White to Black - With Many Shades In Between

Hi all,
Here's my newest novel:  White to Black - With Many Shades In Between.  I'm so happy to finally have it finished.  Itis now available for electronic reading at www.amazon.com.  Just fill in the search block with my full name and all fifteen of my novels and booklets will come up for your perusal. 
This newest book is an autobiography.  I've experienced many good times, sad times, great sorrows, wonderful joys, good experiences and tragic health issues .  But, everything that's happened in my life, has made me the strong, God loving woman I am today.  I can honestly say that I am very happy and contented with my life style just the way it is now.  Of course, I'd rather be healthy, but I can't change that part of my life.  So, I've dedicated my life to doing the best I can at just "paying it forward".  God has been a very strong and ever present part of every single day of my life. 
I first wrote "My Memoirs" back in 2006.  I only had about five copies made of that script.  So, I decided to rewrite the story of my life for electronic reading.  I hope you will all go to Amazon and  purchase it for electronic reading device.  You don't need a Kindle or a Nook or any other electronic reader.  You can read it from an Ipad, Ipod, laptop, tablet, etc.  You will need to download the application from Amazon.com. 
Here's one of the two covers I've designed.  Thanks in advance for any support you give to me.
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