Generation to Generation: Passing It Onward!

This is my newest book.  It's called, "Generation to Generation:  Passing it Onward."  It explains what an Ethical Will is; gives suggestions on how to create on of your own; and why it's so important to have one to pass on to your children and future generations.  You can create a very simple ethical will or very complex.  It's strictly up to you.

This book will also explain when and where Ethical Wills came into existence.  Did you know they've been around for hundreds of years?  You've probably never even heard of them before, did you? 

I first heard about ethical wills back in 2012.  That's when I decided to create one to pass on to my immediate family.  They are not anything like a Last Will and Testament.  They are not about passing on material things, property or money.  They are much more important! 

This book will be available by going to  Once there, just enter my full name into the search block on their home page.  All fifteen of my books and booklets will come up.  Just scroll down to this title and purchase or borrow it. 

Did you know that you can read electronic books on most any electronic device.  All you have to do is download the Kindle app, which is available for download on Amazon, for free.  Then once you've done that, you can purchase the book. 

They also have a 'borrowing' process, which is much like your going to the library and checking it out for a limited period of time.  You can sign up for this program on Amazon, as well.  Just follow the instructions for doing so. 

This book is available on  Creating my own ethical will was very important to me and I know it will become just as important to you.  It's passing on all those non-tangible things that are so important in life, if we want to find true happiness.  Enjoy!
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