home.  Where is the responsibilty of the parents.  Every gun which is in a home, should be locked up in a gun safe!!!
We need to stop these school shootings before we loose one more child or teacher!

Well, I need to close for now.  So, stay strong and healthy and have a wonderful weekend.

Just one of the year round trees that I keep in my home.  This one is decorated using the colors of the ocean in the Carribbean. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What can we do to change things?

Hi all,

How's everyone doing today?  I hope you're all doing well and staying safe.

There's something on my mind today.  I was having trouble getting to sleep last evening, mostly because I got to thinking about some things that bother me.  I was thinking about my Grandparents.  As I'm sure some of you already know, I only ever had two Grandparents. 

My Dad's Father died when I was age thirteen; my Grandma, died the same day I was born.  As for my Mother's Parents, I only ever knew my Grandma and she passed away when I was twenty one years old.  As for my Grandpa on my Mother's side, he left when my Grandma was pregnant with my Mother.  So, obviously, she never knew him, either.

Even though I only had two Grandparents and they both died when I was still young, one thing I do know for sure, is that they were hard workers.  They worked for everything they had.  My Grandpa and Grandma, when my Dad was a little boy, ran a hotel restaurant in Wrightsville, Pa.  I also know, that before that, my Grandpa ran a bakery. 

As for my Grandmother (Mom's Mother), she was on her own for a very long time.  Her so called husband, kept leaving her and their children to get by any way she could.  She worked exceptionally hard to feed her children, to keep them clothed with a roof over their heads. 

So, what I do know about both of my Grandparents, is that they were never afraid of hard work.  They would do whatever they had to do to take care of their children, no matter what.  They didn't know any other way, except to work hard.  They started working when they were still children and worked up until they died.  These work ethics are what they passed on to their children. 

Now let me tell you about my Parents.  My Father worked a full time and a part time job when we were young children.  As for my Mom, she went to work, full time, as soon as my Brother started Kindergarten. 

My Dad wasn't afraid of hard work.  He didn't know any other way of working.  He'd do whatever he had to do to keep us clothed, fed and a warm and comforting home to live in.  Besides working two jobs, we lived on a small farm and he and my Grandfather raised quite a few vegetables.  Of which, we ate, Mom canned, and they took the vegetables in the back of Dad's station wagon and sold from there.  In other words, they peddled the food by going up and down the streets of Columbia.  Dad was never embarrassed to be doing that.  He simply did whatever he had to do.  That's what he was taught as a child. 

As for my Mom, before she started working outside the house, she canned or froze much of the home grown food.  She took care of the house:  cleaning, laundry, cooking, caring for her three children.  She helped my Father take care of the outside work, as well.  We had quite a large lawn to keep mowed in the warm weather.  As well as, a whole lot of shoveling of snow during the winter months.  Our drive way was extremely large.  We had a two car garage, which had to be shoveled.  There was always some type of work for my Mom to do on the farm. 

She started working outside the home when my Brother was five years old.  She went to work at a local sewing factory.  She was an excellent seamstress, so that would be the logical place for her to go to work.  She worked long hours, sometimes working nine hour days.  During the summer months my Sister and I did all the laundry, ironing, cleaned our own rooms, started dinner every week day, worked in the field, babysat my Brother.  For this work, we were paid $5. a week by my Mother.  Back then, that was a good bit of money. 

Basically, what we learned, was that if you wanted to get by in this life, you had to work hard, every day.  You needed to work as a family, even as a child.  We all had responsibilities, which we had to do regularly.  Again let me say that we were taught the value of working hard for what we wanted.  Sure, as children, we sometimes complained, but we had to do the work, anyways. 

As an adult, I worked hard for most of my life.  I was never too proud to take any job, no matter what it was.  I was never concerned about what my friends would say or think.  Those work ethics were drilled into me, starting as a young child. 

This is what I taught my children.  We never had much money when they were young, so if they wanted extra things, they had to work for them.  My middle and youngest daughters delivered newspapers for money, before they were old enough to go out and get a job.  They never worried about what their friends would say or whether they'd make fun of them.  They'd do whatever they had to do to earn some money.  After their Father and I divorced, things got a lot tighter for me and my daughters.  They all had part time jobs at the age of 16, in fact, one of them got working papers, so she could start working at age 15. 

So, what's my point?  I'm sure you're wondering about that.  Well, here it is.  I believe that today's generation of kids seems to have a sense of entitlement.  I think they believe that things are owed to them, simply because you're their parents.  I'm sorry, but that is just so wrong in my eyes. 

I'm not saying that all of today's kids are like that, but it seems alot of them are.  My feelings are:  if you are sixteen years of age, you need to go out and get a part time job.  You need to earn some money of your own, so you can purchase those things you want, but truly don't need.  You find a job, any job, and stop worrying about what your friends will say.  Truly, it doesn't matter what your friends say or think.  You are not them, you are you!  I strongly believe that families who have money should also make their children go out and get a job.  They need to learn how to work hard, how to work hard for the money they make. 

I believe that parents today are NOT hard enough on their children.  I believe that they are NOT helping their children by pampering them all the time.  I'm not talking about child abuse, I'm speaking about a child who is 16 years old.  They want to drive and they think you should buy them a car and pay for their insurance.  Guess again!  All three of my daughters purchased their own vehicles, mostly because I was a single Mom with very little money.  The most important thing to me was having enough money to pay all my household bills, insurance bills, and to keep my children in Catholic Schools.  If they wanted to have a car to drive, they needed to save their money and purchase their own, which they did. 

This is why I am so proud of my daughters.  They are all strong, independent middle age women, who work so hard to help support their families.  They will do whatever they have to do to make ends meet and to support their families.  Most of my Grandsons started working as soon as they turned sixteen years old.  Good for them.  They took jobs where ever they could get them.  Again, good for them. 

Well, to sum all this up, I'd have to say that I come from a long line of hard working relatives.  They never sat back and expected someone else to take care of them or their families.  So many things, such as:  good ethics, manners, independence, strength, faithfulness, unconditional love and so many other wonderful things was passed on from one generation to generation.  I am so thankful that I was passed these things and that I was able to pass them on to my children and they to theirs. 

Okay, I'm done for now.  Now you know why I couldn't fall asleep last night.  Take care and I hope you will take some time to think about what I've written.  Stay safe.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A very interesting sermon today at church.

Hi all,

Happy Sunday to you all.  I realize that the weekend is soon coming to a close, but you still do have this evening to make it a fun weekend.

I participated in the Mass at noontime today on EWTN.  It is the Catholic television station and I watch it  every Sunday.  This morning's priest was one I've only seen once or twice before, but his sermon was phenomenal, to say the least.

His question to the worshippers was:  How do you pray?  And, what do you pray for?  He told everyone that if your prayers consist of asking God for things all the time, that's not really praying to God.  He expressed that we all should consider praying at simply talking to God.  Letting Him know what's hard for us, how much we thank Him for always being with us.  We can also pray every time we do our daily chores around the house or at work. 

He suggested that when we are doing something that we don't particularly like doing (for me that would be cleaning) that instead of complaining and growling about what we hate doing, we should offer the task up to God and then continue on with the chore with a happy heart. 

He also said that we often pray for the wrong things.  By that, I mean that we pray for God to give us something that simply isn't good for us.  Then we get angry when He doesn't allow us to receive what we pray for.  He suggested that we should start asking God to open our hearts to what will be good for us; to ask God to help us to send us along the route that will bring us closer to being like Him. 

I realize that many people only pray when things are really bad for them.  I have to say that I pray every day of my life.  Mostly I pray for the well being of my family, those who are very close to me.  I try not to pray for myself very often.  I started practicing Gratitude and Acceptance in my life some time ago.

Mostly when I pray or speak to God, I start by thanking Him for all the blessings He's bestowed upon me.  I ask Him to help me to do what honors Him the most.  I also tell Him that I accept my life and my health, just the way it is.  I've found that since I started living my life with Gratitude and Acceptance to God, I'm a happier and more content person. 

I believe that you can watch today's sermon by going to and clicking on the television link.  It is well worth your time. 

If you haven't had any time to yourself this weekend, please try to fit some in before the weekend ends.  We all need to take some time just for ourselves.  Be happy and stay safe.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How busy have you been lately, doing something that matters?

Hi all,

I ask each of you the above question, not to judge you, but just to make yourself stop and think.  Doing something that's important to you is wonderful, as well as doing something that's important to other people.  I realize that many of you work full time jobs and there's very little time left at the end of the day to do anything of importance for yourself.  But, it's necessary that you do.

This could be something very small, such as taking a long bubble bath, or an extra long hot shower.  It could also be grabbing that book you've been meaning to read and actually start reading it.  Perhaps it could be taking an extra ten or fifteen minutes when putting your child to bed tonight.  Just take those minutes and sit on the side of his/her bed, sharing how much they mean to you and how richer your life is since they were born.  Believe me, it will not only mean the world to them, it will also make you feel good about yourself.  This child doesn't have to be young, either.  How about telling your teenager the same thing.  As parents we spend so much time correcting and disciplining our children so that they will know right from wrong.  How about starting a new habit of letting them know all the things you love about them for a change.  Even those simple things that we take for granted.  Maybe he/she awakes in the morning in a good mood and you're not in a good mood.  Let them know how their cheerfulness helps you to start your day feeling better.

There are many things one can do that matters both to oneself and to others.  Look at me, I live a very sedentary lifestyle, so I don't have the option of going out and volunteering anyplace to help another person.  But I try very hard to use my God given talents to reach others through my writing and hand made greeting cards.  It certainly isn't much, but it's all I have available to do. 

We were put here on this earth by God, so we could live our lives according to His teachings for us.  I know that's really hard sometimes, but we need to just keep trying to change.  If God has blessed us with a child or children, it is our responsible to honor God by raising that child in accordance to God's plan.  We are blessed in so many ways, that I couldn't even list them all here. 

Each of us matter to God.  We are each so important to Him and He loves us so much.  So, be kind to yourself, love yourself and praise God always. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Have you ever had, what Oprah calls, "A Light Bulb" Moment?

Hi all,

How's everyone doing today?  I know it's Monday, and the first day of the week, but I still hope that it was a good day for you.  If it wasn't, at least your working hours are now over for the day.  My day was pretty good.  I finished up my cleaning on the second floor, did a load of laundry, made a couple of Christmas cards, did some proofing on my novel and I made a roast chicken with filling for dinner tonight.  So, all in all, I think I accomplished a good bit, and I'm satisfied with my day's work.

As far as my title, I was wandering if you've ever had  one of those moments, when something just seems to click.  That's what happened to me on Sunday.  I was praying, in song format, The Divine Mercy Chaplet.  If you don't know what that is, let me explain.  The Chaplet can be sang or recited using the Rosary Beads.  I can't begin to tell you how emotional I get when I pray The Chaplet in song.  I love it and it allows me to feel so close to God and His only Son, Jesus Christ. 

Well, when I was singing the Chaplet on Sunday, and sang the part that asks God to bless us and the whole world.  I, momentary, thought of the violence and hatred in the world today.  When suddenly, my thoughts went to the fact that Jesus was tortured, nailed onto a cross and left to die.  What I realized was that things weren't so different back when Jesus lived on this earth, as they are today. 

I understand there were a lot less people living on the earth back then, compared to today.  I have to say that I never thought about this before.  It definitely was a "light bulb moment" for me!  But it certainly wasn't the only 'light bulb moment" I've ever had. 

I listened to the weather report this evening and I'm not liking what I heard, well not the first half of it, anyways.  They are calling for the temps to be up to 70 degrees for tomorrow and almost that warm on Wednesday.  Then, alleluia, the temperature will, once again, come down to where it should be for October.  I can't wait!  I want it to be 'fall' weather out there...

What have you been up to lately?  Are you doing anything creative?  I hope so.  It's not only good for you as a stress reliever, but it will also make you feel good about yourself.  We all need to feel good about ourselves. 

I hope your week goes well.  Try to make time for yourself because we all need some time alone just to ponder on our lives and how we can improve them.  Take care and stay safe.

Friday, October 11, 2013

What's your rating for today's weather?

Hi all,

For all of you who live in the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania, I'm sure your assessment of today's weather is the same as mine.  Uck!!  It's been raining all day long and it's not going to completely stop for another day or two.  We have so many flooded roads, streams, creeks and rivers here in this area.  There have been a few places where they've evacuated trailer parks and neighborhoods because of the heavy rains. 

We had water in our basement today.  I'm not at all surprised because of the heavy downpours we've had.  Most of it's cleaned up now, but who knows what will happen between tonight and tomorrow.  I suppose there's not much we can do about it, so we've just have to wait and see what comes our way.
I hope it's uneventful, to say the least.

Well, another weekend is upon us.  What's on your schedule for Saturday and Sunday?  There's really not much on mine.  I hope to do some more proof reading on my novel.  This is my second read through, and I'm still finding some small errors.  It's very hard to proof read.  If you've never tried it, you should.  You'd find out just how difficult it is.  I usually scan-read when I'm reading a novel., which is very different than proofing. 

I started working on my handmade Christmas Greeting Cards this week.  I now have 13 done.  These were the most time consuming style that I plan on doing.  I love them, but I simply just don't have an hour and a half to do each card.  I hope to start another style this weekend.  Hopefully I can find a few hours tomorrow morning to work on them. 

Have you been thinking about the Christmas Holidays at all yet?  I have been for a few months now.  I've already done some of my shopping and will soon do some more.  I like to be completely done with my shopping and wrapping by the second week in December.  How about you? 

I'll share with you what I learned over the years.  I learned that the earlier you start, the earlier you finish.  This allows you to sit back and enjoy the holidays instead of running around like a wild chicken, being so stressed out that you don't enjoy anything.  There's nothing wrong with purchasing your gifts months in advance.  Take a few dollars from each paycheck and buy one gift.  Soon you will have them all purchased.  One thing I would advise is not to spend more than you can afford.  Christmas isn't about how much money you spend, or at least, it should not be!  If money is tight for you, try making some gifts.  You could craft something for a loved one or bake some goodies for them.  Homemade food is always enjoyed by all.  Whatever you do, DO NOT put yourself in debt by overspending at Christmas.  Remember the real meaning of Christmas:  It's to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  It's a time to share joy and happiness with your family and friends.  A time to be thankful for all the things God has blessed you with each day.  It's the perfect time to practice Gratitude and Acceptance to the Lord.  Then hopefully, that will continue all year long.

What is almost upon us is Halloween.  Do you have young children who still go Trick or Treating?  I'm not even sure how many cities still have Trick or Treating.  I know some areas now host a Halloween Party for any of the local children.  They feel this is a safer way for the kids to dress up for Halloween and have fun. 

I remember when I was a young teenager, my folks let my Sister and I have a Halloween party on the farm.  We bobbed for apples and went on a hay ride.  We also played other games and had plenty of treats to eat.  I recently got together with three women who I haven't seen since I was a kid.  That Halloween Party was what they still remembered.  It wasn't anything special to me, but apparently it was to them.  They lived in a small town, while I lived in the country on a small farm.  It's funny how  the things that you remember from your childhood, didn't make as much of an impression on you, as it did on your friends. 

Well, whatever you do over the weekend, I hope you have some time to spend on yourself.  Hopefully it will be a relaxing and quiet time for you.  Stay safe and God bless.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Now, This is what I'm talking about!

Hi all,

What my title refers to today, would  be the weather.  I'm so happy we finally are having some October type weather instead of August type.  It's cool in the morning and evenings, but warm in the afternoons.  Yeah!!!!!

How's everyone doing today?  I'm doing well.  I've started proof-reading my novel, for the second time today.  But, I really haven't spent much time on that today.  I spent about two and one half hours starting my hand made Christmas cards.  The style I'm doing now, is called Iris Folding and it's very slow going.  I already had the main front panels complete.  These contain the Iris Folding part.  Each one took me at least forty-five minutes.  So, in the 2 1/2 hours I spent today, I completed the fronts and insides of five cards.  I still have to stamp the backs and envelopes to carry the theme through on both of those surfaces.  I already have eight more Iris Folded designs ready as front panels, so I will complete those and then I am so done with the Iris Folding design for now.  It simply takes too much time to make them.  I will have to make approximately 80 cards, so I really can't spend this much time on a single card.  Although, I have to say they are beautiful when they're completed.

Since we closed up our trailer for the season, I've been placing online orders for a few different things.  I ordered some Christmas gifts, Christmas bags and a few other things.  I also ordered three hard bound books for myself.  As well as, some laundry detergent and softener from Amway.  My Grandson, Cori Ebersole, is a representative for Amway.  I have to say that I really love the laundry detergents and softeners,and kitchen and bathroom cleaners.  You use such a small amount of the laundry detergent and softener, that in the long run, it's very economical to use.  Here's his web site:   Perhaps you'll want to check out all the things that Amway sells.
I especially like the Ribbon Cards for gifts, as well as, the Partner Stores for gift cards for presents.

I've been trying to take the time to write another article on Woman and Heart Disease.  Hopefully I will soon be able to get it done.  It's so important that woman know how dangerous heart disease is and that it's not necessarily like that in a man.  I'll let everyone know as soon as I've completed it.

Somewhere in between all of these things, I really need to get to cleaning my house.  I can't tell you just how vehemently I hate to clean house!  But, since it is my home, I suppose I'd better get at it one of these first days.  It just takes me so long to complete it, because I can only work for about an hour or so and then I'm done for the day.  Also, I have to do it in the morning, when I have a little bit of energy.  I suppose I shouldn't complain, as I do use my Rumba to clean the floor rugs.  I just love that little robot!  I can't push the big sweeper around any more, it just tires me out too fast to run the sweeper.

Well, I hope you all are having a good day and will have an enjoyable evening tonight.  Take care of yourselves and your families. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy Saturday Evening!

Hi all,

How's your weekend going?  I know it's almost half over now, but tomorrow's another day!  Please don't forget that tomorrow is the Lord's Day.  Just a reminder to spend some time giving praise to God for all He's blessed you with each day.

My husband and I closed up our travel trailer today for the season.  I'm so glad that's finished.  It's a big job for me now.  All he will have to do yet, is go up to the campground and blow leaves, also, cover the air conditioner in the trailer.  He would have done that today, but we had a brief shower and he didn't want to cover it while it was wet.  We started yesterday and finished up today.  Now it's all set for the winter months.  The last thing we did, was to winterize it.  Thank goodness it's done!

I enjoy spending time at the campground, but if I'm being truthful, I simply don't enjoy it like I used to.  Since becoming sick back in 2006, so many things in my life have changed.  I can't go out in the heat and humidity and I can't be out in the cool and damp weather, either.  Also, the campfire smoke odor, makes it very hard for me to breath.  So, maybe now you can see why I don't enjoy going up as much as before my illness.    I'm not complaining, but it is easier for me, as far as keeping my spirits up, if I just stay at home more. 

Have you excepted the fact that summer is now in the past.  I know, you wouldn't think so with the weather this past week, but it is!  How do you feel about that fact?  As far as for me, I'm happy.  I've always liked the spring and fall seasons.  But, it just seems that we don't have much of either of those two seasons any more.  That makes me so sad. 

My oldest daughter, Mari, has been diligently reminding everyone on Facebook, how many days it is until Christmas arrives.  Every time she posts a Christmas poster, it makes me smile.  She is her Mother's and Grandmother's Daughter, that's for sure.  Both my Mom, Dot, and I couldn't wait for the Christmas Season to come.  It always seems that no matter what happens, I'm simply happier during that Season of the year, than any other.  How about you?  Do you love the Christmas Season, and if so, why?

My husband and I usually decorate for the holidays the weekend before Thanksgiving.  My husband is a big hunting fan, so we need to get the decorating out of the way, before deer hunting starts.  That's okay with me.  I really can not do the decorating myself anymore.  As far as the tree goes, I hand him the ornaments and he hangs them on the tree for me.  I'm so lucky that he's willing to help me with the decorating. 

Well, enough about Christmas for now, at least.  Halloween is quickly approaching us.  Do you do anything special for that Holiday?  We really don't anymore.  We used to hand out candy, but we stopped doing that some time ago.  We live on the outskirts of the city and people would bring kids in by the car loads.  It just became too much.   I really don't even decorate much anymore.  I may put out some pumpkins and a few other decorations, but that's about it for me.  How about you?  Do you do anything for Halloween?  Do you still have children at home who go Trick or Treating?

Tomorrow my youngest daughter, Candy, is having an open house of her fall Tastefully Simple Products.  She has been in the business for quite a few years now, and she has worked her way up through the ranks.  She works very hard though to keep her business so successful.  If you haven't ever heard of Tastefully Simple, you need to find a dealer and purchase some, because it's very good and so easy to prepare.  I know that's a very important factor to those of you who have children at home.  You're always on the go, but still need to fix quick meals that are also good for everyone and still tasty.  If you can't find a dealer, let me know, and I'll see if I can hook you up with my daughter.

I guess I better close for now.  I am quite tired this evening.  Have a wonderful Sunday, ask for God's blessings, and stay safe. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I give up!

Hi all,

How's everyone today?  I hope you all realize that the work week is now on the down side.  I'm sure that makes many of you smile. 

Everyplace I look, whether it's television, newspaper, or social networks, everything is about the government shut down.  I realize that's a very serious subject, but it seems to me that our government officials (and I mean BOTH parties) are acting like sixth and seventh graders.  I think they need to grow up and come to some agreement, so these folks who are off work, can go back to their jobs. 

That's all I'm going to say about that subject.  I have my own opinions, as well as the next person and I'm not going to change and apparently nether are they!   All I will add is that if I had not been able to afford health insurance seven years ago, I would have died.

What's on your schedule for the weekend?  Anything exciting or interesting?  I understand that the weather here in Pennsylvania is to be in the low eighties.  Ugh!!!  I DO NOT like that one little bit.  I am so ready for cool mornings and evenings, with nice afternoons.  You know, usual fall weather.  Definitely not what it is this week.  I simply hate it! 

I was reading a book of poems this afternoon and the accompanying picture with one was of a snow covered scene out in the country.  It was simply beautiful and I almost wished that weather for now.  Take note I said, almost! 

Have you been up to anything creative lately?  As for me, I have about one hundred more pages to proof read on my novel.  Then, of course, I will need to start all over and reproof it once again.  I'm still hoping to have it published by the end of the year, but if not, then early in 2014 will be okay, too.

I need to start working on my handmade Christmas cards pretty soon.  We're now into October and the time will now fly on by.  I will be creating approximately eighty or so.  I like to only do about eight to ten the same and then switch to another style.  I already have about ten front panels completed, but still have the rest of the front and inside to do.  I'm using the Iris Folding style on these front panels.  I takes a lot of time but they are so beautiful when they're finished.  At least I think so.

We will soon be closing up our camping trailer for the season.  I'm so ready to have it done with!  I just have too many other things to do to go camping.  I may lead a very sedentary lifestyle, but I am busy with many creative projects.  I find that if I stay busy, I don't think so much about all the activities that I can no longer do. 

We all have our crosses to bear.  What matters is how we carry them.  I'm trying very hard to carry mine with dignity and without depression.  Believe me, it's not easy some times, you just need to allow yourself to cry or be depressed for a short time, and then move out of it.

How do you like the fact that it gets dark earlier now?  It's okay with me.  I love the change of the seasons.  I always have, ever since I was a little child.  I remember so many wonderful winters when we lived on the farm.  Our farm was kind of in a valley and when it snowed, we always got snowed in.  We'd be off school sometimes for three to five days.  Because we lived out in the country, the snow plows did our rural road last.  I remember once, when my Aunt was snowed in with us at the farm.  We had two very long sleds, so my Mother, Aunt, my Sister, Carol and I went sledding down a neighbors long drive way.  That particular time stuck in my mind because my Mother and Sister were on the sled together and they wrecked and rolled off the sled.  My Mom was laughing so hard that she wet herself.  So, of course, we had to head home after that.  My Mother always made things so much fun for the three of us kids.  I remember another time when my Dad had a meeting after work and my Mother told us three kids, that we were to hurry up and get our homework done because we were eating out and going to the movies.  What we didn't know was that her idea of us going out to eat was to allow us to eat in the living room, using tray tables, while we watched a movie.  To say the least, we were a bit disappointed, but it didn't last long.  It wasn't often that we got to eat a meal in the living room, so that was a big treat for us.

Well, I suppose I will close for now, with the hope that perhaps by tomorrow our government will once again be open.  Who knows?  Have a great day tomorrow and stay safe, always.